Sunday, November 16, 2014

Some Inner Guidance about Mind Battling Itself

There is deep calm six inches below the surface. Then fall in farther. Go all the way to the core and rest. As you rest there, awareness dawns. You clear up. You are connected effortlessly to the energy field and all others and to the Flow, which is God in motion. There is no earning, no rejection. You belong. The Flow makes the decisions, without actually deciding, because that would mean the Flow would need to stop. Here there is no need, no problem-solving. Things are revealed as you create. What comes first? The creative urge or the revelation of vision? Respect yourself. It means honor, be fully aware of, your existence and place in the world. Don't be arrogant and too needy  of attention. Don't be too humble and self-effacing. Both extremes are based on lack of experiencing your true self. Both involve the mind trying to control the idea of self,  the interjection if will power into the Flow where it is unnecessary. Controlling the idea of self just stalls the EXPERIENCE of Self in its most expanded forms.

Up on the surface, Mind battles itself. The sides of polarities resist and desire each other. It is noisy and chaotic. There is fear and it is championed in its myriad manifestations and there is much useless discussion  that exhausts the sensibilities. The emotions are overwhelmed  and so burdened and contracted and stunned  that they cannot convey you down to the core. And yet, here is the deep vibration, inside and throughout every other vibration. Stop. Be silent. Shift to subtle feeling. Feel the silence. Feel into undisturbed energy. Feel farther. Stretch out and go nowhere. Experience more of whatever reveals itself t you. stay in it. Don't jump back to Mind when you hit the triggers. Saturate even more.

Copyright by Penney Peirce 2014

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Matt Williams said...

How do you distinguish between what is your mind/ego's perception and what is your intuition?