Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Penney Peirce's 2013 Oracle Letter

Summing Up 2012

So! We’ve survived 2012 and all the doomsday predictions. And fear did not win out! What I heard from clients, friends, and family, was that people felt restricted, blocked, stuck, stretched, bored, directionless, passionless, and restless; a new creativity was bubbling just below the surface, often disguised as anxiety. If we compare notes about what happened last year, we see there were many kinds of breakthroughs, which fit with the theme of freedom I discussed in last year's letter. Whether we wanted change or not, new vistas were presented to us. For those of us in the United States, there was an especially strong buildup of dread and fatalism before the presidential election in the fall. Like water behind a dam, energy finally broke free and swirling changes began immediately thereafter.

I Know There’s More but I Can’t See It

If you examine a list of world events for 2012, there were terrible storms and earth changes everywhere, as well as many events caused by human violence. Old, habitual ways of living were becoming intolerable and it either propelled people toward positive change or seemed like an excuse for destruction and/or suicide. People ended marriages or dysfunctional family connections, quit jobs, lost important clients, started new businesses, went back to school, moved, tried living in other countries, or got sick and focused intensely on healing. It wasn’t the end of the world — it was actually the end of the unquestioned legitimacy of linear, cause-and-effect thinking. The mantras I heard repeatedly were: "I know I’m supposed to be doing something more or different, but I can’t see what it is," "I feel over-stimulated and overwhelmed and can't think clearly," and "Something must be wrong with me."

Of course, nothing is wrong with us. We just reached an energetic turning point in 2012, an expanded moment in which our fundamental perception began to change from an old way of seeing the world to a new, transformed way of perceiving. The change was marked by boredom, dissatisfaction, fear, and dysfunction — as is typical of the endings of most cycles. The old seemed old and we couldn’t quite understand the new yet, but we knew it was there; we could feel it. We wanted it. It’s normal at these times to take things personally — and negatively — and think we must be doing something wrong, that what we’ve been materializing in our life is also somehow wrong. It’s easy to become hung up on a specific irritating issue, like a dog with a bone, refusing to let go because the unknown seems too terrifying an alternative. This is especially true when we’re beginning to perceive a new kind of reality altogether, one that hasn’t existed before for masses of people globally.

So 2012 was a turning point but it wasn’t focused down into a single day — it was spread throughout the year and came for each of us in a way that related to our own story. Some of us did work we didn’t want to do and found unexpected gifts and growth. Some found a new direction in life that had been waiting patiently to be discovered. Others simply became mysteriously joyful for no apparent reason. Our relationships opened and clarified. Many of us took chances and courageously ended addictions and habitual behaviors, to see what might emerge from the simplicity and open space that remained.

Decluttering the Present Moment; the Flow is Full of Grace

Now as we enter 2013, we’re poised to continue this process of letting go of anything that deadens us or acts as interfering clutter between our soul’s clear guidance and our personality’s ability to translate that guidance into physical life. We want streamlined materialization and dematerialization. We want to receive the best win-win ideas and remain in joy through every phase of the creation process. We want more instantaneous results with minimal distortion and snags. In 2012, we entered the present moment, whether we realized it or not. In 2013, we explore what that feels like, what it means, how it functions, and how living in the present moment changes our reality. This may involve the beginning of a backlash against screen addiction, which causes attention blindness, environmental unconsciousness, and numbness to our deeper nonphysical dimensions.

For some, the being-hit-over-the-head-with-a-zenstick mode of letting go will continue, while for many others, the clearing process will be full of grace — the glass of tap water will gradually change from opaque to transparent. Life will become smoother and easier. What we anticipate as being problematic will end up being nothing much, or even beneficial. There will be greater synchronicity and coincidence, more instances of situations that simultaneously solve problems for many people. When you need something, someone will appear to help. You may be that person for someone else. You may let go of the idea of needing a soul mate, for example, and enter a state where you’re enjoying yourself totally, just the way you are. And now, the soul mate arrives, or the perfect job arrives, or the amazing solution arrives — right when you’ve settled into loving the moment the way it is.

Shifting from the Left Brain to the Right Brain

Much of the stuckness we feel is caused by our over-involvement and over-identification with the left brain, which compartmentalizes, analyzes, describes, and preserves knowledge in codified verbal form. The left brain lives in the past, projecting old stored knowledge onto the future, thus blocking the Flow of the soul’s guidance in the present moment. We are caught in logic and language, “figuring out” life instead of living directly from the right brain’s immersion in the Flow. This is changing now. We’re craving right-brain, direct experience, intuition, telepathy, and pure nonverbal creativity.

2013 promises to be a time when many of us realize what’s going on in our brain, how “out of our body” and removed from the moment we’ve been, and how we need to indulge in “silly” activities that are not necessarily “productive” and “credible” — like art, music, dance, walking on the beach or in the woods, gardening, cooking, or sculpture. These activities, entered into alone, open the conduit to the soul and bring new perception, ideas, and growth. As we shift to a new reality, it is right brain and body perception that act as the bridge to take us there.

