Thursday, November 20, 2014

Moving Beyond Suffering

If you believe in suffering, you feed it with your attention and keep it in existence. If you resist suffering, try to avoid it, or overcome it and save people from the experience of it, it means you believe in it, and you are keeping it alive with your attention. If you agree with suffering, thinking it is the normal human condition, and resign yourself to it, or even decide to create more of it for yourself (becoming a victim) or for others (becoming a monster), it means you believe in it, and you are keeping it alive with your attention. To move beyond suffering you must not participate in its reality. Instead, eclipse that polarity and move into the realm of spirit, of the soul, of unity, where suffering is unknown. To do that, you must focus on the experience of Love.

It's deceptive when people advise you to "just love yourself" and everything will be fine. Our predominant model of living is linear, that is, we visualize projecting or sending love to one another across time or space. So we naturally use that image when thinking about loving our self. But how can we get outside our self to project love back to our self? You cannot be separate from yourself in order to see yourself, or love yourself. If you can love something, that means you already contain love and the ability to experience it and exercise it. It is fundamental to your identity—in fact the experience of love is your core identity. You can only be yourself and that means if you are love, the only thing you can do is love. 

Love is who you are and love is what you do. So, don't love yourself, just love. Just love, just love, just love. "I am Love, I am Loving." Don't try to receive love: Be love. The only time we move into suffering is when we try to receive love, when we try to love other people so they will love us, or when we try to love ourselves by looking at our image through other people's eyes. Then we lose the connection with the experience of being love and how all we really want is to radiate it, share it, experience it, and feel it in motion. Not being able to do that causes pain.

If you knew who you truly were, you would never stop yourself from doing that! You need to remember this core experience. You need to go into a deep state and feel—sense—the truth about who you really are, then from that place say, "Everything in my world springs from my huge, divine consciousness. There's nothing else in this world except me, and I am Love, so my whole world is Love. And I will not allow anything that is not this, that does not have this quality of oneness and compassion, to exist in my world, in any of my dimensions. So—the alternative to suffering: the statement "I AM." And the deep experience of what that entails. 

First have the experience of yourself, and second, bring that experience into the body, into the here and now. It must become a full-on feeling state. How do you do that? Center! Bring your awareness inside your skin: Here. What does "here" denote? It denotes the body in space. Then come into the now. Now denotes the body in time. Time and space—put yourself squarely in the intersection of time and space where your physical body exists; bring your attention into alignment with that. As you do, say, "I am Love; and I am Here, and I am Now. 100%. There's not one part of me that isn't Love, not one part of me that isn't Light. I—the Big Self—am everything." This is the warrior's stance—total presence, total conviction, total knowledge, no doubt. So, you are Love, you are Here, you are Now, you are in the body, you have BECOME the body AS the higher superconsciousness. 

Next, expand the bubble of your present moment, in terms of space and time. So from the awareness of being the body, next become the aura; "I am everything around me for 3 feet, 5 feet, 10 feet, above and below. I am the luminous egg. I have no skin; my body is open. I am light permeating everywhere. I am a collection of particles of light floating in space; a ball of light." If the light seems cloudy or foggy, let it clear until it becomes transparent and glossy, and you simply feel its presence in everything. Continue expanding yourself, gradually including everything in your consciousness until you reach a point where nothing in this world exists outside you. "I am the world; the earth exists inside my consciousness; the peoples of the world live inside me. The solar system lives inside my awareness." You can go as far as you want, making the universe personal—then you can come back again to your individual, physical self. 

Realize that as you increase your awareness of size, which is space—you have also increased the amount of time you have. You have empowered yourself for action, because you have unlimited time and space. And, if you have included other people inside your consciousness, they are being created by the Big You, the Loving You, and are therefore an aspect of you. And they must be embodying a certain thought or facet of your identity. So there is a learning here—that as you look at others and say, "This is me. How is this me? What is the message they bring?” then you know more about your own inner dynamics and the ingenuity of your creativity. 

