Monday, November 12, 2012


My new book, Leap of Perception, will be released next May. There's still alot of work to be done in the production stages, and the promotion is already being planned. As I project ahead, feeling into the amount of travel and presentations that will happen, I can feel tired before any of it even occurs! So I've decided to really practice staying in my home frequency, and turn negative statements  around with the following flow-promoting declarations:

— I look forward to all new experiences.
— I don't indulge in dread or let anything make me feel drained.
— I focus on being simple and notice what wants to arise in each moment.
— Every experience gives me as much as I allow it to.

Monday, November 5, 2012

The Penguin-Random House Merger

From Scott Turow, Authors' Guild:
Here's our storm-delayed member alert on last Monday's unsettling announcement that Random House and Penguin, the two largest trade book publishers in the U.S., are merging.

Although Random House has said that the combination would control 25% of the book market, that appears to significantly understate things. The companies' share of the U.S. trade book market for fiction and narrative non-fiction likely exceeds 35%. Their share in certain submarkets is no doubt even higher. The merger merits close scrutiny from antitrust officials at the Justice Department or the FTC.

While the companies discuss the cost savings from this merger through consolidating warehousing and other operations, those potential efficiencies for such large publishers are probably minor.  Economies of scale only go so far. The business logic of creating Penguin Random House would appear to have much more to do with the ongoing restructuring of the book industry. Barnes & Noble is now the sole brick-and-mortar giant; Amazon's hold on online bookselling is more solid than ever.

"Survival of the largest appears to be the message here," said Scott Turow, Authors Guild president. "Penguin Random House, our first mega-publisher, would have additional negotiating leverage with the bookselling giants, but that leverage would come at a high cost for the literary market and therefore for readers. There are already far too few publishers willing to invest in nonfiction authors, who may require years to research and write histories, biographies, and other works, and in novelists, who may need the help of a substantial publisher to effectively market their books to readers."

Here it is at our blog:

Sunday, October 28, 2012

Shift of the Wave

I go traveling out into the big, people-world—
my expanded earth-self—
hear accents and languages,
feel ways of perceiving that produce sounds and patterns.
The patterns come into me and change me
and I see my old limits and my possibilities,
odd combinations of rhythms that can shift me radically
to paths I didn't know I could travel
to more facets of the love-jewel
and it is so rich
and I don't ever know who I am, really.

Some days the variety of voices makes me crazy;
I can't absorb it all,
in the fragmentation there is no rest.
Exhausted, I am ready to die
into the peace of the One.
And yet in this very moment, under it, IS the One,
silence under form,
peace at the center of aliveness.

Now, my plane waits to lift into the sky—
the big, no-people-world—
the other side of my busy self.
I wait for the transition:
slow earth to speeding space
daily babble to silent clouds
I love the shift
at the end of each phase
of the wave

Copyright by Penney Peirce 2012

Wednesday, October 24, 2012

One Voice in Many: Part 11

I've been posting bits of an old manuscript I wrote in the late 70s that I called One Voice in Many. It's interesting to see that in my attempts then to merge into the collective consciousness and speak from that unified voice, so much of what was said is so simple and true today. The Voice in me could easily be the Divine Voice inside anyone and everyone. Previous parts can be found on Jul 12, Aug 19, Aug 26, and Nov 4, 2010; Jan 15, Feb 9, Mar 30, May 17, Sep 17, and Oct 3, 2011.

It's all being directed by that inner guru, the divine spark that is me. What occurs as a thought, insight, flash, connection — these things are released into my consciousness like bubbles, out of the spark. They don't come from outside. If someone else speaks an idea, I am still releasing it to my mind by having attracted that person into my space, and by being able to hear it at that particular time. Everything I know now is what I need to work with, now. When I need new information or inspiration, it will be released into my mind at the right time. Nothing will be noticed until the appropriate moment. Premature exposure to knowledge can do no harm because nothing can be premature. Desires, too, are motivated from this inner spark. Seeds are planted from the inside and grow.

No one is against us. All spirit, the big unified self, is behind us in the process of growing ourselves. The mind has the important task of asking for more of the self or for what's new, then applying attention, and holding the focus until the experience materializes as revelation. You can't approach or reach an experience of self because it's not separate. It is always there and you, as your personality, are a subset of it, inside it. You can't describe it or visualize it or communicate it because to do so requires separation. You can't do it or not do it. You can only be it. When you let go, form disappears and consciousness remains. The tension of focus is what creates form. In order for you to exist in form, some greater consciousness, some greater experience of a greater self, maintains you in focus. Dissolve into the self. Remove focus. Surprise! The self creates you anew. If you don't interfere with this rocking, you expand. This is happening every instant, in and out like breath. The self breathes you in and out.

