Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Join Penney at Kripalu Center, October 18-20, for an In-Depth Training

Leap of Perception!
Refine Your Attention Skills to Ease Your Transformation

As the vibration of the world and your body continues to accelerate, you enter a new kind of knowing — a leap in perception. Some call this "transformation," and it truly is a shift into being a new kind of human, and living in a new reality that functions according to new rules. Penney Peirce, author of Frequency and The Intuitive Way, calls this transformed reality "The Intuition Age." In the Intuition Age, you'll use more than your brain to perceive, and you'll develop new attention skills that will help you succeed in a world that's functioning entirely in the present moment, close to the speed of light.

In this workshop, Penney will teach many of the ideas in her new book, Leap of Perception. She'll help you feel what the transformed reality will be like, and will guide you through the stages in the shifting of your consciousness, tying it to the use of your brain, body, and personal energy field. You'll learn to ease the difficult stages of the transformation process, and use your attention consciously to find a deep connection with life and soul. You'll learn to:

• Manage your increasing ultrasensitivity and empathic ability

• Identify old perception and new perception, and be able to shift out of the old at will

• Understand what spherical-holographic perception is and practice it

• Work with "direct knowing" to decode "energy information," which includes telepathy and precognition

• Use collective consciousness techniques to improve your ability to materialize the life you want

• Expand your imagination and understanding of how it relates to your creative process

Penney Peirce is an articulate and accurate clairvoyant empath, visionary, author, and a popular lecturer. She is a trainer specializing in intuition development, inner energy dynamics, and expanded perception, working throughout the US, Japan, South Africa, and Europe since 1977. She coaches business executives, psychologists, scientists, and those on a spiritual path about the hidden dynamics of what makes for true success. She lives in Florida. Penney is the author of 6 books, including Leap of Perception, Frequency, and The Intuitive Way — which she calls her "Transformation Trilogy."