Tuesday, November 18, 2014

Starseed Beings

I have dreamed about highly evolved intergalactic beings for many years. And, though I resonate to these frequencies, I also feel a huge love for the earth and all its manifestations. It’s a fine-line balancing act to maintain connection to the home place in spirit while also making the earth the home place. After moving to Florida last year, I began to have a greater incidence of “noticings” concerning ancient aliens, vortices off the coast, and attunements to large esoteric evolutionary patterns of knowledge. I had let this particular sort of consciousness vibration slide, in favor or writing popular books that would translate higher concepts into ordinary life. But now, something is asking for attention; something old wants to be remembered and activated.

So, poking around online, I found this piece on a site about intergalactic beings: (http://www.siriusascension.com). I have edited it a bit to make it simpler, less “out there,” and with not so much tendency for ego distortion. I’m thinking about the word “activation” and how it may be a way of saying that Memory is coming into the conscious mind, in the present moment. Are we now in need of remembering who we really are and why we’re here? Time to really, really wake up?

Many Starseed Beings Are Nonphysical

Most starseed beings operate within a group consciousness. This means that their shared identity with their species or group is more important than any sense of personal identity or personality. This is natural for a group of higher consciousness beings. They experience a collective awareness, identity, intelligence, and communication system. They are part of the group because they want to be and not because they are forced to be part of it. To be part of a group consciousness, a being needs to have transcended any strong tendencies to identify with personal ego and personality. 

It can be blissful to be merged in a group consciousness where the individual is intimately connected to a large vibrant energy field and consciousness that is “the self.” Within this there is very little pain and suffering that is typical of what beings experience when they operate from the deep sense of separation that comes with an ego/personality identity. We have to remember that Source/God is a group consciousness and all beings through the process of evolution are ultimately returning to this state. 

It is the destiny of humanity to construct its own particular group consciousness. It is important to note that when we attune to starseed beings, we connect to the group consciousness as well as to the individuals, simultaneously. We cannot have a human-style relationship with a group consciousness—it may feel detached, as if it is lacking personality. If we can get over the normal human tendency to want personal relationships with starseed beings, we can begin to appreciate these wonderful group consciousness experiences.

Some Starseed Beings Are Incarnate; Perhaps You Are One

Most starseeds have difficulty being in the sort of dense physical body that we have on earth. Those who incarnate need to fall in love with physicality and know how to connect to the goddess (divine feminine), which is the creative source for this physical universe. This is important for all starseeds (and all humans) as it helps them feel that they belong on earth and are a vital part of what is HERE.

All starseeds must find harmonious and positive ways to interact with humanity. It is easy to see the negativity and dysfunctional states that plague human beings on earth, but starseeds must see beyond this and express compassion and unconditional love to humanity. If starseeds personally have problems in these areas, then it is their responsibility to seek help so they can transcend the tendencies.

Starseed beings are portal beings—their actual spiritual energies take people from one point to another in energy and consciousness. Portal beings are like walking doorways through which humans are attracted to other dimensions of existence. 

Mary Magdalene was/is such a being. She is a portal to other realms and dimensions, which others access simply by being in her presence. She teaches about universal truth and the divine feminine in a humble fashion, free of ego. Her communication is not so much verbal as it is directly through her presence and energies. 

Starseed Beings Have Particular Abilities

Starseed beings who are now incarnate have particular abilities. They can:

• raise their vibration to be more aware of the unseen spiritual realities of guides, energies, and other dimensions of experience 

• receive communication from the Star Masters and all guides through intuition, telepathy, psychic abilities, and pure knowing 

• be sensitive to spiritual energies and “read” them 

• hold and flow spiritual energies for self and for others to perform healing and activation work 

• act as a portal so others can enter spiritual realms and dimensions 

• function at higher levels of group consciousness when necessary. Higher consciousness means to be aware of more and adopt the perspectives and plans of galactic and universal beings 

• awaken self and others at the right times to implement life missions 

• activate self or ask for activation in energetic terms when changes in life are needed and the starseed is leading this process by transforming their own consciousness

I wonder whether starseed beings are simply those who have remembered more of their true origins as spiritual entities. That “humans” are those who have dived the most deeply into the physical world. We who are physical all know pain, suffering, shame, ego, and that sort of extreme “bi-polar” shifting between oppositional realities and states of consciousness. We all have the same potential which is really another word for destiny.

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