Monday, October 22, 2012

Some Beautiful Words from Barry Lopez

This is from Vintage Lopez:

I think of two landscapes—one outside the self, the other within. The external landscape is the one we see—not only the line and color of the land and its shading at different times of the day, but also its plants and animals in season, its weather, its geology, the record of its climate and evolution. If you walk up, say, a dry arroyo in the Sonoran Desert you will feel a mounding and rolling of sand and silt beneath your foot that is distinctive. You will anticipate the crumbling of the sedimentary earth in the arroyo bank as your hand reaches out, and in that tangible evidence you will sense a history of water in the region. Perhaps a black-throated sparrow lands in a paloverde bush—the resiliency of the twig under the bird, that precise shade of yellowish-green against the milk-blue sky, the fluttering whir of the arriving sparrow, are what I mean by "the landscape." Draw on the smell of creosote bush, or clack stones together in the dry air. Feel how light is the desiccated dropping of the kangaroo rat. Study an animal track obscured by the wind. These are all elements of the land, and what makes the landscape comprehensible are the relationships between them. One learns a landscape finally not by knowing the name or identity of everything in it, but by perceiving the relationships in it-like that between the sparrow and the twig. The difference between the relationships and the elements is the same as that between written history and a catalog of events.

The second landscape I think of is an interior one, a kind of projection within a person of a part of the exterior landscape. Relationships in the exterior landscape include those that are named and discernible, such as the nitrogen cycle, or a vertical sequence of Ordovician limestone, and others that are uncodified or ineffable, such as winter light falling on a particular kind of granite, or the effect of humidity on the frequency of a blackpoll warbler's burst of song. That these relationships have purpose and order, however inscrutable they may seem to us, is a tenet of evolution. Similarly, the speculations, intuitions, and formal ideas we refer to as "mind" are a set of relationships in the interior landscape with purpose and order; some of these are obvious, many impenetrably subtle. The shape and character of these relationships in a person's thinking, I believe, are deeply influenced by where on this earth one goes, what one touches, the patterns one observes in nature—the intricate history of one's life in the land, even a life in the city, where wind, the chirp of birds, the line of a falling leaf, are known. These thoughts are arranged, further, according to the thread of one's moral, intellectual, and spiritual development. The interior landscape responds to the character and subtlety of an exterior landscape; the shape of the individual mind is affected by land as it is by genes.

Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Friday, October 5, 2012

Penney on Spiritual Entrepreneur Summit Oct 7-19

I am part of the Spiritual Entrepreneur Summit, an online conference Oct 7-19th, produced by some friends in London. There are a wide variety of change makers participating, who are all collaborating to birth a new entrepreneurial paradigm. Take a look at the 13-day schedule online to see what's sort of content is available.

The Summit is a series of seminars presenting leading entrepreneurial visionaries in the fields of spiritual science, new leadership and heart mind coherence.

24-hour complimentary access is available.

Thursday, August 30, 2012

Penney Peirce's September Tour: Massachusetts and Montreal

Penney Peirce will be in Massachusetts and Montreal at the end of September. View or download the flyer at:

First at Kripalu Center in Stockbridge, MA, Sep 21-23, doing a workshop titled: Energy, Intuition, and Breakthroughs: Matching the Frequency of Your Destiny.

Next at Circles of Wisdom Center in Andover, MA, Sep 24-27, doing an evening workshop titled: Living in an Ultrasensitive Body: Managing Your Energy, Empathy, and Precognition. She will also offer a limited number of in-person Life and Business Readings.

Finally, Penney will present at the “Emergence of a New World” Conference in Montreal, Canada, Sep 29-30, 2012. The conference will be in French; headphones for English translation.
"Émergence d’un monde nouveau: Perspectives actuelles sur la transition planétaire en cours" with Bruce Lipton, Penney Peirce, Pierre Lessard, and others.

Penney's presentation is titled: Raise Your Vibration and Live a High-Frequency Life! How to Use Your Home Frequency as a Tool for Spiritual Mastery.

