Saturday, September 7, 2013

Penney's Cross-Country Trip: Leg 4

Here are my photos from NM through TX-OK-AR to TN:

Leaving the west and especially the colorful, dramatic, artistic landscape of New Mexico, was difficult for me as I have come to see myself as a person of the West, over the past 35 years. Coming down from high altitude, and merging myself with the plains, and the Ozarks, and the green hills and trees of Tennessee, required an openness and neutrality that was rewarding in the end. I met so many really sweet, polite, mannered people, with a rhythm so unlike the rushed, pressured, perhaps overly intellectual vibe of the west coast. It was refreshing. I grew up in the midwest and loved it then. In later years I have flown over it coast to coast and haven't connected with its reality, its earthiness. Our country is very, very beautiful!

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