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An Intuitive Thinks about Transforming the Entertainment Media: Part 3

The Nine Stages of the Transformation Process
We might also look at the transformation of entertainment media by understanding the stages of the personal transformation process‚ since the same stages occur in organizations and groups. There is a roadmap; I outlined nine steps in great depth in my book Frequency: The Power of Personal Vibration. Here is an abbreviated summary.

1. Spirit Merges with Body, Emotions, and Mind: The physical and nonphysical realities are beginning to be able to see and feel each other as the vibration of the world rises, bringing us closer to the vibration of spirit. Now there is more bleed-through from higher dimensions. Note the increase in psychic, spiritual, sci-fi, extraterrestrial, and superhero themes in the media.

2. The Frequency of Life Increases in Every Way, Everywhere: Our bodies are vibrating faster, and we're experiencing discomfort, irritability, and physical symptoms like increased heat, rashes, heart-pounding, insomnia, hyperactivity, and electrical buzzing. Everything is speeding up and becoming more intense. We can try cocooning, or just become addicted to the adrenaline. How about a shoot em up movie with lots of loud crashes, bloody murders, and lightning fast edits? Media becomes escapism and a method of distraction.

3. The Personal and Collective Subconscious Mind Empties: There isn't really a place for low vibrational fear beliefs to hide anymore since the vibration of the whole physical plane has increased. That means what used to be able to be suppressed and denied is now released into the conscious mind and becomes the stuff of daily life. Collective subconscious fears surface as dramatic events in the news. This amount of freely circulating subliminal fear and ugliness can be very disturbing. Reality TV, anyone? If we can't suppress it, let's get into it!

4. We Retrench, Refortify, Resist, and Resuppress: The ego doesn't want to face fear, so it reacts with various avoidance and control mechanisms designed to resuppress the dread and anxiety. Here's where we get conservative politicians stonewalling any real progress for the people, and entertainment executives repeating mindless formulas for programming that worked once in the past. Just keep making money, maintain power and dominance, and avoid change. Keep everyone else addicted and in fear, so you can feel free to do whatever you want.

5. Old Structures Break Down and Dissolve: We can only resist so long before the water that built up behind the dam breaks through. What used to work doesn't work anymore. Logic, cause-and-effect thinking, will power, goal-setting, and having too much hierarchy and fixed structure becomes outdated. People feel disillusioned and hopeless, but at the same time, innovation breaks through! The old fades down while the new rises through every crack. With the entertainment industry this may look like: people not going to movie theatres anymore, the old formulas for making money with film failing to produce the same results, actors becoming disillusioned with what's available for them to do, and writers feeling sickened by the violence and negative ideas they have been spreading throughout the world.

6. We Enter the Void and Find Our Truest Self:  We tire of resisting and striving; we reach the "end of progress." Nothing works. We stop identifying with ego, let the ego "die." We let go and simply be with what is. We enter the silence and spaciousness, feel into life, experience communion with spirit and higher-frequency realities. We remember who we really are and return to a natural sense of joy and inspiration. An actor, writer, director, or producer goes through a soul-searching, life-changing experience and allows the "world to stop" and be reinvented.

7. We Re-emerge into the World Like the Phoenix: We begin a new cycle of creativity based on easy flow from spirit to matter. Our creations find a home, we inspire others and set good examples. Here is where the transformational stories actually get made, where new forms of communication begin to influence the forms of the media. Here is where a new motivation for a new kind of spiritually-based content takes hold. No longer do people want to numb themselves or distract themselves‚ they want full consciousness and for entertainment to provide a virtual experience of love and healing.

8. Relationship, Family, and Group Experience Is Revolutionized: Now we realize we don't have to do everything alone, we have tremendous support to fulfill our destiny, because it's a win-win-win proposition. Competition is a thing of the past, mutual support is in. We experience a convening, where people of like vibration simply appear in our field, and we appear in theirs. We gather with our soul groups to cocreate fun things that serve each other and the planet. Our talents fit together perfectly like puzzle pieces. New production companies spring up, formed by actors and directors who are friends and who may write together or dream together. New talent is encouraged, new forms are tended.

9. Enlightenment Is Grounded into Every Bit of Matter: As we identify as the soul and merge the physical and nonphysical realities, the physical plane itself becomes enlightened and "transparent." We may see nonphysical beings as plain as day, we may be capable of tremendous new human abilities that have always been thought to be supernatural. For the entertainment industry, we may see a merging of previously separate forms of art. We may see virtual immersion media experiences and totally new, telepathic forms of film. Meditation and inner journeying may be the new form of entertainment! Everything is possible.

