Monday, April 29, 2013

A Poem from 2000

light falls through
when ya don’t hold;
that I need to feel I
(the separate-from self)
is what’s tight but
no worry, no watching for the I
trust all in awareness ball cuz light falls thru everywhere
stay in feeling of fast light falling
that’s what I am
life becoming and unbecoming

don’t have to use up all the available space
on a page   to be efficient
only 2
words on
a line
space is happy to have a chance
to be with form
they change off with each other
expand contract play
with each other
can create any way I want!

copyright by Penney Peirce 2000

Friday, April 26, 2013

Penney Peirce on "From Corporate to Creative" Radio May 1

Join Penney and Host Kelly Galea, on her show, From Corporate to Creative, May 1 at 9am PT, noon ET. We'll explore intuition's role in making the transition from work that's become too routine and "old," to your destiny's self-expressive work. Call in to the show at 646-564-9865.

Friday, April 19, 2013

"Easing the Pain of Transformation" by Penney Peirce

I was poking around in some old files and found this, which I wrote in 1980, in an altered state. It might as well have been written last week. . .

“There is currently an immense vibrational shift in the earth and all life forms are feeling the pressure to evolve rapidly. Patterns of thought and behavior will be affected, those which are positive as well as the negative ones. There will appear to be a marked increase in negativity as the old patterns are shaken loose, like dust being stirred by moving an object that has been immobile too long.  As the clearing occurs, inner strength becomes visible. You will receive divine vibrations now as never before, and must pay attention to stabilize your energy continually, to be ready for the next shift, and the next, which will be coming in waves, ever more closely together.

Let go, absolutely LET GO of what does not work for you. Do you feel heavy? Find the burdens, drop them.  Find the clogging foods, the negative thoughts, the dirtying habits, the character weaknesses in yourself, the people who drain you. Release it all, and let go of your need for beliefs and security. Tune to the very purest heart of the Mother Earth and quietly resonate your body to this. Please know there is no way to avoid transformation, nor anything to fear from it. Yet in these times, resistance to truth shall cause instantaneous repercussions. Remain as conscious of the process of growth as possible and cooperate with the higher order, of which you are a part.

Things will evolve more intensely in certain parts of the planet first, for in these places of concentrated power, people will gather to reinforce each other's growth and be exposed to pure forms of energy. Then many will leave these places to teach and increase the vibration in outlying areas, through their own presence, yet many will continue to arrive for initiations. There will be much moving to and fro and it will be hard to keep up with the news. The progress in certain fields will be as astounding as the degeneration of old systems, beliefs and organizations.

The key now is to simplify, to center within your body at all times and to allow yourself to be a transmitter of the highest energies of compassion, truth and creativity. Receive more and more purity and trust the process of spontaneous self-expression from the heart. Practice unconditional love and do not forget to include yourself in the practice!  In this way your sensitivity shall increase and so shall the capacity of your nerves, glands and subtle bodies to conduct the increasing voltages, without being burned out by them.

No more shall there be the slow and gradual process of assimilation. Those who will change are being prompted from higher, inner levels to consciously ASK and pray for help and heightened abilities of integration. Your body, your cells, are being transformed into a new material before your very eyes. Allow the feelings of pressure, the mood swings for no reason, the uncontrolled releases of frustration. Meditate often, and center constantly in the Oneness and in the present moment. Open your heart, strengthen your physical body, give up your addictions, learn to truly rest, and BE OF A JOYFUL FRAME OF MIND! Receive sustenance AS you create, feeling the process of transmission—and remember, you are the actor, the action and the audience. You shall never want for energy, love, and opportunities to perceive and create more beauty and harmony.”

copyright by Penney Peirce 1980

Seekers Central Goes Online

My friend Suzie Daggett has just started a new venture called Seekers Central. She will be featuring some of my blog pieces to begin with, and the service will grow organically to connect people with the service providers they need. You might want to check it out!

Penney in Sacramento May 4-5

I will be doing 90-minute life and business readings in Roseville, CA the weekend of May 4-5, if you're in the area and are interested. There are a couple spots left. Please contact Galen Hall:

Monday, April 8, 2013

Penney's New Book Is Almost Here!

Step into a Transformed World!

"Leap of Perception is a work of unbridled imagination that offers great guidance amidst the accelerated transformation of our times. Penney Peirce suggests we have entered the Intuition Age when we can use the powers of the nonphysical dimensions to create anything in our solid world. She unmasks the power of human creativity and offers very impressive simple and potent mastery techniques. Leap of Perception is a must-read for anybody who desires total freedom and unlimited creativity."

Barbara Hand Clow, author of Awakening the Planetary Mind: Beyond the Trauma of the Past to a New Era of Creativity

Today, we are in the midst of a global transformation of consciousness; the Information Age is speeding toward a “leap” into the Intuition Age. The resulting new reality will operate by different rules and we will know ourselves as a new kind of human being. We’ll live in a world that's functioning entirely in the present moment, close to the speed of light. 

We see the beginning of this now, as millions of people focus on personal and spiritual growth—and understand the power of the nonphysical world to influence physical reality. We are increasingly embracing the idea that life can be improved—without new technological gadgets—by developing skill with energy techniques and more sophisticated perception.

In Leap of Perception, Peirce helps us understand, and learn to practice, new "attention skills" that will soon seem normal. These skills include such things as direct knowing, undivided attention, flow attention, unified field attention, collective-self attention, and working skillfully with the imaginal realm to materialize new realities in the blink of an eye. 

You will learn to:
  • Ease and accelerate your personal transformation process
  • Work effectively with ultrasensitivity and empathy
  • Shift your underlying "geometry of perception" from an old linear model to a new spherical-holographic way of knowing
  • Change the relationship between your left and right brain, and use more than your brain to perceive
  • Use the power of attention—not intention—to materialize realities
  • Recognize possibilities for a new reality that haven’t yet been able to be imagined
The result of this positive and exciting leap of perception will be many "new human" abilities that previously were thought to be supernatural, and an entirely new understanding of multidimensional life, where death as we know it no longer exists, and there is no "other side."

Officially available May 21, but you can pre-order a copy of Leap of Perception, the third in my Transformation Trilogy, via my website

Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Passion into Profit

Cari Vollmer has published a nice interview with me on her site: Embrace Your Brilliance and Intuition: Passion into Profit. It discusses some of the more personal things about my philosophy and daily round. . .