Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Tuning In to 2012: Part 1

Tuning in to this year, I find myself feeling unexpectedly happy. No dread, in spite of what I sense could be quite a bit of impending drama and discomfort. I wrote this for a colleague’s blog:

“Here we are at long last! January 2012—the beginning of an infamous year that’s been anticipated, with both hope and dread, for centuries. 2012 has been loaded with so many meanings: it’s a magical year of transformation, a devastating year of catastrophe, the end of time, or the beginning of timelessness. Will we ascend? Will we precipitate annihilation? Will we awaken voluntarily to our true spiritual nature or live on unconsciously until we hit a wall at the dead end of the street? Can one year possibly do all this?

I know from experience that a journey begins with one step and the first steps are symbolic of the rest of the journey. Do we enter 2012 with eyes open, shiny, and softly receptive, or with eyes narrowed and averted, expecting the worst? The attitude we hold, the state we start with this month may well flavor the rest of the year. Do we give our power away to possibly distorted prophecies seen and interpreted by people caught up in various forms of ego? Or do we stay in our own “home frequency”—the ever-reliable, stable vibration of our soul in our body?

I’ve been learning that time truly is changing. It seems like it’s speeding up but really, the past and future are being swallowed by a vastly increasing ball of reality that we call the present moment. What is real about 2012 is what we choose to put our attention on right now. Get ahead of the emergence process, project beyond the surprising, arising edge of the new, and we will experience snags and illusion.

What we need is right here with us. Inside us, actually. 2012 is inside you—your unique experience of 2012—the 2012 your soul desires. 2012 may be a year of heightened consciousness, a turning point, but let me remind us all that any moment, when fully engaged with and merged with, contains the entirety of the collective consciousness, the vastness of the experience of love, and the provision of everything we could ever need. Every single moment, no matter the year.”

Dump Preconceived Ideas & Other People’s Views

Invent Your Own 2012! Imagine Positive Growth!

If nothing else, this year may be the biggest test ever of your ability to hear your deepest, truest self and act in accordance with its guidance. This promises to be The Year of the Heart in more ways than one, which I’ll address later. I can’t emphasize enough the importance of being a blank slate right now, and dissolving all the clutter of thoughts about what this year has been said to be all about. Find out for yourself what this year IS, moment by moment, and you’ll see that it is what you make it by your own attitude. You’re about to discover what “Listen to your heart” and “Follow your heart” really mean.

2012 promises to bring a fierceness and intensity concerning freedom, change, and unpredictable movement that will be unrelenting and which will negatively stir up the people who have not yet understood the positive nature of what is happening in the world’s evolution and transformation process. If you do not have a strong habit of checking within at regular intervals, and consulting with your reliable Inner Perceiver, there will be a temptation to fall into the panicky crowd mentality as more and more things that provided security and comforting distraction start to fail in various ways. To give in to panic is a failure to be creative.

You alone determine your attitude toward change and evolution. People are frightened by change when they aren’t in the habit of using imagination to invent new realities that give them deep pleasure. In 2012 we must learn to use imagination to create our own positive reality of growth and innovation, rather than succumb to a pessimistic vision of loss and destruction. The world’s evolution process is about to act like a high-powered leaf blower, moving all detritus out of its hiding places into the open where it can be swept up and gotten rid of.

You’re In the Starting Gate!

No More Waiting: The Future’s Not Out There

In 2012 you’re likely to have a profound experience of the shifting meaning of time, and the experience of time in your body. It might come to you as a revelation like: “I’m out of time! I can’t wait anymore.” Or, even, “It’s too late. I might as well give up.” But of course, that’s the old left brain trying to talk you out of growing. . . It’s never too late; the power is always in the now no matter how old you are. You might experience yourself as very young, or old. Mainly, you’ll probably get the sense that what you choose to do now, how you choose to feel now, what you can imagine as real now, IS your future, it’s your whole life. You’re determining your life each moment by what you choose to validate as real. And these choices of thought, feeling, and action carry MUCH more weight now, exert MUCH more influence now, both on others and yourself—simultaneously!! You’re starting to really get it: the present moment is SO powerful!!! You may have the feeling that the whole idea of past and future is so OLD! You may feel you have access to all potential realities no matter when they occur. Like a big ball of all-potential focusing down to a point in the center, which is you-Now.

So this means: Make Every Act Count; No More Excuses! Make every moment conscious. No throw-away moments. There are no other moments besides this one. Another moment is a fiction, an old habit of awareness that is being surpassed by the power of presence. Go!

copyright by Penney Peirce 2012; mandala by Christine Rainbird

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Francesca de Matteis said...

Thank you! Penney for your extra ordinary insight. What you are saying here resonates with me deeply. I feel as if it is written for me directly.
Best regards,

F de Matteis