I know from my experience teaching intuition to executives, that there is little success going into their offices, where they're dressed formally in suits sitting behind square desks in hard surfaced rooms lit by fluorescent lights. There they are right and I have something to prove. The energy flow is against the whole proposition. It's the same with trying to change the entertainment industry from the top down. The kind of transformation we want must seep in without seeming threatening; it must in fact seem like the next exciting thing. We must create a hub of private enthusiasm and activity outside the norm, "over there," so those within the establishment will become like curious children, and come peeking over the fence. We simply need to remain in our "home frequency‚"the experience of our soul in our body, or our preferred state. We are the thought leaders, the innovators, the healers of people and crippled inner blueprints.

The whole outer world and its forms are a signature of the inner world.
Jacob Boehme

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Friday, September 27, 2013

An Intuitive Thinks about Transforming the Entertainment Media: Part 2

Leaving the Physical World, Where We Love Definition
As individuals, to allow, and invite, transformation, we must leave the physical world and enter the nonphysical world. We must recognize the nonphysical world, not as “the Void,” full of fear, or as an experience of the collective unconscious, but as a full, rich, vital, interconnected superconscious field teeming with every possible idea, ready for materialization, and freely given for the asking. We must spend quality time in the nonphysical realms—though time as we know it doesn’t exist there. Language doesn’t exist there. This is the world of direct experience, immersion in the unified field, and saturation with life. This is the realm of telepathy, direct knowing, and high-vibrational “impressions.” We must learn to feel as at home there as we feel here in our skin, in our car, in our living room.

In effect, we must consciously act like quantum wavicles. Now I’m an individual personality in the particle-based reality; now I’m an unlimited being of pure consciousness-and-energy—a wave, a frequency—in an infinite sea of consciousness-and-energy. I constantly rock back and forth, creating and dissolving, involving and evolving, ever renewing myself. I have two related, interconnected, mutually dependent identities and realities: soul and personality, unified field and physical locale. A colleague of mine, who’s developing computer software to help us learn to do this, calls this the “interface” and says we need to learn to make the “round trip.”

Leaving the Nonphysical World, Where We Love Love and Creative Evolutionary Flow
Before we can influence the transformation of entertainment and media in the physical world, we must know its counterpart intimately in the nonphysical world. What is entertainment like in nonphysical reality? What is communication like? We must be saturated with that experience so fully that new forms emerge spontaneously from us without mental struggle, will power, or even intention. The new forms must flow through us like water, inspired and invited by a joyful attitude and sustained, appreciative attention.

We must also understand an important principle of interdimensional work: Change the inner blueprint (pattern in the nonphysical world) and the outer result (form in the physical world) changes instantly. This is more and more true as we realize we are living entirely in the present moment and the physical and nonphysical worlds are already merged and mutually sourcing. So, to solve the seemingly serious problems in the physical world of the entertainment industry, we need to look at its nonphysical patterns and consciousness-and-energy underpinnings, which are based on fear beliefs.

The kind of greed that hog-ties creative genius, the mindless repetition of formulas for film and television that worked once in the past, the delivery of violence and intense adrenaline-producing stimuli that result in numbness and addiction—these are behaviors that come from people who are locked into the isolated world of the left brain, where motivation is about survival, control, and domination.

The kind of stories that make us sick mentally and emotionally, that are toxic to our souls, that exacerbate our tendency to destroy our planet and hurt each other—these are chosen by industry leaders who are uneducated about the transformation process underway on the planet, out of touch with their own heart and inner life, and avoiding a fear of the unknown. The limited, biased business structure generated by these leaders is a form of censorship as insidious as that generated by conservative religions and dictatorial governments.

The Tyranny of the Left Brain and Ego
An industry can be dysfunctional psychologically just as an individual can. In fact, the documentary, The Corporation, compares the behavior of psychopaths and corporations, and finds strong parallels, coming to the conclusion that corporations actually are psychopathic. Focus too much on the need for definition and security as an antidote to anxiety, and left-brain perception dominates. We become trapped by ego, which thinks it’s the boss of the world. But the ego-left brain only sources itself from the past; it doesn’t allow the right brain—what I consider the present-moment doorway to the nonphysical worlds—to access intuitive insight that’s accurate in the here-and-now. The path to genius is blocked. Staying aligned with the planet’s increasing frequency and evolution is impossible.

