Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Lynda Hill's Notes on Uranus

This has been a particularly Uranian time that we've been experiencing — for some months. The energy has been electric, confused, pushy and yet slow, somehow organized and then somehow deranged, and, generally, all over the shop (especially so with Mars retrograde in Virgo since January 25).

Uranus has been in high focus for quite a long time and its energy can have people not sleeping, being able to rest, make decisions that will stick, or, there can be the feeling of being an alien in a strange land with nowhere to dock. I know that many are feeling this. Uranus is like a big pair of metal bolt cutters - it can be very decisive and yet somehow cruel in action as it cuts through the crap to the core of things on the one hand, and, glances off the surface of things in its rather uncommitted and uncaring way. Confused? Many would answer yes. Sure of the future? Many will say no. One thing is for sure, we are being asked to determine our place in the scheme of things - how do you, or others, fit in? How do you see your cameo, or outline, what would you write up about yourself?

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Unknown said...

I love your blog, BUT, it is HARD to read
WHITE type with colored backgrounds.
The eye rests on the white space while
reading text. This is important when reading
the information you offer us.

Try it yourself, print out a page with information
you consider important and want to digest with
a colored background and white type. Read it.

Then do the same with black type and a white
or pale color, and read that. You WILL feel and see the difference in the ease of assimilating that information.

Your eyes will thank you.

Thanks for listening, karen