Friday, June 29, 2012

Penney's 2012 Solstice Oracle Letter Is Now Available

You can download the 3-page pdf of Penney's most recent Oracle Letter at:

The Oracle Letters from 2010, 2011, and January of this year are available on the home page, righthand margin, of

Saturday, June 23, 2012

My "Processing" Quandry: Clearing Wounds in the Intuition Age

Every so often I'm drawn into the temptation to "process" blockages, to clear myself of negative beliefs by rooting them out of the subconscious mud of my past, or to discover hidden passions and goals by fishing for lists of them in the great ocean of possibilities. It's an old habit shared by many people I know. I used to have a therapist friend who constantly dragged me back to childhood to make me find wounds I wasn't sure existed. We ended up in friendly fights, as I maintained that I didn't need to go there, that the secret to freedom was in the present moment, not the past. He thought I was the Queen of Avoidance.

At business meetings, facilitators want me to take tests so they can analyze who I am from the boxes I check next to superficial questions, then I am to project myself 15 years ahead in time to see what I'm accomplishing, then work backward to today to see what I SHOULD do now. The idea, the reality, of squooshing myself into these tiny brittle realities, of letting the left brain limit the scope of my soul, turns me into a wild bronc with a strangling saddle and numbing bridle strapped to my sensitive parts.

Somewhere in the heart of every evolving cell in my body, I know that in the present moment, in the absence of my left brain's egotistical tyranny, I am perfectly fine. Right here in this moment, there are no blockages, and I am not stuck in fear. I am what I am, simple, clean, clear, sweet, lovable, loving, and wise. And, yes, I do contract in various ways, but I see that as part of the natural flow. And when I don't resist, I don't stay contracted for long.

I know instinctively that if I return to this "simplicity-identity" repeatedly, and saturate with its peace, any attachment I may have had to being loved conditionally, or to my true self being invisible and undervalued, or to having to please others to stay alive—will fade. Those realities will fade to the point where they have no reality, and I will think these things probably happened to someone else, or weren't actually real, or I dreamed them, or maybe this is just something everyone has—no big deal.

As the energy in the world intensifies and our personal frequency increases, life is lived more and more in the present moment. That means everything happens more instantaneously, even healing. To clear ourselves of "blockages," these days we only need return to the present moment, where realities of the past exert no influence. To maintain the experience of being blocked, I must maintain the memory-reality that I am wounded and helpless, and to do that I must live in the past. In the present moment, if I tell the truth, I am unlimited and whole.

Unless I drag memories of the past into my present and cling to them—and invest attention in them and make them come alive continually even though they're not actually real now—I will experience myself as free of blockages and wounds. In the present moment, there are no preconceived ideas, no yes-buts, no empty places where I cannot feel the full presence of my soul.

Friday, June 1, 2012

Scott Turow on Authors Guild Lawsuit against Google

One Big Step Closer to Justice for US Authors

Authors Guild Blog: Here it is at our blog.

Our book-scanning lawsuit against Google cleared a major hurdle today, as Judge Denny Chin certified the class of U.S. authors. A copy of the decision is here.
"We're one big step closer to justice being done for U.S. authors," said Authors Guild president Scott Turow.
The class of authors includes all U.S. authors and their heirs with a copyright interest in books scanned by Google as part of its Library Project. Google has scanned 12 million books in that project, the majority of which are believed to be protected by copyright. Books from all over the world were copied, but U.S. works predominate.
Google's liability for copyright infringement has not yet been determined by the court. Google's primary defense to infringement is that its actions are protected by fair use. Judge Chin is scheduled to hear summary judgment motions on the case in September.
If Google is found liable for infringement, copyright law prescribes statutory damages for willful infringement of not less than $750 and not more than $30,000 per work.

Thursday, May 17, 2012

Evolutionary Collective Conversations

Penney was a guest on Evolutionary Collective Conversations with Patricia Albere, and you can access the replay of this discussion at:

There's also a bit of it on youtube at:

Saturday, April 7, 2012

Business & Intuition

In the not-too-distant future, corporations will have professional intuitives on staff, much like kings and pharoahs in ancient cultures had viziers, astrologers, and dream priests who provided vital information about the unseen factors influencing their success. Soon it won't seem odd at all that an empath, like the beautiful Star Trek intuitive, might be consulted about the strategy for making a major new investment or how a cash flow problem should be solved. In the near future, executives will meet in groups, align their minds and hearts into a singular focus, ask a specific set of well-designed questions of the group mind, and receive highly useful, appropriate data that is mutually empowering to each and to the whole. At present, it may seem that business is locked into a very square, boxy way of thinking, that it epitomizes the patriarchal, mechanistic, one upsmanship, status quo view of life. Though this is true in large part, I feel it will be business, through its need to stay abreast of emerging market trends, that will help lead the way in catalyzing a profound and lasting societal transformation––and in the foreseeable future.