The skin is no boundary. What occurs inside your mind, the thoughts that are seeded to you from the inner self, are also happening in the outer mind, that which we often refer to as the "environment" or your world, your reality. The environment is your outer self. The inner and outer selves always act in unison because they aren’t separate at all. If you start matching up or aligning the occurrences in the "world" with the same thoughts inside your mind, you will feel bigger, more confident and at peace, and more of your Loving Self will be available to the conscious you.

So, to summarize a bit, the key to ending suffering is to be fully present, here and now, as your true Self, including others within you as your Self. If your Self is Love, they are Love. If you are in harmony, they are in harmony. If you are Love, your whole world is Love, if you have merged with your world. If you are loving, the world is loving, the people in your world are loving, loving anything in their world, and if you come near them, they love you. You are "in love" together.

If you are your Self, there is no suffering. And yet there will be people who occur within you who still suffer. Just be with them. Don't believe them. Think, "I hear you, and I know you are not hearing your Self. I am going to be with you, fully, for even just one moment." Let them feel your presence, let them merge into it as much as they wish, let them become you, as you become them. Let the experience of being equalize, and your certainty will transfer to them and they will KNOW. 

And it won't be you, the little personality who's done it; it will be you, the Big Loving Self who has done it, combined the same Self in them. It's your alignment with and affirmation of what is already so, being communicated to the part of them that knows this is true as well, to that little spark inside them which has never been blown out. That little spark perks up, says, "You are right! That's what I've been waiting for, and now I can come into activation. And I will displace through my own presence all that is not true in this personality." As this occurs there is the possibility of instantaneous healing, sudden positive personality changes, and personal transformation. Suffering is forgotten, as though a distant memory, as though the pain may have belonged to someone else.

Copyright by Penney Peirce 2014

Tuesday, November 18, 2014

Starseed Beings

I have dreamed about highly evolved intergalactic beings for many years. And, though I resonate to these frequencies, I also feel a huge love for the earth and all its manifestations. It’s a fine-line balancing act to maintain connection to the home place in spirit while also making the earth the home place. After moving to Florida last year, I began to have a greater incidence of “noticings” concerning ancient aliens, vortices off the coast, and attunements to large esoteric evolutionary patterns of knowledge. I had let this particular sort of consciousness vibration slide, in favor or writing popular books that would translate higher concepts into ordinary life. But now, something is asking for attention; something old wants to be remembered and activated.

So, poking around online, I found this piece on a site about intergalactic beings: ( I have edited it a bit to make it simpler, less “out there,” and with not so much tendency for ego distortion. I’m thinking about the word “activation” and how it may be a way of saying that Memory is coming into the conscious mind, in the present moment. Are we now in need of remembering who we really are and why we’re here? Time to really, really wake up?

Many Starseed Beings Are Nonphysical

Most starseed beings operate within a group consciousness. This means that their shared identity with their species or group is more important than any sense of personal identity or personality. This is natural for a group of higher consciousness beings. They experience a collective awareness, identity, intelligence, and communication system. They are part of the group because they want to be and not because they are forced to be part of it. To be part of a group consciousness, a being needs to have transcended any strong tendencies to identify with personal ego and personality. 

It can be blissful to be merged in a group consciousness where the individual is intimately connected to a large vibrant energy field and consciousness that is “the self.” Within this there is very little pain and suffering that is typical of what beings experience when they operate from the deep sense of separation that comes with an ego/personality identity. We have to remember that Source/God is a group consciousness and all beings through the process of evolution are ultimately returning to this state. 

It is the destiny of humanity to construct its own particular group consciousness. It is important to note that when we attune to starseed beings, we connect to the group consciousness as well as to the individuals, simultaneously. We cannot have a human-style relationship with a group consciousness—it may feel detached, as if it is lacking personality. If we can get over the normal human tendency to want personal relationships with starseed beings, we can begin to appreciate these wonderful group consciousness experiences.

Some Starseed Beings Are Incarnate; Perhaps You Are One

Most starseeds have difficulty being in the sort of dense physical body that we have on earth. Those who incarnate need to fall in love with physicality and know how to connect to the goddess (divine feminine), which is the creative source for this physical universe. This is important for all starseeds (and all humans) as it helps them feel that they belong on earth and are a vital part of what is HERE.

