Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Penney's Cross-Country Trip: Leg 3

I stayed in New Mexico about 10 days, as it is like a spiritual home to me.

You can view my photos here:


The first weekend was Indian Market with many Native American artists from all tribes showing their art. It's a big event with thousands of tourists flocking to town. I visited friends—intuitive Suzann Owings, graphic designer and artist Jaye Oliver and her daughter Palin, author (and clown!) Morgana Morgaine, author Anne Heath Widmark, astrologer and expert in Hawaiian mysticism Norma Tarango, David Langer and his wife Adonna, and longtime friend and colleague (we used to work with the Japanese together) Jon Driscoll. I toured the new Japanese restaurant being built at 10,000 Waves, which Jon designed and is supervising construction of. It's gorgeous and is slated to be finished in October.

We had some refreshing, brief rainstorms that kept things coolish. It was amazingly restorative for me, seeing friends, and art, and the gorgeous skies there.

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