Copyright Penney Peirce 1994

Thursday, March 22, 2012

Tuning In to 2012: Part 3

Coming Together for Innovation: Let ‘er Rip!

On the positive side, the heightened individualism and energy of 2012 will cause a huge bursting forth of innovative problem-solving and inventions, often fueled by new collaborations among disparate kinds of small businesses and creative individuals working in virtual teams. People will venture into new territory and create new dimensions and environments for finding important solutions to world problems. Part of this movement toward heightened creativity will come from a trend toward making connections based on those with a similar frequency and vibration; a convening of like minds and hearts. There will be a new kind of focus on entrepreneurialism and small business.

The World Mind Becomes Aware of Its Totality

In 2012 we’ll begin to realize that the East and West are combining values, talents, and ways of perceiving, and that the equator is just an imaginary line separating nothing. In other words, “Stop thinking your hemisphere is the only one!” It’s winter in the northern hemisphere and summer in the southern hemisphere, but it’s January everywhere. It’s NOW everywhere, no matter the time zone. Each person has a unique perception of their world, and combined, our collective perceptions make THE WORLD—OUR WORLD.

Make a Personal Loving Connection to the Sun;
Develop Your Internal Version of the Internet and Cell Phone

2012 is likely to bring heightened and unusual activity from the sun. Increased sunspot and solar flare activity will probably affect life on earth in disruptive ways. Power supplies and communication satellites may go out. The internet may malfunction. We may not need to voluntarily wean ourselves from our cell phones, laptops, and ipads, it may be forced upon us. Cloud computing? You may not be able to access your important data. In the absence of the instant connection the internet and cell phones provide, we may have to develop our natural internal abilities—telepathy, intuition, and precognition—that underlie these technological externalizations.

We will need to think of the sun as the heart chakra of our solar system, and a macrocosmic version of our own personal heart. It is not the source of our life, but an opening through which the Soul/Divine vibration enters our reality. There is something greater and wiser beyond our sun, just as there is a greater intelligence and love beyond our heart that creates our heart as the guiding center of our life. If the sun is throwing increased energy at us, we must treat it as important data for transformation, and not go into fear, treating the sun as our savior or destroyer. That is old thinking. Some people will fall into panic, and will try to hide from the sun. But there will be nowhere to hide as the frequency of the planet is being affected everywhere by an energy that is universal.

The Heart Becomes Known as a Brain

As we receive more energy and subtle information from the sun and from the earth’s core, our own hearts become highly activated, in resonance with the flow in the universe. We either become more empathic and compassionate, and expand ourselves to understand suffering and pain and how to turn it around, or we resist the heightened sensitivity and new information and try to keep our hearts closed. Opening the heart brings incredible new revelations about consciousness and healing. Closing the heart brings increased heart problems and disease, heart attacks, and death. Pounding of the heart and arrhythmia will be more common. And that peculiar emotional state, courage, which is so strongly related to the heart (heart is “coeur” in French, for example), will become a focus. We will revere courageous people and gauge ourselves more by how much heart we have, rather than how outrageous and self-centered we can be. Heart will temper the mind; it will add nuance to understanding and problem-solving and innovation. Heart will come to be seen as the wise guiding parent of the brain.

The advice I have for us for this year is to be honest, be real, be expressive of our truest motives. Listen to our heart, not the clamor in the world. Let go of all “old” thinking and let ourselves be blank instead; something authentic will soon arise in the openness. Love the sun, love the earth, as the loving consciousnesses they are. Be totally present as much as possible and remove delineations: east and west? north and south? March and April? 2011 and 2012? haves and have-nots? you and me? Experience what the merging reveals. Above all, have courage and embrace what comes as exactly what we need to evolve.

