Saturday, April 7, 2012

Business & Intuition

In the not-too-distant future, corporations will have professional intuitives on staff, much like kings and pharoahs in ancient cultures had viziers, astrologers, and dream priests who provided vital information about the unseen factors influencing their success. Soon it won't seem odd at all that an empath, like the beautiful Star Trek intuitive, might be consulted about the strategy for making a major new investment or how a cash flow problem should be solved. In the near future, executives will meet in groups, align their minds and hearts into a singular focus, ask a specific set of well-designed questions of the group mind, and receive highly useful, appropriate data that is mutually empowering to each and to the whole. At present, it may seem that business is locked into a very square, boxy way of thinking, that it epitomizes the patriarchal, mechanistic, one upsmanship, status quo view of life. Though this is true in large part, I feel it will be business, through its need to stay abreast of emerging market trends, that will help lead the way in catalyzing a profound and lasting societal transformation––and in the foreseeable future.

Copyright Penney Peirce 1994