Thursday, May 16, 2013

A Moment in the Sun

I was so sleepy today, couldn't get going on the computer, didn't really want to be left-brained, so I went outside my front door where there was a spot of morning sun and wrote this, decided on no punctuation:

I’m sitting in the sun just outside my front door I’m closing my eyes feeling what “soaking it up” is I’m holding a deep green leathery hydrangea leaf on the right and a purple fuzzy wandering jew flower on the left a human bridge of love between plant neighbors the wind is rushing through the high treetops and the distant traffic roar sounds the same almost and gusts come and bring the scent of rain and pollen a bumblebee comes and bumps heavily from flower to flower I feel his low buzz in my stomach now the sun filters through a passing foglike cloud muted and the warmth wanes yet I still feel the core experience of “sun” in the coolness green bottlefly lands on my page walks on my fingers tickles me flies off to whiz about my head now gone and all throughout the steady sun and the clouds and winds of change

Copyright Penney Peirce 2013

1 comment:

rachel said...

there is definitely synchronicity in many things, I have found this when having a tough emotional times, certain songs play on the radio or post arrives with a subtle message within it.