Copyright by Penney Peirce 2012

Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Tuning In to 2012: Part 2

You’re In the Starting Gate!
No More Waiting: The Future’s Not Out There

In 2012 you’re likely to have a profound experience of the shifting meaning of time, and the experience of time in your body. It might come to you as a revelation like: “I’m out of time! I can’t wait anymore.” Or, even, “It’s too late. I might as well give up.” But of course, that’s the old left brain trying to talk you out of growing. . . It’s never too late; the power is always in the now no matter how old you are. You might experience yourself as very young, or old. Mainly, you’ll probably get the sense that what you choose to do now, how you choose to feel now, what you can imagine as real now, IS your future, it’s your whole life. You’re determining your life each moment by what you choose to validate as real. And these choices of thought, feeling, and action carry MUCH more weight now, exert MUCH more influence now, both on others and yourself—simultaneously!! You’re starting to really get it: the present moment is SO powerful!!! You may have the feeling that the whole idea of past and future is so OLD! You may feel you have access to all potential realities no matter when they occur. Like a big ball of all-potential focusing down to a point in the center, which is you-Now.

So this means: Make Every Act Count; No More Excuses! Make every moment conscious. No throw-away moments. There are no other moments besides this one. Another moment is a fiction, an old habit of awareness that is being surpassed by the power of presence. Go!

I Can Do It! Spirit Lands in the Heart of Each Individual
We Want to Experience Soul in the Body, or Truth with a Capital T

2012 will emphasize the desire of the individuality to express itself authentically without restriction from what is perceived as limiting “outside authority.” The joke may be realized along the way, that there IS no outside limiting authority unless you yourself believe there is, and that the limiting authority may well be your own left brain calcification. Freedom is the name of the game this year. The first level of this trend is felt personally as: Be Real, Don’t Inflate, Don’t Be Distracted and Shallow. Show up!

This may mean a strong focus on the idea of ego and ego death—either embracing the idea of letting go of ego or of fighting to maintain it. This might look like self-absorbed people finally appearing foolish, stupid, and antiquated. Forthright, heartfelt honesty and intelligence will begin to replace “reality” TV and self-centered, sound byte-mouthing celebrities and political candidates. The coolness of sarcasm and stupidity has run its course. Perhaps we will look up from texting and actually talk eye-to-eye with the people we’re with.

Next, people will want to do more things themselves as they get fed up with leadership that doesn’t listen or meet their needs. Let’s take things into our own hands! There will be a stronger emphasis on DIY and Don’t Tell me What to Do! The “Occupy Movement” in American politics will spread to other areas globally and to other arenas, like justice, leadership, and ecology. The symbolic meaning behind the movement—to occupy oneself, and all we do, with full presence—will become evident. For those who understand transformation, this leads to new levels of creativity and innovation.

For those who don’t understand the fullness of the transformation process, this symptom will be interpreted as a call for rights and privileges. It will lead to rebellion. And yes, this is part of the growth process. What doesn’t freely embrace evolution must experience revolution now. Logjams and antiquated thinking are too slow and cause energetic backups and subsequent breakthroughs. With conscious awareness, these breakthroughs are magical, compassionate, and creative; without awareness the breakthroughs bring loss and the need to build back up from a new ground of being—and the positive impact of this is not as easily recognized.

Revolution for Evolution
We’re Mad as Hell and We’re Not Going to Take It Anymore!

There are phases to our waking up all the way and waves of people who “get it” first, second, third, and so forth. We are probably all caught up to some degree in the belief that there is a separate outside world that is bigger than we are, with big bad authority figures who can prevent us from living joyfully, who can take away our sustenance and quality of life on a whim. Or conversely for the wealthiest and most powerful, there are hoards of hungry, stupid, unhealthy masses “out there” who threaten to destroy a comfortable lifestyle with neediness.

When we believe separation and opposition are the nature of reality, it IS the nature of reality for us. We all probably believe we must either fight victimhood or resign ourselves to it. As we become wise and more enlightened, we learn that imagination is the solution, that we can create our lives via imagining and focusing steadily on what we want, and acting in accordance. But where most of us are right now, we still respond from fight or flight.

So in 2012 we’ll see more peoples’ resistance to domination by governments, dictators, wealth-hoarders, and multi-national corporations as well as the conservative groups and politicians who support this sort of control. It may begin peacefully, but in many cases will escalate into violence as efforts are ignored. There is likely to be a beefed up militarization and attempted crackdown by the forces in power, fueled by increased spying, invasion of privacy, “spinning” of the media to create an atmosphere of fear and paranoia, engineered shortages of vital supplies (intentional deprivation), persecution of independent thinkers, an attempt to rewrite the Constitution of the United States for selfish interests, and outright lying. Investigative journalism may once again become a noble profession as individuals seek the truth beneath the coverups. Small independent media will fight big conservative-owned media conglomerates. Many localized skirmishes, battles, and warlike events around the world will cause and increase in migrations of various groups, both rich and poor alike.

