Thursday, February 13, 2014

A New Issue of Penney's Newsletter Is Available!

Finally! I've been in transition and in limbo so much of 2013 and catching up with clients, bookkeeping, and getting settled in Florida, that I've fallen down on the newsletter. But here is the latest, with upcoming events and my 2014 letter.

Please do join me if you can, in Chicago with the Infinity Foundation March 15th for a Leap of Perception training, or in Oslo, Norway in April for the Evolving Consciousness Conference.

I am slowly catching up with clients, so if you sent an application for a private session, please know I am gradually opening spaces for new appointments. Just send me an email if you'd like something soon!


Anonymous said...

Penney, Your newsletter feels wonderful, many changes! Good of course. I'm so happy for all the new opportunities coming your way. If you are in Calif, always let me know and I will get a couple of days of readings ready for you. The group that you saw last time you were in Sacramento have been sharing the events since. You were so accurate. Heather Ziegler and I are still trying to figure out what will come next for us and ColorU?? Lot's of Love from California, Galen Hall

Sarah Densmore said...

Hi Penney.
In your 2014 Letter, you invited us to share how we're preparing for our expanded life work and moving into our destinies, so I'd like to do just that.

First though, I'd like to give you my deepest, deepest thanks for the gift you have given me through your books Frequency and Leap of Perception.

When I came across Frequency at the bookstore last Spring and began reading it, it was as if I was reading my autobiography. Your description of the transformation process that we undergo in order to reach this new level of awareness was exactly what I have been experiencing for the past decade! But I was handling the transformation blindly and ended up making my life much more difficult than it needed to be.

The universe was trying to help me understand what was happening because six months prior to getting your book I had an experience during meditation where I found myself holding a swirling, circular power in my arms. I didn't picture it, I felt it and in that experiential moment I understood for the first time that I am energy.

Even so, it wasn't until I read your books and began to literally retrain my brain by erasing old thought patterns and instilling new ways of thinking and perceiving that I began to feel sane, joyful and, well, well!

Now that I have some understanding of the energetic nature of all things, I also know, as you have written, that our entire planet is in the throws of this difficult but inevitable transition. My own experience from talking to people in my life, is that most folks think personal vibrations and unified energy fields are either blasphemous or woo woo voodoo.

Of course, we know science and spirit are on a cosmic collision course of conjoining! :) I don't want people to suffer any longer in their old, fear-based thinking as I did. I want to help people see they are powerful, energetic creators -- and that science is PROVING this as physical fact.

With this intent, last month I launched the inaugural issue of my online magazine, Mumbo Jumbo. I'm hoping it helps people who feel, like I did, that they're going crazy and want to figure out how to stop the craziness.

The first issue provides information about our individual energetic natures, the energy field we life in and the assistance this field can provide to us, if we'd only tap into it. I've tried to make it an entertaining read. It's soul science with a little humor thrown in. I've quoted from your books and I've included one of your video clips. I've also provided links to the book pages on your website. I know you're very busy, but if you'd like to take a look, you can find the link on my Twitter page @mumbojumbomag.

I'm already planning the next issue, which will be devoted entirely to personal energy management.

So for now, Mumbo Jumbo is how I'm trying to help more of us make the transition -- and make it more smoothly. Really, I would like to find some way to develop a curriculum -- one for adults and one for children -- on individual and unified energy awareness and management. Something that could be adopted by school systems, employers, etc. Or even a chain of schools -- fitness centers for our energetic selves.

Oh my goodness, I've gone on too long! Anyway Penney, I just wanted to thank you, thank you, thank you for everything you're doing to teach and guide in these turbulent times and to let you know I'm attempting my own efforts as well.

All my best to you.