Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Penney's Cross-Country Trip: Leg 3

I stayed in New Mexico about 10 days, as it is like a spiritual home to me.

You can view my photos here:


The first weekend was Indian Market with many Native American artists from all tribes showing their art. It's a big event with thousands of tourists flocking to town. I visited friends—intuitive Suzann Owings, graphic designer and artist Jaye Oliver and her daughter Palin, author (and clown!) Morgana Morgaine, author Anne Heath Widmark, astrologer and expert in Hawaiian mysticism Norma Tarango, David Langer and his wife Adonna, and longtime friend and colleague (we used to work with the Japanese together) Jon Driscoll. I toured the new Japanese restaurant being built at 10,000 Waves, which Jon designed and is supervising construction of. It's gorgeous and is slated to be finished in October.

We had some refreshing, brief rainstorms that kept things coolish. It was amazingly restorative for me, seeing friends, and art, and the gorgeous skies there.

The Flow, Driving in It

I've been reading (finally!) Pilgrim at Tinker Creek. Dillard says, and I can relate after driving for days: "At my back the sun is setting—how can I not have noticed before that the sun is setting? My mind has been a blank slab of black asphalt for hours, but that doesn't stop the sun's wild wheel."

And she says," It has always been a happy thought to me that the creek runs on all night, new every minute, whether I wish it or know it or care, as a closed book on a shelf continues to whisper to itself its own inexhaustible tale. ...I can hardly believe that this grace never flags, that the pouring from ever-renewable sources is endless, impartial, and free." Then she has a turn of thought and says, "The damned thing was flowing because it was pushed."

I am in a Flow that is carrying me to a new sort of reality, and, yes, I'm in it now, and there is more to come. I have left familiar territory and am currently driving through the Ozarks, listening to the radio filled with country music, Christian sermons on weekdays, and Sean Hannity and Rush Limbaugh. In general, I like country music. The hills and lakes are beautiful, though the temperature is baking.

Saturday, August 24, 2013

Penney's Cross-Country Trip: Leg 2

You can view my photos of the second leg of my move from Marin County, California to Ormond Beach, FL at:


From Los Angeles I drove east on Rt. 10 across Arizona in 111 degree heat, and stopped in Palm Springs for a Starbucks, right next to the huge statue of Marilyn Monroe. I continued to Phoenix, then north on Rt. 17, finally  stopping in Sedona for the night. I stayed with my friend Glenn Scarpelli, and had dinner with him, Jerry Gilden, and Andrea and Gary Smith, who own a gallery in Tlaquepaque. Glenn and Jerry are creating a new consciousness festival, to be held annually on Presidents Day weekend, in Sedona, called World Wisdom Days. See their fb page: https://www.facebook.com/SedonaWorldWisdom 

The next day I headed up Oak Creek Canyon to Flagstaff, caught Rt 40 east, had some welcome rain, cooled off a bit, drove through Winslow and took a few pictures, and stopped in Albuquerque for the night.

Thursday, August 22, 2013

Penney's Cross-Country Trip: Leg 1

You can view my photos of the first leg of my move from Marin County, California to Ormond Beach, FL at:


I began by staying with my longtime, dear friend, author Carol Adrienne, for a few days at her home in El Cerrito, CA. I really needed the recuperation time, as I was deeply exhausted from the pressure of packing a house almost entirely by myself. We went to see Woody Allen's new film, Blue Jasmine, which we both loved!

I stopped first for a few days to visit with Terri Jentz, in Ojai. She is the author of the powerful book, Strange Piece of Paradise. I met Ellen Hall, director of Meditation Mount, a learning center in Ojai. She and Terri and I hiked up to see Whale Rock and Dolphin Rock at dusk. Fantastic!

I then spent a bit over a week in Los Angeles teaching a workshop and doing private sessions for some of the grad students from the University of Santa Monica Spiritual Psychology program. In Los Angeles I stayed in Tarzana with Joyce Averna, and Judi Glova from Beverly Hills was instrumental in organizing everything for the program. Thank you, thank you! It was a blast. All the participants were so open-minded and accustomed to looking deep into themselves. I also met with John Raatz, who helped found GATE, the Global Alliance for Transformational Entertainment. I will be working with them as plans come together.