Remember that part of the transformation process dictates that the controlling superstructures at the top of the hierarchy must fail because the linear separatist hierarchical structure of society is transforming into a holographic interrelated one. As the top fails and melts down, the bottom grows strong and emerges everywhere, with innovation and new forms of life. It’s a simultaneous process. So we can expect continued financial crisis where the superstructures (the banksters and corporatists) must restructure. That won’t happen without great resistance, pain, and destruction, but at the same time, new structures are rapidly emerging and connecting with each other. Put your attention where it can do the most good, invest in good growth.

Copyright by Penney Peirce 2012

Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Tuning In to 2012: Part 1

Tuning in to this year, I find myself feeling unexpectedly happy. No dread, in spite of what I sense could be quite a bit of impending drama and discomfort. I wrote this for a colleague’s blog:

“Here we are at long last! January 2012—the beginning of an infamous year that’s been anticipated, with both hope and dread, for centuries. 2012 has been loaded with so many meanings: it’s a magical year of transformation, a devastating year of catastrophe, the end of time, or the beginning of timelessness. Will we ascend? Will we precipitate annihilation? Will we awaken voluntarily to our true spiritual nature or live on unconsciously until we hit a wall at the dead end of the street? Can one year possibly do all this?

I know from experience that a journey begins with one step and the first steps are symbolic of the rest of the journey. Do we enter 2012 with eyes open, shiny, and softly receptive, or with eyes narrowed and averted, expecting the worst? The attitude we hold, the state we start with this month may well flavor the rest of the year. Do we give our power away to possibly distorted prophecies seen and interpreted by people caught up in various forms of ego? Or do we stay in our own “home frequency”—the ever-reliable, stable vibration of our soul in our body?

I’ve been learning that time truly is changing. It seems like it’s speeding up but really, the past and future are being swallowed by a vastly increasing ball of reality that we call the present moment. What is real about 2012 is what we choose to put our attention on right now. Get ahead of the emergence process, project beyond the surprising, arising edge of the new, and we will experience snags and illusion.

What we need is right here with us. Inside us, actually. 2012 is inside you—your unique experience of 2012—the 2012 your soul desires. 2012 may be a year of heightened consciousness, a turning point, but let me remind us all that any moment, when fully engaged with and merged with, contains the entirety of the collective consciousness, the vastness of the experience of love, and the provision of everything we could ever need. Every single moment, no matter the year.”

Dump Preconceived Ideas & Other People’s Views

Invent Your Own 2012! Imagine Positive Growth!

If nothing else, this year may be the biggest test ever of your ability to hear your deepest, truest self and act in accordance with its guidance. This promises to be The Year of the Heart in more ways than one, which I’ll address later. I can’t emphasize enough the importance of being a blank slate right now, and dissolving all the clutter of thoughts about what this year has been said to be all about. Find out for yourself what this year IS, moment by moment, and you’ll see that it is what you make it by your own attitude. You’re about to discover what “Listen to your heart” and “Follow your heart” really mean.

2012 promises to bring a fierceness and intensity concerning freedom, change, and unpredictable movement that will be unrelenting and which will negatively stir up the people who have not yet understood the positive nature of what is happening in the world’s evolution and transformation process. If you do not have a strong habit of checking within at regular intervals, and consulting with your reliable Inner Perceiver, there will be a temptation to fall into the panicky crowd mentality as more and more things that provided security and comforting distraction start to fail in various ways. To give in to panic is a failure to be creative.

You alone determine your attitude toward change and evolution. People are frightened by change when they aren’t in the habit of using imagination to invent new realities that give them deep pleasure. In 2012 we must learn to use imagination to create our own positive reality of growth and innovation, rather than succumb to a pessimistic vision of loss and destruction. The world’s evolution process is about to act like a high-powered leaf blower, moving all detritus out of its hiding places into the open where it can be swept up and gotten rid of.

You’re In the Starting Gate!

