Tuesday, September 24, 2013

The Energy Tsunami of 2013

It is interesting to me that the intensity of 2013, being like a tsunami, seems to be carrying us each toward our evolution. For some of us, there have been many dramatic, life-changing experiences—which, if lived moment by moment, aren't bad at all. In fact, they can be seen as an adventure, a way to practice bringing one's home frequency into each situation. I've begun asking: What does the inflow want to do now? Where does the energy it's bringing want to go next? What am I trying to be aware of?

For me, I have quite suddenly left northern California, where I lived for 35 years, and have found myself in FLorida after a month-long drive across country. It's a bit like a near-death experience. Other people I know have gone through a similar kind of move, either downsizing or moving to a new place. Others are dealing with injuries or illness. And yet others have found that the tsunami has lifted them into the nonphysical world through the transition of death.

Several of my friends have died this year. I mentioned CIndy Black, my publisher. And after I wrote the last blog piece, someone from Japan wrote and reminded me that another dear friend had died earlier this year—Hiroshi Ohuchi. He was a beautiful, kind, smart spiritual teacher who translated many books, and I was close with his family. I looked on his website (http://www.mfi.or.jp/hiroshi/condo/index.html) and found the following bit of an interview he did with someone. I found it very moving, and in it, a feeling of the attitude I want to carry in my life.

Question: How do you want to be remembered when you do die?

I want to be remembered as Hiro-chan, innocent Hiro-chan. The books I have translated will carry my name and all of that, which I also cherish. But as a human being, I am innocent Hiro-chan who is friends with many people. And by my family, my children, in addition to that, I want it to be remembered that I loved them unconditionally no matter what they did, or no matter what they didn't do. I accept that and I respect that. I just love them. That's how I feel. My parents left me that legacy, and that legacy I'd like to continue.

Question: Do you know what you'd like on your tombstone?
Yeah. "Here lies Hiro-chan, who, to the best of his ability, fulfilled his mission, and enjoyed this life tremendously. And who was blessed by many, many human souls, and by God and angels."

Blessings to everyone, wherever you are on your own tsunami!

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Carol said...

Penney, you brought tears to my eyes. Beautiful post. Thanks for sharing. I bet you don't have to look far to see Hiro-chan, it's no accident he's in your thoughts.