Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Penney Peirce’s Wisdom Letter #2: Spring Equinox 2013

Seeing through, Feeling Into, and Hearing Truth
The other night I had a disturbing dream that woke me. I was in a house, at the base of a staircase that wound up through several floors. I could see that way above was an old man, a grandfather type, isolated in the attic, feeling depressed. He didn’t know how to escape his isolation. I wanted to go get him when suddenly my attention was drawn to the wall to my left. I began to see into the wall and realized it was really like a computer screen; it was receiving images from something akin to the Internet and it was also sending information from within the house.

The creepiness of this impacted me first, making me feel that Big Brother was watching, that there was no such thing as privacy, and that the amount of real, underlying interaction of data sources with other data sources was overwhelming. There was a strange sense that “you can’t even count on the physical world being physical anymore!” I couldn’t process the impact of “seeing through” to this underlying reality. And I jumped out of the dream.

Later I meditated on it and this is what came to me: The old man stuck in the attic represents our old way of perceiving reality, the linear perception that keeps us feeling separate from each other—which is, in effect, becoming the kind of relic we might store in the attic. I wanted to help free him from his isolation, to help him merge into the newer perception that is spherical and holographic. But I myself had to first immerse in it and not be afraid of being overwhelmed by the fact that knowing anything/everything in the present moment is becoming normal.

What Ideas Are We Assimilating Unconsciously?
This theme of “seeing through” ordinary reality is knocking on my door in various ways. For instance, I’ve been noticing television ads lately —really “hearing into” them. One ad says: “A truly unlimited life means truly unlimited data.” I wonder how much the general public actually believes this. To me, a truly unlimited life means truly unlimited perception, which is a function of being centered and accessing one’s own soul, not faster internet speeds and more gigabytes of data. 

Another series of data-related ads uses cute, precocious kids talking to a man in a business suit, who asks these “experts”: What’s better—bigger or smaller? “BIGGER!” the kids scream. In another he asks: What’s better—slower or faster? “FASTER!” the kids scream. In another he asks: What’s better—one or two? “TWO!” They scream. Is their cuteness being used to subdue the clarity of our critical mind? I’m reminded of the drug ad where the friendly, reassuring male voice tells me, “Serious, sometimes fatal events may occur.” Doesn’t sound so bad, eh?

Is the wisdom in what’s small, slow, and singularly focused being lost in our greed for speed and quantity? Are we seeing through these smokescreens? Are the voices that come from our screens given extra authority just because they come from that supposedly great source of wisdom beyond the “wall” of the computer monitor or ipad window?

Moving Forward Amidst Dull Energy
Lately, I have felt somewhat restricted to a smallish reality. I sensed I’ve been gestating something new, or rewiring myself in some invisible way, or needing to be house-centered as a way to remember to be in my body. The other day, walking took on a strange tactile oddness; it was as though I were pushing forward into a field of energy that had a different frequency and the “skin of it” was springy. It was repelling me, surrounding me in a kind of slow dullness, making me feel that I didn’t want to do anything. 

When I finally pulled my wits together and focused into the moment to see what was really happening underneath—to “see through” the external symptoms—I realized that I needed to adjust my own vibration to a level that matched the new frequency around me. When I did, my experience of moving around felt smooth and slippery, like shooting down a greased sliding board.

It occurs to me that the equinoxes—when day and night, and dark and light, and perhaps even physical and nonphysical realities are equal—may be very effective times to focus on “seeing through.” At these times it may be easiest to access the inner realms because the frequency is closest to that of the “outer realms.”

So: How is the nonphysical reality affecting your physical one? What messages of guidance are trying to surface? What are you becoming aware of? What needs your attention?

Copyright by Penney Peirce 2013

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Dharma said...

Thank you for Wisdom Letter #2, you are right on target with what is going on these days. Its refreshing to share these experiences with fully realized potential, and amazing how synchroniticy flows when you ARE the Radar.....