No More Waiting: The Future’s Not Out There

In 2012 you’re likely to have a profound experience of the shifting meaning of time, and the experience of time in your body. It might come to you as a revelation like: “I’m out of time! I can’t wait anymore.” Or, even, “It’s too late. I might as well give up.” But of course, that’s the old left brain trying to talk you out of growing. . . It’s never too late; the power is always in the now no matter how old you are. You might experience yourself as very young, or old. Mainly, you’ll probably get the sense that what you choose to do now, how you choose to feel now, what you can imagine as real now, IS your future, it’s your whole life. You’re determining your life each moment by what you choose to validate as real. And these choices of thought, feeling, and action carry MUCH more weight now, exert MUCH more influence now, both on others and yourself—simultaneously!! You’re starting to really get it: the present moment is SO powerful!!! You may have the feeling that the whole idea of past and future is so OLD! You may feel you have access to all potential realities no matter when they occur. Like a big ball of all-potential focusing down to a point in the center, which is you-Now.

So this means: Make Every Act Count; No More Excuses! Make every moment conscious. No throw-away moments. There are no other moments besides this one. Another moment is a fiction, an old habit of awareness that is being surpassed by the power of presence. Go!

copyright by Penney Peirce 2012; mandala by Christine Rainbird

Lynda Hill's Notes on Uranus

This has been a particularly Uranian time that we've been experiencing — for some months. The energy has been electric, confused, pushy and yet slow, somehow organized and then somehow deranged, and, generally, all over the shop (especially so with Mars retrograde in Virgo since January 25).

Uranus has been in high focus for quite a long time and its energy can have people not sleeping, being able to rest, make decisions that will stick, or, there can be the feeling of being an alien in a strange land with nowhere to dock. I know that many are feeling this. Uranus is like a big pair of metal bolt cutters - it can be very decisive and yet somehow cruel in action as it cuts through the crap to the core of things on the one hand, and, glances off the surface of things in its rather uncommitted and uncaring way. Confused? Many would answer yes. Sure of the future? Many will say no. One thing is for sure, we are being asked to determine our place in the scheme of things - how do you, or others, fit in? How do you see your cameo, or outline, what would you write up about yourself?

Monday, March 12, 2012

Penney's Frequency Workshops in Nevada City, CA

Penney Peirce will be in the Gold Country northwest of Sacramento, CA to give 2 workshops and some private life readings.

Friday, March 23, 6:30-8:30 pm, THE FREQUENCY OF 2012, $20, a talk and mini-workshop at Unity of the Gold Country.

Sat, March 24, 9:30a-12:30p, RAISING YOUR FREQUENCY, workshop, $50, at the Daggett Big Room, Nevada City.

Sun, March 25, 90 minute private intuitive life readings, $195.

Contact Suzie Daggett at; 530-913-9592

Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Work with the Effects of High Vibration

I wrote this last year but it bears repeating! The new rhythms deep inside are causing a variety of symptoms and things to pay attention to. I’ve listed 9 of them here.

1. There has been a desire to stay closer to home, more local, and to get in our body. What does the world look and feel like when you are in your body as your body? I found myself being drawn to work with the earth, in the garden, and to tend to mundane tasks with a quality of presence and respect, as if each thing were new. I often felt like an animal, connected directly to the life of other beings, feeling subtle shifts in the weather, or upcoming events. I could feel how when we’re inside the body as the body, we bring our soul force into matter much faster. YOU, the real you, are here! The body receives a clearer set of instructions about how to make the shift to transparency and flow-through.

2. It’s important to stay out of the left brain. The left-brain way of processing information, controlling behavior, and creating reality is too slow, contracted, antiquated, and even painful. It draws guidance only from past experience, and feels disconnected from the rest of life. It is the left-brain that tells us why things won’t work, that we can’t do things until we have proof, that progress must be made gradually and logically. We live in a left-brain dominated culture and adhering to those reality constructs stalls and slows our process of integrating the new energetic patterns. I noticed I was avoiding the amount of detailed, ambitious, analytical work I routinely do and was spending more time reading novels and watching videos, or walking in nature. I was literally bouncing off explanations and writing that was too dry.

3. We can’t plan too far ahead. I’ve experienced how plans I thought were a sure thing suddenly get snagged and don’t happen, while other things I hadn’t planned on materialize almost overnight. It’s as if we don’t need to do certain projects anymore because we’ve rapidly evolved beyond needing the experiences they offer. Nothing is wrong; we just mustn’t be too attached to the linear way things used to work. The present moment brings exactly what’s needed. Practice asking for what you need and watching to see how long it takes and in what form the answer arrives. It’s a game! Then watch for what the world offers you that you didn’t know you needed. When you want a longer term view, soften your awareness and get a glimpse of a bigger movie. Then come back to your body and see what feels just right to do in the now.

