Sunday, February 24, 2013

A Conversation Among My Intuitive Friends

Can you relate??

 M: I'm in a Bardo period trying to get a handle on my next life assignment. I've been working since the age of 15 and not having an active project before me is a new experience. Any advice about handling this empty period before the next active life chapter begins would be appreciated.

Penney: As M says, I too feel this is a deepening, lying fallow time. New life directions are not evident yet, but it's clear something good is coming. Something more real and probably more exciting in a destiny-way than before. Most of my clients have this same experience, often complaining that they feel stuck, or blind about their lives. I often feel slightly flat, very contained in a smallish space, like a fruit getting ripe. Attending to tidying, organizing, getting rid of clutter.

J: Penney, you speak to my feelings of feeling stuck. I agree that organizing and ridding oneself of clutter is unbelievably cleansing. Have had a ton of stuff in storage for over a decade and haven't missed it. Now, the decision is whether to go through it all (dozens of cartons) or donate it. Am very close to donating sight unseen but then the dreaded "what if" monster appears now and again. Being ready to embrace Destiny is a very exciting thought.

M: Thanks to J for suggesting, "I call it the 'pregnant pause of the Universe’—waiting for a new creation to birth itself."

C: Yes, I've had that sense of hunkering down low ever since my last book was published. My need for rest and nothing on my mind was so strong I could barely keep up with doing the dishes, but through it all I sensed it was exactly what I should be doing—nothing much. My feeling has been that there is a big job ahead that will require my whole strength and concentration, and this is preparation time. So I have been savoring the quiet, letting orderliness go by the boards, giving away stuff and, interestingly, going through old photo albums and compiling pictures of the lives of my husband and each of our children, making a new album for each one. My own comes next, but before that I'm now gathering very old photos from my childhood of the 2 generations before mine, and making a "family stories with pictures" of the grandchildren’s great-great-great grandparents and their siblings. It all feels like preparation.

J: Yes. "Big job ahead that will require strength" really resonates. I too am sorting through old family photos. Certainly does feel like "preparation time," but have never been so lazy in my life. Reminds me of a song from West Side Story: “...Could be! / Who knows? / There's something due any day / I will know right away / Soon as it shows. / It may come cannonballing down through the sky...” Best part... "I got a feeling there's a miracle due / Gonna come true / Coming to me!”

W: Penney, this sounds like me. I just repainted the inside of our home from yellow to white and I seem to be wanting to purchase white flowers, etc. even in the white winter we are having. And I am also cleaning out, organizing, giving away.

M: So much (of what you’re all saying) has resonated—like the fruit getting ripe and since my maiden name was Rose, I am probably waiting to bloom and blossom. I wish I could BE more during this time but find myself going backing to DO the simple housecleaning and bookkeeping that I haven't done for years. It is like weeding my garden now of things no longer useful—and in a sense doing a life review so I can discard remnants from the past I no longer need. J, you are so on target when you wrote: "I'm also reminded of the Girl Scout Motto—"Be Prepared."

M: An interesting synchronicity to our discussion—after writing that I am a Rose waiting to bloom, I went to FB and someone posted to me: "Remember, in the winter, far beneath the bitter snow, lies a seed, that with the sun's love, in the spring, becomes the rose. —Bette Midler"

Penney: I sense that this odd containment in a small physical reality is actually an important and powerful time. I think we are needing to practice keeping our frequency at the level of what I've called our "home frequency"—correcting our mood swings and out of body absences as often as we can remember to, so we saturate with the vibration of our soul, and stabilize our personality at a new, more transformed level, so that becomes our "new normal." I sense our bodies, our circuitries, our energy fields, are busily and steadily changing as we stay calm while watching yet another detective show on TV, or vacuum the floor, or take a load of old clothes to Good Will. It's about remaining peaceful, cheerful, optimistic—as our natural state.

I also think it is about finding the connections and convenings with people of like vibration now. It may start with innocuous conversations, but I think working relationships and projects will grow out of the resonance. I think this is a time to be working deliberately in the imaginal realm, creating little possible movies of any kind of fun reality, stepping into them, trying them on like new clothes, keeping attention on the ones we like, making a place for those realities to live in us so they can come to life. It's a good practice to keep an idea journal now—jot down the snippets of things emerging from our depths and right brain, note the negative declarative statements the left brain likes to make and counteract them, play with some of the ideas in the imagination. Don't let the left brain run us!!

So many interesting kinds of consciousness can come from this “Bardo period.” And it's something most people are SO afraid of. . .

C: Thank you, Penney. You've described just what it's been like for me this past year or more, including reading mysteries and children's books with such cozy relish! And I've been settling down somewhere deep, with nothing new coming in, UNTIL—3 weeks ago when synchronicities and offers started coming at a furious pace! After all these years of doing my work in relative obscurity, the following all happened in just under 3 weeks, unsolicited:

1. Three of my students of improvisational dance healing/intuition training/meditative practice asked to be taught how to teach my work. 
2. I was asked to teach students at a local college.
3. A new urban, permaculture farm/eco-village which, 30 years ago I tried to start with collaborators not ready to do anything quite that radical, is starting up and has asked me to join up with them. A dream come true. I will be helping to build their first straw-bale structure. And eventually perhaps live there.

So after almost a year of rest, everything I've ever wanted to do in the world has presented me with the perfect opportunities. Now I have to learn how to keep it all balanced.

J: Wow, C, that is wonderful! I think / feel we are all unearthing organically something that is a culmination of many years of collective work and service. I also have been in the phase of “let’s see what shows up” that is new and inspiring! I have become addicted to my Kindle and since October have read 35 books which has inspired me to finally get my own books on Kindle. And I have decided to dive in once again and write two new books. I have been invited to be a cohost on a new radio show which should be a lot of fun with two other hosts. I have tried to slow down and then the Universe laughs. But I am truly trying to allow myself 'me time'!


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