Thursday, March 22, 2012

Tuning In to 2012: Part 3

Coming Together for Innovation: Let ‘er Rip!

On the positive side, the heightened individualism and energy of 2012 will cause a huge bursting forth of innovative problem-solving and inventions, often fueled by new collaborations among disparate kinds of small businesses and creative individuals working in virtual teams. People will venture into new territory and create new dimensions and environments for finding important solutions to world problems. Part of this movement toward heightened creativity will come from a trend toward making connections based on those with a similar frequency and vibration; a convening of like minds and hearts. There will be a new kind of focus on entrepreneurialism and small business.

The World Mind Becomes Aware of Its Totality

In 2012 we’ll begin to realize that the East and West are combining values, talents, and ways of perceiving, and that the equator is just an imaginary line separating nothing. In other words, “Stop thinking your hemisphere is the only one!” It’s winter in the northern hemisphere and summer in the southern hemisphere, but it’s January everywhere. It’s NOW everywhere, no matter the time zone. Each person has a unique perception of their world, and combined, our collective perceptions make THE WORLD—OUR WORLD.

Make a Personal Loving Connection to the Sun;
Develop Your Internal Version of the Internet and Cell Phone

2012 is likely to bring heightened and unusual activity from the sun. Increased sunspot and solar flare activity will probably affect life on earth in disruptive ways. Power supplies and communication satellites may go out. The internet may malfunction. We may not need to voluntarily wean ourselves from our cell phones, laptops, and ipads, it may be forced upon us. Cloud computing? You may not be able to access your important data. In the absence of the instant connection the internet and cell phones provide, we may have to develop our natural internal abilities—telepathy, intuition, and precognition—that underlie these technological externalizations.

We will need to think of the sun as the heart chakra of our solar system, and a macrocosmic version of our own personal heart. It is not the source of our life, but an opening through which the Soul/Divine vibration enters our reality. There is something greater and wiser beyond our sun, just as there is a greater intelligence and love beyond our heart that creates our heart as the guiding center of our life. If the sun is throwing increased energy at us, we must treat it as important data for transformation, and not go into fear, treating the sun as our savior or destroyer. That is old thinking. Some people will fall into panic, and will try to hide from the sun. But there will be nowhere to hide as the frequency of the planet is being affected everywhere by an energy that is universal.

The Heart Becomes Known as a Brain

As we receive more energy and subtle information from the sun and from the earth’s core, our own hearts become highly activated, in resonance with the flow in the universe. We either become more empathic and compassionate, and expand ourselves to understand suffering and pain and how to turn it around, or we resist the heightened sensitivity and new information and try to keep our hearts closed. Opening the heart brings incredible new revelations about consciousness and healing. Closing the heart brings increased heart problems and disease, heart attacks, and death. Pounding of the heart and arrhythmia will be more common. And that peculiar emotional state, courage, which is so strongly related to the heart (heart is “coeur” in French, for example), will become a focus. We will revere courageous people and gauge ourselves more by how much heart we have, rather than how outrageous and self-centered we can be. Heart will temper the mind; it will add nuance to understanding and problem-solving and innovation. Heart will come to be seen as the wise guiding parent of the brain.

The advice I have for us for this year is to be honest, be real, be expressive of our truest motives. Listen to our heart, not the clamor in the world. Let go of all “old” thinking and let ourselves be blank instead; something authentic will soon arise in the openness. Love the sun, love the earth, as the loving consciousnesses they are. Be totally present as much as possible and remove delineations: east and west? north and south? March and April? 2011 and 2012? haves and have-nots? you and me? Experience what the merging reveals. Above all, have courage and embrace what comes as exactly what we need to evolve.

Copyright by Penney Peirce 2012


Therese said...

How true that when the student is ready the teacher appears. Looking out on the Pacific ocean this past week-end my cousin (a MD) was explaining to me the importance of focusing on the heart during meditation. I meditation maining at the third eye. I see moving pictures there, though fleeting. I've asked a few people what this means and intuitively felt the explanation incorrect. Perhaps you
have an explanation. My cousin
suggested I try the heart which will also include the third eye. Any comments will be greatly appreciated. Thanks, Therese

Yuri Romanov said...

I'm new to this entire psychic reading thing, but I agree that all of us should be more aware of what is happening in the universe all around us. Knowing more about the signs in the heavens can helps us raise that awareness.

Anonymous said...

Your magical intuition shines through in your writings. Thank you for your upbeat energy.

It inspires me to get psychic readings over the phone.