We need to help change the inner blueprints of the entertainment industry and its leaders. But first we must change our own inner blueprint so we won’t be sucked into contracted, oppositional, conflict-oriented ways of framing problems and solving them—that’s old, left-brain, linear perception. In stories, I learned at this meeting, the antagonist is an important driver of progress. The antagonist is the guardian of the gate, the symbol of the very thing we must heal or transform in ourselves.

In this case, the antagonist is the collective of entertainment executives who make decisions based on limited perception and righteousness. They sound so convincing! “We produce the kind of programming people want!” they say. They don’t say, “People want this kind of programming because we’ve fed them a steady diet of it. People want what we tell them to want.”

If we are to pass through the gate in the hero’s journey to succeed in shifting the kind of content people want and demand, we must shift from identifying ourselves as our left brain and ego, and stay out of fear-based, reactionary thinking. We must not think about what the negative outcomes might be if we don’t do something. We must not think about “urgency” as though we are paramedics rushing to the rescue.

Instead we can calmly identify ourselves as our soul and understand the universal principles of the way consciousness-and-energy actually functions. We can simply do what we feel like doing, what we are drawn toward doing, what feels good and right, for the pleasure of the creativity of it. We must not resist or fight the “titans,” but eclipse them. By unplugging our attention from what’s so bad, we can create a reality that is perfectly aligned with the coming Intuition Age, and evolves along with the times. We can plug attention into the creations that stream through us and gather our collective energy into a magnetic core that radiates invitingly.

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Penney's Travel Schedule October-November 2013

Come enjoy the fall color!

— Penney will teach a weekend intensive on her new book Leap of Perception at Kripalu Center in Stockbridge, MA Oct 18-20.

— Penney will teach and do in-person intuitive consultationsat Circles of Wisdom Center in Andover, MA Oct 21-25.

— Penney will teach and do in-person intuitive consultations in Baltimore, MD Oct 27-Nov 4. Download the pdf flyer.

— Lots of new radio interviews in September and October; please check the website calendar page.

An Intuitive Thinks about Transforming the Entertainment Media: Part 1

There is a part of every living thing that wants to become itself—
the tadpole into the frog, the chrysalis into the butterfly, 
the damaged human being into a whole one. That is spirituality.
—Ellen Bass

What are the problems with entertainment media today? If we look deeper, inside each problem, what useful insight might we find about how to change things for the better? And, where’s the urgency? What’s at stake if nothing changes? These are the questions a group of transformational educators and entertainment professionals asked at a recent summit meeting or “wisdom council.” The aim of this alliance was to begin a process that could help transform the quality of the content now being served up to us by the varied forms of the entertainment media. Everyone present recognized how powerful these seemingly ordinary but highly invasive sources of content really are—how they shape our consciousness and culture, and how they're influencing us negatively today.

The First Steps of a Journey Symbolize the Rest of the Journey
These are great questions—good, logical, left-brained questions—yet as I listened to the fleshing out of the responses, I felt slightly uncomfortable, like the cart was in front of the horse and we might trip over it. Sure, films and television are glorifying and perpetuating shallow, intolerant attitudes and violent, reactionary behavior, but to my mind these things are not really the problem, they are physical materializations of one stage in a much larger—and very positive, I might add—transformation process.

From my intuitive observations, this process is already underway in the nonphysical world. It is accelerating and progressing steadily under its own steam, while the physical world tries to adjust the way it’s materializing so the form we know in the external world accurately matches the rapidly changing inner energy blueprint in the nonphysical world. The transformation process is sweeping everyone along with it—some people embrace it and enter the flow joyfully, while others fear it and try to stop it. What we’re seeing in the entertainment business—to broad-stroke it—is the materialization of the inner blueprint of a group of powerful people who basically fear and resist the part of the transformation process that requires the reinvention of self.

I think my ever-so-mild sense of tension with the way our meeting began came from several things. First, we were focusing on a part of the process as if it were the whole thing. Second, we were framing things negatively, seeing obstacles that needed to be overcome, and even anticipating negative outcomes. By focusing on blocked dynamics, we ourselves could be inadvertently influenced by fear thinking, reducing our ability to access fresh inspiration and visionary ideas. Third, I wondered if we all had a common understanding of the transformation process and its stages that would serve to put the other questions in their proper context.

