Sunday, July 14, 2013

No Ego, No False Humility

I will laugh when I mean it and not to avoid a feeling, reduce a negative comment, or make heartless fun of another.

I will speak of myself and my work in real, simple, positive terms, to myself and to others.

I will speak of others in positive terms, describing what I see about their true self.

I will remember that I am large and universal as well as an individual particle, as important as every other particle.

Statements of Truth

I suspend attraction and deeply rest.

Today I look for for positive signs and experiences.

Today perfect opportunities occur in my field.

Today I am in the right place at the right time.

Today my body fills constantly with fresh, clear energy.

Today I effortlessly release the energy that wants to flow through me.

Today I have the enthusiasm of the child.

Today the world supports me, and I support it.

Today I can be all of myself.

Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Present Moment Practice

I did my own oracle today on my website's home page and this is what I got. it's a good reminder!

I recognize my soul-blocking thoughts.

Catch yourself when you block the natural expression of your soul today with life-negating ideas. Replace these limiting thoughts with soul-freeing behaviors instead.

It began not long ago—the moment narrowing down, my voice resounding hollowly, my attention directed by some inner teacher to the words I am uttering. I hear myself eerily now whenever I make a false statement. This sensitivity has come as the result of a resolution I made to identify myself as my soul, present here and now in its full wisdom. I vowed to give my soul a chance to take over my body, emotions, mind, creativity, and self-expression, to "do with me what it would." As I practice this, I have moments of giddy excitement as I glimpse what the unimpeded soul is capable of knowing and doing in the world, when given the chance. These clear insights then inexplicably collapse into my habitual way of perceiving, where I find myself imbedded in old limitation and victim thoughts, or in patterns of hostility, irritation, or impatience. I realize with a deep, private embarrassment that every time I choose to get juice out of feeling maligned or unappreciated, I am stalling being my true self. Who is it hurting? Me. "This is not the way I want to spend my short time on earth!" I yell to no one in particular as I drive along in my car.

I have been investing my life force and attention in ideas that block the flow of my soul, just as I might invest my savings in a loser mutual fund. How many times have I chosen to close my heart just because someone else's heart was hard or cool? Why do I cause myself pain like that? Just to match them and have some kind of connection? Because we can't expect any more here on earth? I'm drawing the line! I'm investing in soul-serving, soul-freeing thoughts from now on.

I make a list of the ideas I've held unconsciously that pertain to: 1) doubt, worry, lack of confidence; 2) self-sacrifice, victimization, unfairness, helplessness, rescue, overwhelm; 3) scarcity, fear of loss; 4) denial, avoidance, procrastination, postponement, waiting; 5) rebellion, stubbornness, complaining; 6) feigning ignorance; 7) envy, resentment, indignation, betrayal, stealing; 8) violence, retribution, punishment, judgment, vengeance, aggression, domination. These are mistakes of perception. I flag them. I catch myself now every time I start in on these themes or hear those societally correct platitudes we're all hypnotized into repeating: "Well, everybody does it." "I'm not too bad." "Oh, I don't know." "I'm no expert." "It could be worse." "I can't." "Maybe. . ." Patiently, I ask my soul to re-educate me about who I really am."

Excerpted from The Present Moment: A Daybook of Clarity and Intuition

Marin County Salon July 15

Penney will talk about Leap of Perception and lead experiential meditations at a salon hosted by Pam Kramer, president of ITPI (Integral Transformative Practice International), in Greenbrae, CA, Monday July 15, 6:30-9:30. Space is limited to 20 people. Please RSVP to Pam at 415-927-0913.

Leap of Perception Is Now an Audiobook!

For those of you who like to listen while walking, running, exercising, driving, or working at the computer, Leap of Perception has been translated into an audiobook, narrated by Tanya Eby. It's from Tantor Media.