All starseeds must find harmonious and positive ways to interact with humanity. It is easy to see the negativity and dysfunctional states that plague human beings on earth, but starseeds must see beyond this and express compassion and unconditional love to humanity. If starseeds personally have problems in these areas, then it is their responsibility to seek help so they can transcend the tendencies.

Starseed beings are portal beings—their actual spiritual energies take people from one point to another in energy and consciousness. Portal beings are like walking doorways through which humans are attracted to other dimensions of existence. 

Mary Magdalene was/is such a being. She is a portal to other realms and dimensions, which others access simply by being in her presence. She teaches about universal truth and the divine feminine in a humble fashion, free of ego. Her communication is not so much verbal as it is directly through her presence and energies. 

Starseed Beings Have Particular Abilities

Starseed beings who are now incarnate have particular abilities. They can:

• raise their vibration to be more aware of the unseen spiritual realities of guides, energies, and other dimensions of experience 

• receive communication from the Star Masters and all guides through intuition, telepathy, psychic abilities, and pure knowing 

• be sensitive to spiritual energies and “read” them 

• hold and flow spiritual energies for self and for others to perform healing and activation work 

• act as a portal so others can enter spiritual realms and dimensions 

• function at higher levels of group consciousness when necessary. Higher consciousness means to be aware of more and adopt the perspectives and plans of galactic and universal beings 

• awaken self and others at the right times to implement life missions 

• activate self or ask for activation in energetic terms when changes in life are needed and the starseed is leading this process by transforming their own consciousness

I wonder whether starseed beings are simply those who have remembered more of their true origins as spiritual entities. That “humans” are those who have dived the most deeply into the physical world. We who are physical all know pain, suffering, shame, ego, and that sort of extreme “bi-polar” shifting between oppositional realities and states of consciousness. We all have the same potential which is really another word for destiny.

Monday, November 17, 2014

Leap of Perception Excerpt Part 2: Creations Magazine

Read another nice excerpt from Penney's enlightening book,
Leap of Perception: The Transforming Power of Your Attention

Leap of Perception Excerpt Part 1: Creations Magazine

Read a nice excerpt from Penney's enlightening book, 
Leap of Perception: The Transforming Power of Your Attention

More Description of the Intuition Age

Ervin Laszlo has written a book that is very similar to my book, Leap of Perception: The Transforming Power of Your Attention. It's called The Akasha Paradigm. If you've read Leap, you know I describe many aspects of the new consciousness that will be hallmarks of the Intuition Age, and how these changes are occurring. I think it's valuable to have different people's angles on how the new reality is going to function, so here are the points he emphasizes in identifying what I've been calling "the new perception":

I am part of the world. The world is not outside of me, and I am not outside of the world. The world is in me, and I am in the world.

I am part of nature, and nature is part of me. I am what I am in my communication and communion with all living things. I am an irreducible and coherent whole with the web of life on the planet.

I am part of society, and society is part of me. I am what I am in my communication and communion with my fellow humans. I am an irreducible and coherent whole with the community of humans on the planet.

I am more than a skin-and-bone material organism: my body, and its cells and organs are manifestations of what is truly me: a self-sustaining, self-evolving dynamic system arising, persisting and evolving in interaction with everything around me.

I am one of the highest, most evolved manifestations of the drive toward coherence and wholeness in the universe. All systems drive toward coherence and wholeness in interaction with all other systems, and my essence is this cosmic drive. It is the same essence, the same spirit that is inherent in all the things that arise and evolve in nature, whether on this planet or elsewhere in the infinite reaches of space and time.

There are no absolute boundaries and divisions in this world, only transition points where one set of relations yields prevalence to another. In me, in this self-maintaining and self-evolving coherence-and wholeness-oriented system, the relations that integrate the cells and organs of my body are prevalent. Beyond my body other relations gain prevalence: those that drive toward coherence and wholeness in society and in nature.

