Monday, December 19, 2011

Raise Up Your Arms!!

You never know what's going to capture your attention. For me, it was yesterday when I saw a little child enthralled with a friendly dog outside our local coffee place. She squealed and raised her arms up over her head in a gesture of outright glee. And I remembered how often I have seen little kids do the same thing at the beach, at the ocean. Perhaps it is the sheer stimulation of something so great, so overwhelming—like the sea and the sky or a joyful dog—that makes the innocent child want to connect with it, to embrace it with their whole little body. The photo, above, is one I took of my niece Julia years ago as she "got into the spirit" of Daytona Beach.

When do we lose the urge to make this gesture? I can't remember the last time I saw an adult raise his or her arms in glee—save for the
occasional football player making a touchdown. Do we just become too weighed down by gravity? Are we so encumbered by carrying too many heavy purses and bags that we can't make our arms move anymore? With children, the arms rise of their own accord, no effort required. We adults must set intention first. . .

Try it! When we raise up our arms in this unselfconscious way, something happens to our heart: it widens and opens and the lungs take in air in a big enthusiastic gulp. It actually feels really good. But would we be caught dead doing it in public
? Me, below. . .not showing my face!


Valorie Maya said...

I'm a big fan of reacting to glee in a physical way; I jump up and down, sing and dance, smile and squeal when the spirit moves me. For some reason I wasn't fond of showing my happiness publicly when I was a kid, mainly because I don't think I knew what happiness was, but partly because I easily embarrassed myself with my own actions. But now that I've aged a bunch of decades and have discovered how create my own happiness, and don't care so much about what people think of me, I'm prone to making a spectacle of myself at work and scare my animals at home with sudden bursts of laughter and dance moves. Crazy? Maybe, but I'm good with it. Love your blogs.

Adam Borg said...

Sometimes when I see two college age girls that are excited to see each other they will sequel in excitement and raise their arms up and then hug. That is not uncommon for me to see. But other than that, you are right I don't see a lot of arms being raised.