Monday, September 23, 2013

Thank you, Cynthia Black!

I just learned that my friend and publisher, Cynthia Black, has died, at age 61. She was President and Editor-in-Chief at Beyond Words Publishing, a branch of Simon & Schuster.

Cindy has been a fine mentor to me and so many other authors over her long career. She has always had clear intuition and a strong sense of what books fit the Beyond Words’ motto: Inspire to Integrity. I find I must speak of her in a present-tense way, since I still feel her kindness and steady midwifing consciousness. I would not be where I am with my writing, my ideas, and my ability to reach people, were it not for Cindy. She took a chance on me. And she read my manuscripts as they unfolded, giving me important reality checks.

Cindy and I traveled to Peru together in 2009, for an important women’s meeting in Lima, and went on to Cuzco and Machu Picchu for a brief vacation afterward. I remember us eating a plate of quinoa and some sort of simple meat in Cuzco for lunch one day, a real peasant meal, wonderfully satisfying, as we talked about male and female energy, the horrors of dating, and good writers we liked. An old, colorfully-dressed Native woman and her llama sat on the curb outside. She could have been an angel for I all know.

I can only imagine the sort of deep internal processing Cindy went through in the last year of her life. She has always been intent on evolving and on clearing herself of blocks to full memory of who she really is. I think of her now in a joyful state of clarity and appreciation, as her worries have fallen away, as she can now truly see how many people she has positively affected around the world.

I sense she may be resting a bit, taking it all in, and I feel strongly that her core service motivation will continue without much of a lull, now that she can perceive so broadly and understand some of the more magical principles of working with consciousness-and-energy. Helping to influence the innovators from heaven would be something she would no doubt want to do, something that would be fun for her. Like my three-year-old niece said to me once, “When you’re dead, you get to reach your hand down through the sky and sprinkle fairy dust on your family.” And Cindy’s family, her soul group, is quite extensive. Thank you SO much, Cindy. You have been one of my great benefactors and I won’t forget you. You have inspired me to always pay it forward in my own life as much as I can.

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