Saturday, August 24, 2013

Penney's Cross-Country Trip: Leg 2

You can view my photos of the second leg of my move from Marin County, California to Ormond Beach, FL at:

From Los Angeles I drove east on Rt. 10 across Arizona in 111 degree heat, and stopped in Palm Springs for a Starbucks, right next to the huge statue of Marilyn Monroe. I continued to Phoenix, then north on Rt. 17, finally  stopping in Sedona for the night. I stayed with my friend Glenn Scarpelli, and had dinner with him, Jerry Gilden, and Andrea and Gary Smith, who own a gallery in Tlaquepaque. Glenn and Jerry are creating a new consciousness festival, to be held annually on Presidents Day weekend, in Sedona, called World Wisdom Days. See their fb page: 

The next day I headed up Oak Creek Canyon to Flagstaff, caught Rt 40 east, had some welcome rain, cooled off a bit, drove through Winslow and took a few pictures, and stopped in Albuquerque for the night.

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