4. Practice merging with the physical world. Engage with the physicality of the moment, then feel the energy inside things. Feel into and merge into the forms and people who are in each moment with you, even into the air. Inside everything physical is a living presence, diamond light, and love. Feel the collective consciousness and the energy in the unified field making the objects, and you, and others, and the Flow itself. We are all aware of each other and playing with each other and for each other. We exist because of each other in so many ways. As you feel the oneness, you return to innocence and a childlike joy in creating anything you want—cocreating actually—with the collective consciousness.

5. Trust the Flow. Trust the Flow-Through. It is the collective awareness of all souls throughout all time and space, creating and evolving all of us. Keep this in mind when you encounter a blockage. Everything is evolutionary, and everything contains useful data to enrich your life experience. See your soul’s purposefulness in bringing you each experience, even if it feels contracted—maybe it’s a focus. How is each thing an opportunity to evolve, that is, to regain memory of yourself as spirit.

6. The intensity comes in waves. Sometimes there is little or no sleep when you think it should happen, and deep sleep when you think it shouldn’t happen. Rejuvenation comes now in each oscillation, from our particle-based reality, of our particle-based bodies, to the wave reality and back again. Renewal happens every millisecond, not just in dreams and REM sleep, or deep delta level sleep. Your body is learning new rhythms and opening to the new vibration in stages. Let the intensity move; don’t be afraid of it but welcome it. Let it teach you.

7. Clear everything that weighs you down or slows you down. Foods, relationships that don’t match your frequency or where you’re headed, shoulds you inherited from your family and culture, and yes-buts, contractions, or hesitations based on past experience. It may even be time for you to let go of your history, your story of why you are the way you are. Let go of holding ideas and things, and ways of knowing. Give yourself a chance to be new in each moment, to have fresh, original, innovative, first thoughts.

8. Reframe negative self talk to be positive self talk. Watch for negative declarative statements your left brain makes about you and your life, words and thoughts that lock you in to a low vibration and a limited sense of self. Language can block or free the flow of creativity and accurate self-guidance. Think about how each experience helps you see the physical world as the spiritual world, and let the physical reality obey the same universal laws that work so effortlessly in the spiritual reality. As you see it as so, it occurs.

9. Practice “just being,” and “being with” the being-ness in all things. Establish a personal relationship with soul essence, with love. As you practice being, you allow the memory of how things work in the spiritual realm and the unified field to penetrate back into and through you. Far from being a nonuseful activity, this nonlocal wisdom will soon surface into the physical world in interesting, surprising, and helpful ways.

Copyright by Penney Peirce 2012

Tuesday, January 3, 2012

31 Writers, 31 Lessons—Lesson 1 from Penney Peirce: All Of 2012 Is Inside You—Right Now!

Katherine Jenkins, creator of a wonderful blog called Lessons from the Monk I Married, asked if I'd write a piece to launch her 2012 blog project, 31 Writers, 31 Lessons. Last year she did 365 lessons, which has been turned into a lovely book.

"I am so excited that Penney Peirce has agreed to participate in this AMAZING event for 2012. I first heard of Penney's work when my husband, the former monk, was lying in bed one night reading the book
Frequency: The Power of Personal Vibration by none other than Penney Peirce! He only had wonderful things to say about it and I couldn't put it down when he passed it on to me. I knew from my own experience that the things Penney described about our own personal vibrations were definitely true. On a whim, I sent an e-mail out to Penney and she responded so quickly that I believed our frequencies must have connected! It was meant to be. So here she is to ring in the new year. Her words here are very powerful to me and I absolutely love her poem! Please welcome Penney Peirce:"

Angel painting, "Blessed by a Winged Being," by Nanne Nyander, Sweden

Sensation of the Mystical by Einstein

The most beautiful and profound emotion we can experience is the sensation of the mystical.
It is the sower of all true science.

He to whom this emotion is a stranger, who can no longer wonder
and stand rapt in awe,
is as good as dead.

To know that what is impenetrable to us really exists,

manifesting itself as the highest wisdom and the most radiant beauty,

which our dull faculties can comprehend only in their primitive forms—
this knowledge, this feeling, is at the center of true religion.

—Albert Einstein