Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Work with the Effects of High Vibration

I wrote this last year but it bears repeating! The new rhythms deep inside are causing a variety of symptoms and things to pay attention to. I’ve listed 9 of them here.

1. There has been a desire to stay closer to home, more local, and to get in our body. What does the world look and feel like when you are in your body as your body? I found myself being drawn to work with the earth, in the garden, and to tend to mundane tasks with a quality of presence and respect, as if each thing were new. I often felt like an animal, connected directly to the life of other beings, feeling subtle shifts in the weather, or upcoming events. I could feel how when we’re inside the body as the body, we bring our soul force into matter much faster. YOU, the real you, are here! The body receives a clearer set of instructions about how to make the shift to transparency and flow-through.

2. It’s important to stay out of the left brain. The left-brain way of processing information, controlling behavior, and creating reality is too slow, contracted, antiquated, and even painful. It draws guidance only from past experience, and feels disconnected from the rest of life. It is the left-brain that tells us why things won’t work, that we can’t do things until we have proof, that progress must be made gradually and logically. We live in a left-brain dominated culture and adhering to those reality constructs stalls and slows our process of integrating the new energetic patterns. I noticed I was avoiding the amount of detailed, ambitious, analytical work I routinely do and was spending more time reading novels and watching videos, or walking in nature. I was literally bouncing off explanations and writing that was too dry.

3. We can’t plan too far ahead. I’ve experienced how plans I thought were a sure thing suddenly get snagged and don’t happen, while other things I hadn’t planned on materialize almost overnight. It’s as if we don’t need to do certain projects anymore because we’ve rapidly evolved beyond needing the experiences they offer. Nothing is wrong; we just mustn’t be too attached to the linear way things used to work. The present moment brings exactly what’s needed. Practice asking for what you need and watching to see how long it takes and in what form the answer arrives. It’s a game! Then watch for what the world offers you that you didn’t know you needed. When you want a longer term view, soften your awareness and get a glimpse of a bigger movie. Then come back to your body and see what feels just right to do in the now.

4. Practice merging with the physical world. Engage with the physicality of the moment, then feel the energy inside things. Feel into and merge into the forms and people who are in each moment with you, even into the air. Inside everything physical is a living presence, diamond light, and love. Feel the collective consciousness and the energy in the unified field making the objects, and you, and others, and the Flow itself. We are all aware of each other and playing with each other and for each other. We exist because of each other in so many ways. As you feel the oneness, you return to innocence and a childlike joy in creating anything you want—cocreating actually—with the collective consciousness.

5. Trust the Flow. Trust the Flow-Through. It is the collective awareness of all souls throughout all time and space, creating and evolving all of us. Keep this in mind when you encounter a blockage. Everything is evolutionary, and everything contains useful data to enrich your life experience. See your soul’s purposefulness in bringing you each experience, even if it feels contracted—maybe it’s a focus. How is each thing an opportunity to evolve, that is, to regain memory of yourself as spirit.

6. The intensity comes in waves. Sometimes there is little or no sleep when you think it should happen, and deep sleep when you think it shouldn’t happen. Rejuvenation comes now in each oscillation, from our particle-based reality, of our particle-based bodies, to the wave reality and back again. Renewal happens every millisecond, not just in dreams and REM sleep, or deep delta level sleep. Your body is learning new rhythms and opening to the new vibration in stages. Let the intensity move; don’t be afraid of it but welcome it. Let it teach you.

7. Clear everything that weighs you down or slows you down. Foods, relationships that don’t match your frequency or where you’re headed, shoulds you inherited from your family and culture, and yes-buts, contractions, or hesitations based on past experience. It may even be time for you to let go of your history, your story of why you are the way you are. Let go of holding ideas and things, and ways of knowing. Give yourself a chance to be new in each moment, to have fresh, original, innovative, first thoughts.

8. Reframe negative self talk to be positive self talk. Watch for negative declarative statements your left brain makes about you and your life, words and thoughts that lock you in to a low vibration and a limited sense of self. Language can block or free the flow of creativity and accurate self-guidance. Think about how each experience helps you see the physical world as the spiritual world, and let the physical reality obey the same universal laws that work so effortlessly in the spiritual reality. As you see it as so, it occurs.

9. Practice “just being,” and “being with” the being-ness in all things. Establish a personal relationship with soul essence, with love. As you practice being, you allow the memory of how things work in the spiritual realm and the unified field to penetrate back into and through you. Far from being a nonuseful activity, this nonlocal wisdom will soon surface into the physical world in interesting, surprising, and helpful ways.

Copyright by Penney Peirce 2012


Catherine Al-Meten said...

Yes, yes, and yes. All of this has been running through my mind, my writing, and my choices more and more.

Anonymous said...

Thank you. Btw... I found you on the Blog Talk Radio show you did with the Oracle. I'm going to buy your book. Happy 2012!