Author Tracy Kidder writes, “. . .usually what’s missing isn’t a story. What’s missing is a broader way of thinking about what makes a good story.” Perhaps we might have started by thinking about the best way to frame a “problem,” and at what depth to begin. Perhaps the first questions might have been: What is the transformation process, how does it work, and what are we transforming into? Then, how does the state of the entertainment industry parallel the state of our own transformation? And what stage of transformation does the entertainment industry seem to be experiencing now?

I’d like to summarize what I know about the transformation process; perhaps this will help clarify a few things about the way I’m thinking. Transformation is not just a change of form. It’s not about doing more of something, or doing it better, or differently. It’s not about the sort of change where we begin in the physical world and rearrange things into new patterns that are still in the physical world. Transformation is something else altogether—it’s an alchemical change in the basic nature of something, a shift from one consciousness-and-energy state to another, a startling change that occurs as if by magic.

Transformation is actually a profound shift in how we perceive. It is the process by which consciousness itself can move from knowing reality as a point, then a line, then a plane, then a cube. These are examples of shifts of dimension, of frequency, that entirely transform our identity and reality simultaneously. So that’s where we are now: in the cubic, three-dimensional world of linear time, space, volume, and form. In fact, most of us are stuck here, covered over and blinded by wet blankets of limiting beliefs and fears, hypnotized into thinking this is all there is. Yet because of the rapid acceleration of energy on the planet—and thus in our bodies, emotions, and minds—we are also in the early stages of a shift to the next kind of identity and reality. Many of us are in the throes of this birth process already, experiencing the uncomfortable symptoms that come with clearing the clutter so we can remember who we really are. What could be beyond what we know so well and assume to be truth?

We are moving from the current Information Age into an Intuition Age, from old, left-brain dominated linear perception to new right-brain influenced spherical-holographic perception. In the Intuition Age, everything we know from the Information-Age point of view will become a new, higher-frequency version of itself. Everything! So when we talk about transforming the entertainment media, or writing the transformational story arc in screenplays, we must acknowledge that, in addition to changes of plot, character, and theme, the very form of story and narration will shift from an “old” linear structure to a “new” nonlinear, spherical, spiraling, holographic structure.

Perhaps we will soon see story and plot “lines” as boring, and move toward something akin to fireworks going off, lighting up many points and experiences in our field of consciousness simultaneously! Perhaps the lighting up of points in the field will trigger different memories and connections for each recipient, and each person will make the story meaningful to themselves in their own way. Perhaps we’ll “get” an entire story in two minutes, via direct impression, and when comparing it to someone else’s impressions, will have a second, third, and fourth new story as well, from the same initial imprinting stimuli.

Copyright by Penney Peirce, 2013

Tuesday, September 24, 2013

The Energy Tsunami of 2013

It is interesting to me that the intensity of 2013, being like a tsunami, seems to be carrying us each toward our evolution. For some of us, there have been many dramatic, life-changing experiences—which, if lived moment by moment, aren't bad at all. In fact, they can be seen as an adventure, a way to practice bringing one's home frequency into each situation. I've begun asking: What does the inflow want to do now? Where does the energy it's bringing want to go next? What am I trying to be aware of?

For me, I have quite suddenly left northern California, where I lived for 35 years, and have found myself in FLorida after a month-long drive across country. It's a bit like a near-death experience. Other people I know have gone through a similar kind of move, either downsizing or moving to a new place. Others are dealing with injuries or illness. And yet others have found that the tsunami has lifted them into the nonphysical world through the transition of death.

Several of my friends have died this year. I mentioned CIndy Black, my publisher. And after I wrote the last blog piece, someone from Japan wrote and reminded me that another dear friend had died earlier this year—Hiroshi Ohuchi. He was a beautiful, kind, smart spiritual teacher who translated many books, and I was close with his family. I looked on his website ( and found the following bit of an interview he did with someone. I found it very moving, and in it, a feeling of the attitude I want to carry in my life.

Question: How do you want to be remembered when you do die?

I want to be remembered as Hiro-chan, innocent Hiro-chan. The books I have translated will carry my name and all of that, which I also cherish. But as a human being, I am innocent Hiro-chan who is friends with many people. And by my family, my children, in addition to that, I want it to be remembered that I loved them unconditionally no matter what they did, or no matter what they didn't do. I accept that and I respect that. I just love them. That's how I feel. My parents left me that legacy, and that legacy I'd like to continue.

