Sunday, August 3, 2014

Qualities of the Spiritual Path

When you become fascinated by the Mystery, search for answers that lie beyond the superficial explanation, or yearn for experience that contains greater peace, compassion, joy, and spontaneity—you're on a spiritual path. Your spiritual path may revolve around a religion or it may be more mystical and nature-oriented, but all spiritual paths contain certain common elements:

A conscious focus to better the conditions of your life by improving your character, embodying noble truths, and being responsible for what you create in the world—"first, do not harm."

The acknowledgment that there is an internal, intangible, underlying nonphysical reality that serves as the blueprint for the external physical one.

The personal discipline and follow-through to steadily achieve better physical health, mental attitudes, and emotional equilibrium.

A dedication to eliminating fear or subconscious blocks from your perception and experience.

An open-mindedness toward learning new ways of thinking, acting, and being so you can live in greater alignment with the natural laws, which produces harmony.

A commitment to being authentic—you want who you are and what you do to be the highest expression of your soul that you can attain in any given moment.

An ongoing yearning for unity with your own soul, the divine, and all of life.

Once you realize you're on a spiritual path, everything in life becomes fodder for your spiritual growth, and the special states of awareness that allow you to glimpse the inner worlds of spirit—like intuition, meditation, creativity, and dreams—become especially valuable. 

Copyright by Penney Peirce 

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Anonymous said...

Spiritual knowledge is abundant with words, but spiritual attainment is full of practices... bellofpeace//gede prama