Sunday, March 31, 2013

Listen. . .

If your friend is breaking through the paralysis of early family dictatorial programming, you are also breaking through something similar. You are looking for your own experience, your independent self, your authenticity. If your friend is losing the security of a long-standing home, you are losing the security of the definition of your experience of self, or home, or center. We are SO interconnected! Everyone we know mirrors our own process. They may provide the first announcement: Hey, you are now focusing on this issue!! You may provide this for them.

I am losing my home of 25 years. My friend in Australia is having a knee operation that will make her lose mobility and “freedom” for a little while. This restriction may cause her to feel more deeply into herself, to find what she really wants to do. Other friends are downsizing to a smaller home and freaking out about how the smaller space could correspond to their self–expression. They are focusing on what they really want next. On the surface it seems that the move might symbolize reduced self-expression. But really, it’s ironic that a smaller space might actually be the thing that enables them to expand, that cutting back might free creativity by reducing stress. 

I face a totally new, creative way of living. I don’t know where I will go, what it will look like. It is a test of everything I write about! Ha! The spirits test us. I am in the Flow. The Flow loves me and I love it. I must remember, stay in communion with the truth. The Flow is moving me forward, and my left brain hasn’t a clue.

photo copyright penney Peirce, 1979

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