Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Tuning In to 2012: Part 2

You’re In the Starting Gate!
No More Waiting: The Future’s Not Out There

In 2012 you’re likely to have a profound experience of the shifting meaning of time, and the experience of time in your body. It might come to you as a revelation like: “I’m out of time! I can’t wait anymore.” Or, even, “It’s too late. I might as well give up.” But of course, that’s the old left brain trying to talk you out of growing. . . It’s never too late; the power is always in the now no matter how old you are. You might experience yourself as very young, or old. Mainly, you’ll probably get the sense that what you choose to do now, how you choose to feel now, what you can imagine as real now, IS your future, it’s your whole life. You’re determining your life each moment by what you choose to validate as real. And these choices of thought, feeling, and action carry MUCH more weight now, exert MUCH more influence now, both on others and yourself—simultaneously!! You’re starting to really get it: the present moment is SO powerful!!! You may have the feeling that the whole idea of past and future is so OLD! You may feel you have access to all potential realities no matter when they occur. Like a big ball of all-potential focusing down to a point in the center, which is you-Now.

So this means: Make Every Act Count; No More Excuses! Make every moment conscious. No throw-away moments. There are no other moments besides this one. Another moment is a fiction, an old habit of awareness that is being surpassed by the power of presence. Go!

I Can Do It! Spirit Lands in the Heart of Each Individual
We Want to Experience Soul in the Body, or Truth with a Capital T

2012 will emphasize the desire of the individuality to express itself authentically without restriction from what is perceived as limiting “outside authority.” The joke may be realized along the way, that there IS no outside limiting authority unless you yourself believe there is, and that the limiting authority may well be your own left brain calcification. Freedom is the name of the game this year. The first level of this trend is felt personally as: Be Real, Don’t Inflate, Don’t Be Distracted and Shallow. Show up!

This may mean a strong focus on the idea of ego and ego death—either embracing the idea of letting go of ego or of fighting to maintain it. This might look like self-absorbed people finally appearing foolish, stupid, and antiquated. Forthright, heartfelt honesty and intelligence will begin to replace “reality” TV and self-centered, sound byte-mouthing celebrities and political candidates. The coolness of sarcasm and stupidity has run its course. Perhaps we will look up from texting and actually talk eye-to-eye with the people we’re with.

Next, people will want to do more things themselves as they get fed up with leadership that doesn’t listen or meet their needs. Let’s take things into our own hands! There will be a stronger emphasis on DIY and Don’t Tell me What to Do! The “Occupy Movement” in American politics will spread to other areas globally and to other arenas, like justice, leadership, and ecology. The symbolic meaning behind the movement—to occupy oneself, and all we do, with full presence—will become evident. For those who understand transformation, this leads to new levels of creativity and innovation.

For those who don’t understand the fullness of the transformation process, this symptom will be interpreted as a call for rights and privileges. It will lead to rebellion. And yes, this is part of the growth process. What doesn’t freely embrace evolution must experience revolution now. Logjams and antiquated thinking are too slow and cause energetic backups and subsequent breakthroughs. With conscious awareness, these breakthroughs are magical, compassionate, and creative; without awareness the breakthroughs bring loss and the need to build back up from a new ground of being—and the positive impact of this is not as easily recognized.

Revolution for Evolution
We’re Mad as Hell and We’re Not Going to Take It Anymore!

There are phases to our waking up all the way and waves of people who “get it” first, second, third, and so forth. We are probably all caught up to some degree in the belief that there is a separate outside world that is bigger than we are, with big bad authority figures who can prevent us from living joyfully, who can take away our sustenance and quality of life on a whim. Or conversely for the wealthiest and most powerful, there are hoards of hungry, stupid, unhealthy masses “out there” who threaten to destroy a comfortable lifestyle with neediness.

When we believe separation and opposition are the nature of reality, it IS the nature of reality for us. We all probably believe we must either fight victimhood or resign ourselves to it. As we become wise and more enlightened, we learn that imagination is the solution, that we can create our lives via imagining and focusing steadily on what we want, and acting in accordance. But where most of us are right now, we still respond from fight or flight.

So in 2012 we’ll see more peoples’ resistance to domination by governments, dictators, wealth-hoarders, and multi-national corporations as well as the conservative groups and politicians who support this sort of control. It may begin peacefully, but in many cases will escalate into violence as efforts are ignored. There is likely to be a beefed up militarization and attempted crackdown by the forces in power, fueled by increased spying, invasion of privacy, “spinning” of the media to create an atmosphere of fear and paranoia, engineered shortages of vital supplies (intentional deprivation), persecution of independent thinkers, an attempt to rewrite the Constitution of the United States for selfish interests, and outright lying. Investigative journalism may once again become a noble profession as individuals seek the truth beneath the coverups. Small independent media will fight big conservative-owned media conglomerates. Many localized skirmishes, battles, and warlike events around the world will cause and increase in migrations of various groups, both rich and poor alike.

Remember that part of the transformation process dictates that the controlling superstructures at the top of the hierarchy must fail because the linear separatist hierarchical structure of society is transforming into a holographic interrelated one. As the top fails and melts down, the bottom grows strong and emerges everywhere, with innovation and new forms of life. It’s a simultaneous process. So we can expect continued financial crisis where the superstructures (the banksters and corporatists) must restructure. That won’t happen without great resistance, pain, and destruction, but at the same time, new structures are rapidly emerging and connecting with each other. Put your attention where it can do the most good, invest in good growth.

Copyright by Penney Peirce 2012

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Anonymous said...

WONDERFUL, I quit the corporate life.Banging my head against all the greed and lies of 50 years and especially seeing a rotten future for my grandkids..
I have always known a better way but now I am embracing it.
It's scary but a hell of a lot better than where I was.
My friends of the past think I have lost the plot.Thank you for the opportunity. I was given your workbook, The Intuitive way. T.