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Penney Peirce's Wisdom Letter #3: Freedom and Mobility

The Year Begins with the Feeling of a Full Stomach
Looking back over the year so far, I have the thought that the supposedly magical 12/12/12 time of last year was really the last gasp of linear thinking. Past and future have been absorbed into the Now. We are registering this, letting its truth sink in and be demonstrated. That’s why the year has such a sense of fullness. Everything is in the present moment and we cannot project away from it, cannot escape it. Life feels like a woman in the last stages of pregnancy. 

Energy builds, wants release, yet earlier this year I experienced flatness, like life was happening on a screen. In fact I was watching more television than ever before—on my new big flat screen HDTV where the people are the same size as I am—and well into the night, sometimes not sleeping at all, then sleepwalking through the next day. I was treading water, being housebound and isolated, restricting the scope of my reality.

“Something is brewing,” I said to friends; “I can’t see my own path ahead.” Me, who is supposed to be clairvoyant, couldn’t see for myself. Moments flashed periodically when I saw my personality (little me) saying these things, feeling helpless and stuck, pretending to be blind, and sometimes just talking to encourage my own patience and presence, or to fill the time of being-with-waiting. Simultaneously I felt my soul (Big Me) moving conditions into synchrony and place, readying me for change. 

I was cleaning out closets, drawers, shelves, and file folders, making “space.” The opposite of nest-building. The birds in my yard were just building their nests.

Spring Equinox, Mar 20: Pressures Release
I wrote in my equinox newsletter, “The other day, walking took on a strange tactile oddness; it was as though I were pushing forward into a field of energy that had a different frequency and the ‘skin of it’ was springy. It was repelling me, surrounding me in a kind of slow dullness, making me feel that I didn’t want to do anything. 

“When I pulled my wits together and focused into the moment to see what was really happening underneath—to ‘see through’ the external symptoms—I realized that I needed to adjust my own vibration to a level that matched the new frequency around me. When I did, my experience of moving around felt smooth and slippery, like shooting down a greased sliding board.

“It occurs to me that the equinoxes—when day and night, and dark and light, and perhaps even physical and nonphysical realities are equal—may be very effective times to focus on ‘seeing through.’ At these times it may be easiest to access the inner realms because the frequency is closest to that of the outer realms.”

What I didn’t realize was that the thin veil between the worlds on the equinox was also a time of energy balancing. On this day, my landlord informed me they had decided to sell the house I’ve been in for the past 25 years. All six of my books have been written here. It was the news that brought reality to what I’d been sensing. Energy had been dammed up in me—more predominant, it seemed, in the nonphysical world than the physical—because I knew something in my right brain and body that had not yet become conscious and real; I knew semi-consciously. Energy wanted to move, but couldn’t until the words were spoken.

As I received the news, I watched my body respond in an amazingly neutral way. I was cordial instead of shocked or angry, and oddly relieved. The energy ballooning in the nonphysical world from sensing a new reality to come, was now free to flow. But where? I hung up the phone and part of my consciousness-and-energy, all on its own, lifted up and out, like a flock of birds rousted by a strong, mysterious wind. I was circling in widening arcs. My body still stood by the phone.

Everywhere I look now, I find people with mobility issues. And really, the mobility issues are about freedom—freedom to become more of ourself, more of our soul. I am going to put my things in storage, load up the car, and leave California. I’m driving east. The loose plan is to relocate to Florida to be near my mother for a little while, until a new view and plan reveals itself.

Interestingly, many of my friends are also moving, not to mention clients and radio hosts I’ve chatted with before our interview. Some friends and clients are experiencing a restriction of mobility and freedom, noticing and clearing key issues that have prevented their expanded self-expression. Some have had leg surgeries, some are out of work due to a debilitating physical condition, and some are about to risk leaving addictive, abusive relationships.

It’s a Powerful Time for Courageous Acts
I sat down, quieted myself and asked my inner voice/inner perceiver what I was really doing, under the surface, by engineering this sudden transition. You may relate to what came to me:
Look and feel deeply into your physical self and you can feel your nonphysical self refocusing your physical expression in a very intense way. Your inner blueprint has been updated in the spiritual realms—the higher frequencies of the nonphysical, and it is sliding down the spectrum into form now. It will not be stopped. If you try to “manage” it, it will cause accidents, snags, breakdowns, and suspensions. You may remain in action and the flow by simultaneously allowing the repatterning to occur as it will, as action unfolds, in whatever form it takes, and not imposing your own needs for security or familiar structure. If suspensions of motion occur, it is because you need to allow the substitution of the new inner pattern without controlling it or blocking it. So give it a minute! 
You are to let go of ideas of what you think you need to feel healthy, harmonious, balanced, happy, and fulfilled. New versions of all these things are being put into place and you will experience demonstrations of how the new patterns work, one by one. For instance, you may think you need large blocks of uninterrupted time to accomplish your goals without feeling stressed. Now you may accomplish many things in a smooth flow from thing to thing, without breaking time down into chunks. Now you may not need the amount of insulation from the world that you used to require for your “sanity.” Be sure to make note of the new patterns when they occur, and allow them to become real for you. You are becoming less fragile. You are becoming robust and extremely fluid at the same time. 
You may at times feel you don’t fit with the people around you who are clinging to old perception, but just keep love in your heart and field, and include them and say what comes to you to say, do what you feel like doing. Don’t make yourself into an outsider when truly there is no such thing. We are all insiders. To gain identity from something false is a waste of vital energy and time. 
Deep within in the magical zone where the nonphysical and physical worlds exchange places, you are rebuilding yourself; and we are helping restructure you to be in greater harmony and communion with more of the unified field. This way the principles of the high-frequency reality can function in your earthly reality, more and more. Don’t pretend nothing is happening. Don’t pretend you’re overwhelmed. Don’t pretend you don’t know. Don’t pretend—but DO imagine positive new realities!  
Remain in a state of immersion in the flow; don’t leave it to make judgments about it or to try to figure it out, as this will reduce its efficiency, speed, and smoothness. Practice the experience of “no gap.” Don’t give surprises or shocks more credence or power than you do any other occurrence. Everything is equal in importance. Your left brain may think your experience and rhythm is “chopped up” but it’s not; you are finding the path of least resistance and greatest effectiveness at all times.
Your process may be unfolding and revealing many of these same things but in a way that is unique to you. Where in your life can you become more mobile and free? Does mobility equal freedom? What is real freedom, anyway? What will you do with more freedom? More mobility? You may need to clear some final limiting ideas that, like corks, are bottling up your ecstatic creative juices. You might entertain thoughts, in the imaginal realm, of what a greatly expanded reality might look like for you, where you can do what you’ve always loved. . .

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