The separate identity I attach to other humans and other things is but a convenient convention that facilitates my interaction with them. My family and my community are just as much "me" as the organs of my body. My body and mind, my family and my community, are interacting and interpenetrating, variously prevalent elements in the network of relations that encompasses all things in nature and the human world.

The whole gamut of concepts and ideas that separates my identity, or the identity of any person or community, from the identity of other persons and communities are manifestations of this convenient but arbitrary convention. There are only gradients distinguishing individuals from each other and from their environment and no real divisions and boundaries. There are no "others" in the world: We are all living systems and we are all part of each other.

Attempting to maintain the system I know as "me" through ruthless competition with the system I know as "you" is a grave mistake: It could damage the integrity of the embracing whole that frames both your life and mine. I cannot preserve my own life and wholeness by damaging that whole, even if damaging a part of it seems to bring me short-term advantage. When I harm you, or anyone else around me, I harm myself.

Collaboration, not competition, is the royal road to the wholeness that hallmarks healthy systems in the world. Collaboration calls for empathy and solidarity, and ultimately for love. I do not and cannot love myself if I do not love you and others around me: We are part of the same whole and so are part of each other.

The idea of "self-defense," even of "national defense," needs to be rethought. Patriotism if it aims to eliminate adversaries by force, and heroism even in the well-meaning execution of that aim, are mistaken aspirations. A patriot and a hero who brandishes a sword or a gun is an enemy also to himself. Every weapon intended to hurt or kill is a danger to all. Comprehension, conciliation and forgiveness are not signs of weakness; they are signs of courage.

"The good" for me and for every person in the world is not the possession and accumulation of personal wealth. Wealth, in money or in any material resource, is but a means for maintaining myself in my environment. As exclusively mine, it commandeers part of the resources that all things need to share if they are to live and to thrive. Exclusive wealth is a threat to all people in the human community. And because I am a part of this community, in the final count it is a threat also to me, and to all who hold it.

Beyond the sacred whole we recognize as the world in its totality, only life and its development have what philosophers call intrinsic value; all other things have merely instrumental value: value insofar as they add to or enhance intrinsic value. Material things in the world, and the energies and substances they harbor or generate, have value only if and insofar they contribute to life and wellbeing in the web of life on this Earth.

The true measure of my accomplishment and excellence is my readiness to give. Not the amount of what I give is the measure of my accomplishment and excellence, but the relation between what I give, and what my family and I need to live and to thrive.

Every healthy person has pleasure in giving: It is a higher pleasure than having. I am healthy and whole when I value giving over having. A community that values giving over having is a community of healthy people, oriented toward thriving through empathy, solidarity, and love among its members. Sharing enhances the community of life, while possessing and accumulating creates demarcation, invites competition, and fuels envy. The share-society is the norm for all the communities of life on the planet; the have-society is typical only of modern-day humanity, and it is an aberration.

I recognize the aberration of modern-day humanity from the universal norm of coherence in the world, acknowledge my role in having perpetrated it, and pledge my commitment to restoring wholeness and coherence by becoming whole myself: whole in my thinking and acting — in my consciousness.

Sunday, November 16, 2014

Some Inner Guidance about Mind Battling Itself

There is deep calm six inches below the surface. Then fall in farther. Go all the way to the core and rest. As you rest there, awareness dawns. You clear up. You are connected effortlessly to the energy field and all others and to the Flow, which is God in motion. There is no earning, no rejection. You belong. The Flow makes the decisions, without actually deciding, because that would mean the Flow would need to stop. Here there is no need, no problem-solving. Things are revealed as you create. What comes first? The creative urge or the revelation of vision? Respect yourself. It means honor, be fully aware of, your existence and place in the world. Don't be arrogant and too needy  of attention. Don't be too humble and self-effacing. Both extremes are based on lack of experiencing your true self. Both involve the mind trying to control the idea of self,  the interjection if will power into the Flow where it is unnecessary. Controlling the idea of self just stalls the EXPERIENCE of Self in its most expanded forms.