A Time of Extreme Polarization AND Integration of Opposites

Partly due to cultural stuckness in the left brain, which feeds either-or perception, we’re going to see a greater emphasis than ever on polarization. As more people open to right-brain perception and fluidity as a way of life, those who identify with fixed beliefs and what worked in the past will react fearfully, dig in their heels, and resist change more vehemently. In effect, the collective ego is refusing to “die.” The left brain is fear-based, clever, and negative, and in its extreme expression, it perpetrates hatred and violence.
2013’s high-frequency reality will pressure the left brain to let go (its methods won’t produce results anymore) and this will cause many more desperate survival behaviors to emerge. We’re likely to see a greater incidence of terrorist attacks, political coups, political battling and stalemates, patriotism-as-ego, collusion and white collar crime, genocide and reactionary behavior toward immigrants, and intolerance toward artists, poets, musicians, journalists, and free speech — while the left-brainers feel free to lie and speak publically with increased vitriol.

There will be an increasing sense that there are actually two realities existing concurrently on earth. The realities are separating farther and farther from each other, causing the people from the two camps to understand each other less and less. Those stuck in left-brain thinking will experience life becoming more difficult and threatening, while those embracing the new perception will feel luckier and will experience their lives improving. A point will be reached where revolution becomes the next logical step for some. Revolutions may break out in small, localized ways around the world in 2013, letting off steam.

But a larger, quieter revolution is underway globally, and it is a revolution, or evolution, of perception. Those of us who are moving in synch with the increasing frequency on the planet, who are opening right-brain, whole-self consciousness, this year must stand up for who we want to be, who we ARE, and become thought leaders, way showers, and good examples for others. No more hiding, no more semi-consciousness! We need to show up and talk cogently about what’s happening and what’s important. We must add energy to the emerging transformed reality. We are integrating many points of view and this gives us a visionary advantage.

Ironically, by becoming more visible and real, those of us who are evolving into the fluid reality will not necessarily be involved in revolution. We are not participating in opposition anymore and thus will not attract resistance or be attracted to it. We will instead act as a mediating force that can drain off the hatred and woundedness caused by those still involved in polarity. We will offer a new way based on innovation, group collaboration, tolerance, integration of opposite positions into a higher perspective, and communion with the energetic-spiritual reality. We’ll see a decrease in the attractiveness of formal religion, as more of us move into direct connection with the nonphysical reality and have our own personal experience of the divine.

The Reality of the Heart and the Field; We’re Not Victims

Last year, we began to be conscious of the power of the heart, and this year we’ll discover the heart is a kind of spiritualized brain that can connect us with higher dimensions and various foci of collective consciousness. We’ll see scientists talking about heart. Physics and metaphysics will merge more than ever before. It is the early days of our realization that compassion is the new evolutionary force.

We’ll also begin to experience how interconnected we are with our personal environment, how what surrounds us IS us. We’ll begin to work more intentionally with the resonance of our personal “field” of energy to change our lives. That means we will stop blaming ourselves and others for what happens to us, because we’ll realize we can shift the conditions that affect us. We aren’t victims anymore. Our personal field is our home, no matter where we are in the world. We’ll experience how our heart actually IS our personal field, how it filters experience to us according to the desires of our soul. Part of this new experience is the phenomenon of “the Convening,” where people on your true wavelength seem to appear magically from your personal field as collaborators on projects that promote conscious evolution.

All in all, my sense of 2013 is one of openness and possibility. When I first tuned in to it, I couldn’t feel anything. As I stayed with the feeling, I realized the blankness was really about presence, spaciousness, gestation, quiet integration and digestion of previous intuitions, and the cessation of the effectiveness of projecting into the future. 2013 offers a fresh start, a blank canvas, and time for inspired creativity. For many, though, it may be a time of radical adjustment, resistance, and loss. The challenge will be to see this as preparation for new growth and a new, improved reality.

The choice of how this year unfolds is really up to you. There are no outside forces working against you unless you perceive them into being, and there’s no better reality coming in “the future.” Your whole life is what you make of it now.

copyright by Penney Peirce 2013


Josh Langley and Andy Macleod said...

I agree and feel it's time for the heart to take centre stage as we learn to say yes to the magical righthand side of our brain.

Strange enough, i wanted the new Frog and the Well Book "Follow your Heart" to come out for christmas last year, but through delays it won't be til March 2013 which is perfect as I think it'll mean more to people then.

www.intuitivespectrum.com said...

Here is a NEW book that explores the extreme importance of intuition.

elaine duncan said...

Everything that Penny explained in this article I have been experiencing....thank you, because I did believe there was something wrong with me. Nice to know this is a natural process, and I can resist, or let go in the present moment!