Friday, September 13, 2013

Penney Peirce on Paradigm Shifters 9/17

Veronica Entwistle and I did a wonderful interview, a weaving of many fine points. . .

Paradigm Shifter Penney Peirce says we are making A LEAP OF PERCEPTION. Don't you love leaps? Life's process feels more arduous than that at times, doesn't it? We'll talk with Penney about this, the third book of her trilogy that maps the shifting frequencies on our planet and beyond. Will we feel the shifts to group consciousness, becoming aware of dualistic concepts, in a holograph to release tensions? To unfold evolution through conscious focused attention? Isn't it is a thrilling thought that because of the accelerating frequencies, the change in our hearts, our society, and our personal existance can be both smooth and exponential.

Penney is a popular intuitive, speaker, teacher, and writer about frequencies, intuition, healing, and perceiving beyond.  For a number of lifetimes she has been an inspiring purveyor of wisdom and conscious evolution.

Tune in Tuesday Sept 17th 8 - 9 PM PDT, 11 PM EDT, 4 AM in the UK. The podcast will be up on Wednesday Sept 18th.

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Anonymous said...

I'm looking forward to hearing the interview. :) (But you may want to tell Veronica that it looks like her site was infected with a 'Viagra' type spam virus as there's a bunch of odd text at the top of her page - FYI!)