Question: Do you know what you'd like on your tombstone?
Yeah. "Here lies Hiro-chan, who, to the best of his ability, fulfilled his mission, and enjoyed this life tremendously. And who was blessed by many, many human souls, and by God and angels."

Blessings to everyone, wherever you are on your own tsunami!

Monday, September 23, 2013

Thank you, Cynthia Black!

I just learned that my friend and publisher, Cynthia Black, has died, at age 61. She was President and Editor-in-Chief at Beyond Words Publishing, a branch of Simon & Schuster.

Cindy has been a fine mentor to me and so many other authors over her long career. She has always had clear intuition and a strong sense of what books fit the Beyond Words’ motto: Inspire to Integrity. I find I must speak of her in a present-tense way, since I still feel her kindness and steady midwifing consciousness. I would not be where I am with my writing, my ideas, and my ability to reach people, were it not for Cindy. She took a chance on me. And she read my manuscripts as they unfolded, giving me important reality checks.

Cindy and I traveled to Peru together in 2009, for an important women’s meeting in Lima, and went on to Cuzco and Machu Picchu for a brief vacation afterward. I remember us eating a plate of quinoa and some sort of simple meat in Cuzco for lunch one day, a real peasant meal, wonderfully satisfying, as we talked about male and female energy, the horrors of dating, and good writers we liked. An old, colorfully-dressed Native woman and her llama sat on the curb outside. She could have been an angel for I all know.

I can only imagine the sort of deep internal processing Cindy went through in the last year of her life. She has always been intent on evolving and on clearing herself of blocks to full memory of who she really is. I think of her now in a joyful state of clarity and appreciation, as her worries have fallen away, as she can now truly see how many people she has positively affected around the world.

I sense she may be resting a bit, taking it all in, and I feel strongly that her core service motivation will continue without much of a lull, now that she can perceive so broadly and understand some of the more magical principles of working with consciousness-and-energy. Helping to influence the innovators from heaven would be something she would no doubt want to do, something that would be fun for her. Like my three-year-old niece said to me once, “When you’re dead, you get to reach your hand down through the sky and sprinkle fairy dust on your family.” And Cindy’s family, her soul group, is quite extensive. Thank you SO much, Cindy. You have been one of my great benefactors and I won’t forget you. You have inspired me to always pay it forward in my own life as much as I can.

Friday, September 13, 2013

Penney Peirce on Paradigm Shifters 9/17

Veronica Entwistle and I did a wonderful interview, a weaving of many fine points. . .

Paradigm Shifter Penney Peirce says we are making A LEAP OF PERCEPTION. Don't you love leaps? Life's process feels more arduous than that at times, doesn't it? We'll talk with Penney about this, the third book of her trilogy that maps the shifting frequencies on our planet and beyond. Will we feel the shifts to group consciousness, becoming aware of dualistic concepts, in a holograph to release tensions? To unfold evolution through conscious focused attention? Isn't it is a thrilling thought that because of the accelerating frequencies, the change in our hearts, our society, and our personal existance can be both smooth and exponential.

Penney is a popular intuitive, speaker, teacher, and writer about frequencies, intuition, healing, and perceiving beyond.  For a number of lifetimes she has been an inspiring purveyor of wisdom and conscious evolution.

Tune in Tuesday Sept 17th 8 - 9 PM PDT, 11 PM EDT, 4 AM in the UK. The podcast will be up on Wednesday Sept 18th.

Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Penney's Cross-Country Trip Leg 5: Nashville, TN

I was so pleasantly surprised by Nashville! Enjoyed visiting with my friend Susan DePue, and Henry Smiley (and clan), and felt a vital energy there. It's a place with alot of creativity and potential for growth of all kinds! And, finally, someone GOT my addiction to the tv show Nashville!!

Saturday, September 7, 2013

Penney's Cross-Country Trip: Leg 4

Here are my photos from NM through TX-OK-AR to TN:

Leaving the west and especially the colorful, dramatic, artistic landscape of New Mexico, was difficult for me as I have come to see myself as a person of the West, over the past 35 years. Coming down from high altitude, and merging myself with the plains, and the Ozarks, and the green hills and trees of Tennessee, required an openness and neutrality that was rewarding in the end. I met so many really sweet, polite, mannered people, with a rhythm so unlike the rushed, pressured, perhaps overly intellectual vibe of the west coast. It was refreshing. I grew up in the midwest and loved it then. In later years I have flown over it coast to coast and haven't connected with its reality, its earthiness. Our country is very, very beautiful!