Up on the surface, Mind battles itself. The sides of polarities resist and desire each other. It is noisy and chaotic. There is fear and it is championed in its myriad manifestations and there is much useless discussion  that exhausts the sensibilities. The emotions are overwhelmed  and so burdened and contracted and stunned  that they cannot convey you down to the core. And yet, here is the deep vibration, inside and throughout every other vibration. Stop. Be silent. Shift to subtle feeling. Feel the silence. Feel into undisturbed energy. Feel farther. Stretch out and go nowhere. Experience more of whatever reveals itself t you. stay in it. Don't jump back to Mind when you hit the triggers. Saturate even more.

Copyright by Penney Peirce 2014

Thursday, November 13, 2014

What We Say: Trends in Popular Language

Popular language and slang intrigue me; I like to look at the deeper reasons why certain phrases or grammatical errors emerge and become widely adopted at different times. What is it in our slightly subliminal cultural consciousness that is seeking expression, growth, or healing? 

I’m jussayin. . .
Of late, there has been a progression from, “Ya know whaddah mean?” and “Ya know whaddam sayin?” to “I’m jussayin. . .”

The first two phrases seem to indicate a desire for recognition or validation for one’s point of view. Are we emerging more now as individuals seeking a greater sense of self-worth, or perhaps soul experience? Perhaps we want to feel more confident about our ability and right to have our own ideas.

Perhaps the phrases represent a desire to reach out to others for rapport or agreement—and rise out of a trend toward connecting. Connecting with others, especially via the internet and cell phones, is certainly a recent sign of a nascent awareness of how we belong to a rather familial collective consciousness.

Like the other two phrases, “I’m jussayin” is often tacked on at the end after someone has shared his or her ideas or opinions. It seems to me that this may be a step beyond the previous phrases, indicating a way to not only express oneself freely, but to be able to speak truth to power without getting flattened by unwanted repercussions. Like, “Here’s my forthright opinion; I’m not backing down from sharing it, but it’s ‘just’ my idea, not meant to be offensive, after all.” There’s a slight diplomacy involved, a little bit of humility, while at the same time the phrase serves to justify the personal statement(s).

Me, me, me. . .
The other recent development that has intrigued me (and also grated on me like fingernails on a chalkboard) is the tendency to begin sentences with the word “me.” It’s become common usage to place oneself first and say, “Me and Joe went to the ball game.” The older, more correct grammatical form is to place the other person first. “Lee and I are having lunch today.” Isn’t that considerate? Not so with, “Me first!” or “Me Tarzan, you Jane.” Thump on chest. 

It seems to me that this is another instance of people wanting to feel good about themselves, to have a greater sense of self and feeling of deservingness. It’s like saying, unconsciously, “I’m more important than you are.” Plus the fact that putting “me” first confuses everyone about the correct use of the pronouns I and me. “I” is the subject (the main actor) in a sentence, while “me” is the object (the receiver or received). “Me” is often preceded by a word like “to me,” “for me,” “from me.” Or, “I’d like you to come see me.”

Finally, I think it’s interesting that the word “counterintuitive” has suddenly gained great popularity as a “cool” word. As I’ve been writing about for years, we are now entering what I’ve termed “The Intuition Age,” and right-brained perception, intuition, and direct knowing are a sort of leading edge now in the study of knowledge and consciousness. The growing use of this word tells me that our society is giving intuition a nod, even though, in my mind, the word is being used to mean something it doesn’t.

Counterintuitive is used to mean, “It’s not what we think it should be.” Basically it’s the same as saying something is illogical. Most people have not left the left brain to feel into what is real or true at a core level in the right brain. To me, counterintuitive means to override your intuition, or your gut feel, to go against your deeply felt inner knowing  and instinct—not to go against what you and society believe or think. It’s counterintuitive to get on the plane after you dreamed the plane was going to crash. It’s counterintuitive to take a job that makes your body contract into a knot when you think of doing it. It’s counterintuitive to not call your friend after you’ve spontaneously thought about her three times in the last few days.

Language is such an important part of aligning our physical reality with our inner energetic-spiritual reality. The words you use serve to shape your reality; they act as a magnet that attracts an exactly parallel inner pattern of energy and consciousness. It pays to put some thought into what you say because “Your word is law” in your reality.

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