Monday, November 12, 2012


My new book, Leap of Perception, will be released next May. There's still alot of work to be done in the production stages, and the promotion is already being planned. As I project ahead, feeling into the amount of travel and presentations that will happen, I can feel tired before any of it even occurs! So I've decided to really practice staying in my home frequency, and turn negative statements  around with the following flow-promoting declarations:

— I look forward to all new experiences.
— I don't indulge in dread or let anything make me feel drained.
— I focus on being simple and notice what wants to arise in each moment.
— Every experience gives me as much as I allow it to.


Summer said...

I love your affirmations! I was just speaking to my husband about letting go of others feelings and projecting positive thoughts on their behalf so that they might have a better chance of succeeding. Opening to possibility is the most uplifting tonic. Thanks for helping me put words to my feelings this morning!

Cathy said...

Your Flow-Promoting Declarations are wonderful for the New Year!!!!

Sheena said...

New looks! You looks great!

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