Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Times of Stillness

I'm passing this along, as it is very simple and clear:

Hilarion’s Weekly Message, March 23-30, 2014from Marlene Swetlishoff

More and more people on Earth are awakening to discover that the world is in a state of rapid metamorphosis. They look around and see their neighbors embracing concepts that they were not open to before. Everywhere, this awakening energy is clearing ages-old cobwebs from the consciousness of humanity and it is not an easy process. It is very uncomfortable to watch the events taking place in the world and within one’s own personal world, and each individual is struggling at this time to establish and maintain inner equilibrium.

This creates a feeling of stress and tension in the collective consciousness energy field which affects the individuals who are sensitive to the energy flows around them. This tension and anxiety is felt in the solar plexus/stomach area of the human body and is a sign that it is time to get out in nature and stand or sit near a member of the tree family and ask that these tense and anxious feelings be lovingly transmuted and dissolved from within you. The tree family is extremely adept at providing this service to all of humanity and it allows them to be in divine service and to work upon their own evolutionary path.

It is very helpful to pay attention to all of the life forms that coexist around you, and all of the elements. During these unstable energetic shifts, it is best to make one’s life as simple and uncomplicated as possible. By training your mind to go into a quiet state without getting involved in complex and abstract thought patterns that are constantly being stimulated by the communications one receives each day, and doing simple chores around one’s home or yard, one can avoid the feeling of overwhelm which tends to drain a person of their life force and higher energies.

Taking time out to relax often is also most important and just laying down and putting your feet up for a half hour can replenish your vitality. Seek out beauty in all its wondrous forms and do so with passion in your heart. Watch the sun rise and set, the cloud formations, the stars in the night sky, the birds and insects, the flora and fauna. Life thrives and pulses around you but you must become the observer of this and gain the sublime gifts that it brings you.

You must take times of stillness to realign with your higher self and your inner guidance. Practice deep breathing each day to fill you to the root chakra, holding the breath for a moment and then expel the breath knowing that all stale energy is being released. Moving your body many times a day in stretching activities or walking also helps to move the energies through your meridians without becoming stagnant and creating blockages.

Clean out your closets, your cupboards, your garage and other areas of your home and remove all that you no longer use and you will find that by doing so, it creates a greater feeling of well being within you and this will help keep your energies flowing in a positive and constructive manner. Making room for the new, physically, energetically and symbolically, fills one’s soul with spiritual renewal and rebirth.

Until the Earth’s core is activated and sustained by the great light from the cosmos on a stronger level, you as divine energy conduits must continue to anchor and ground your light into the Earth on a daily basis. This activity done several times a day by each of you helps more than you can know to keep the Earth’s energies in greater stability. In effect, you are giving the Earth the boost of spiritual energy that she most needs. Your love sustains this magnificent being as she transitions from lower density into the higher, more rarefied levels of light and consciousness. In turn, you are finding that your every need is provided for, as and when you need it and as this becomes more noticeable, you will be filled with the knowing that you are loved beyond measure.

How quickly the world will move into the new paradigm when the energy of divine love intensifies in its frequency level. When each person is in a state of joy and bliss, it will be very difficult to convince them of the old stories that have been told throughout the ages.

When each member within the human family feels good within themselves, then this will be reflected back to them and great strides will be taken as the Earth moves into the new dawn of the golden age, where there are no limits to the positive possibilities and potentials that can unfold.

Evolving Consciousness Conference, Oslo, Norway

If you're in the neighborhood, please join Penney, Jude Currivan, and Freddy Silva in Oslo, April 4-6 for a fascinating exploration of the higher consciousness affecting us all. I will also be doing a 1-day Leap of Perception training the following Saturday, April 12. And private sessions. You can sign up for everything on the website.

Tuesday, March 25, 2014

The Worry Addiction

Perhaps it is a carryover from last year's roto-rootering, clutter-clearing, realigning-with-core-truth energy. This year feels like a continuation of the "reveal," of what the soul wants to do now that it's more in charge. Some people are experiencing the red carpet being rolled out, with new creative projects looming and even seizing them, moving them into new enthusiasm and a productivity not driven by will power. Others are still in the grip of what appears to be an addiction to worry and panic. Perhaps it is really an addiction to the left brain and the fear-based worldview it perpetrates.

It occurs to me that worry may actually be a positive thing if we can reframe it. After all, worry tells you about what would bother or upset you, and that is useful information. It speaks to you in a loud inner voice about what might happen that is negative, or what might not happen that is negative. Those ideas come from two places. The left brain may be speaking about something that would threaten the status quo and cause the experience of heightened fear or terror, even bordering on the possibility of annihilation. It might start as something fairly innocent, however. 

For example, the neighbor to the back of my new house now shines some giant, ultra-bright floodlights out into her yard at night, which come into my kitchen and bedroom, blinding me and making sleep difficult. They're bothersome, and even painful if I look at them. The upset begins with physical discomfort, but if I pay attention, it deepens into a feeling of being invaded and helpless. To find a comfortable way to exist, I have to install blackout blinds and curtains, and live defensively, which is not how I want to be in my life. I can't connect comfortably to the outside world and nature. There is fear there under the surface—fear that I will be forced to live in a contracted way just as I am beginning to truly expand into a larger identity. That is akin to a feeling of imprisonment, of "soul murder." See how fast an innocuous thing can become truly life-threatening?

But the worry may also come from the soul, showing you something that is important to you—and the left brain interprets it negatively. What if we turned it around to see the positive symbology and meaning? Perhaps my soul is showing me that I need to expand my sphere to include my neighbor, make friends with her, find a win-win solution. Perhaps she is afraid of a home invasion. Maybe we can help each other. Maybe the extra "light on the subject" (me and my new location and life) is a sign for me to look more deeply into the potentials of what I'm doing here in Florida (since life seems to have plopped me here, somewhat unwillingly). Maybe I'm becoming more visible and have to learn to be more comfortable with that.

So, wherever you're caught in worry or panic, try writing down the negative or limiting statements your left brain is declaring. Try penetrating down to the underlying experience that scares you. Write down those sentences. Then turn around the statements to see what you, the soul, are trying to show yourself. What about this might lead you to a larger reality? What action might be indicated that could dissolve the contracted energy? 

If you have become addicted to the left brain's negative view, and the feeling of the adrenaline rush that comes from fear, ask yourself very clearly: Is this the way I want to spend the limited time I have in this lifetime? Stalling myself? Living in a tiny box? If the answer is "No," then every time the tendency to fall back into those negative default settings occurs, pull the plug, perhaps even get mad at the tendency and yell, "Get out!" Then, re-imagine the enthusiastic reality your soul has begun showing you. It's a longstanding habit we are breaking, and it takes practice to turn around the thoughts and internal dialogue. But we can do it! There is enthusiasm, even passion, under every worry.