Wednesday, March 6, 2013

15-Year-Old Scientist

Much has been said by my colleague PMH Atwater and others regarding the "new" children. I have predicted for many years that children will be involved in research and development of new technologies and inventions, often working in teams with adults. Here is the work of one of these young people in science. This fifteen-year-old boy has worked tenaciously, applying to 200 laboratories in his quest for research space (only one would grant him a workspace).

He tried and failed and tried again, because he wanted to develop a cheap, reliable test for early stage pancreatic cancer, after losing his friend to the disease. He developed a dipstick test, which adults in the field had not been able to formulate.

I am of the firm opinion that  young people need special attention to help them develop their intuition and energy skills, so they can bring their higher knowledge through from the mental realms without distortion. So many are not familiar with the emotional plane and how to navigate it successfully. But then, isn't that the issue for so many of us?!!


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