Saturday, December 6, 2014

8 Current Trends in Photography and Why They May Be Occurring Now

Here are 8 interesting current trends in photography and why they may be occurring now:

dynamic women, original, quirky, surprising, not just gorgeous models posing
What I think: We are coming into a greater emphasis on feminine consciousness, the divine feminine, the right brain, the need for women leaders who have more open intuition. And, we’re getting away from men’s idea of what the perfect, “sexy” woman must be like.

letterbox look: wide narrow formats like the new tvs
What I think: we’re widening our horizons, moving beyond the little box, thinking more globally, though still focusing in the horizontal, physical world.

all kinds of people; humankind’s giant mixing bowl, kids and seniors, all races, cool hipsters in traditional settings, being real not different
What I think: We’re becoming aware of collective consciousness and how interconnected we all are; learning to be less judgmental and separate.

monochromatic color, high contrast, black and white or light duotones, brings a feel for nostalgia and the richness of the old “film” look
What I think: We want to simplify and be more centered, pay closer attention to real, core things.

our own point of view; not just selfies but cameras on surfboards, helmets, up close, unexpected perspectives
What I think: We’re starting to legitimize our own experience and way of seeing the world, and to appreciate other people’s ways of seeing. We are using our attention more consciously to notice what we’re noticing.

sensory immersion with pixels that elicit all sorts of sense experiences; vivid macro images that heighten awareness, create a sensory wonderland
What I think: We’re learning to be more centered in our body, to feel into things, to get out of the left brain and appreciate pure experience.

super still life; inanimate objects cause us to pause, we explore the artistry of still life in the moment; interesting angles and arrangements, big dynamic images
What I think: We’re over-stimulated and need to slow down. We’re learning to be more mindful, to engage with the moment, to penetrate into what we’re noticing and focus on beauty.

complex photos with type overlays in boxes and layers
What I think: We’re multi-tasking to keep up with the acceleration, challenging our brains to work with both left and right hemispheres simultaneously, make intuitive connections, integrate faster.

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