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Penney on Stand Up Commentary Radio Dec 21, 2015

Listen to Penney Peirce and Host Jake Garn on Stand Up Commentary Radio, live Monday Dec 21 at 2-4pm MT. Access the show online (and the archives) at www.k-talk.com or listen with the k-talk radio app on itunes or google play. The show is broadcast live in the Salt lake City area on station KTKK AM630.

Sunday, November 1, 2015

Listen to Penney Interviewed on Law of Attraction Radio - November 8, 2015

Penney will be a guest on "Think, Believe, and Manifest" Radio with Host Constance Arnold, Sunday November 8 at 7pm ET. You can listen live or access it on the archives at: www.loaradionetwork.com/constance-arnold

Thursday, October 29, 2015

Intuition, Transformation, and Politics: Seeing Through the Smokescreen of Spin

(The following is excerpted from the forthcoming Bits & Pieces 3: Thoughts on Coming Trends in Education, Politics, Business, and World Events eBook. You can download the full pdf at www.penneypeirce.com/pdfs/IntuitionTranfPolitics.pdf

I am not a particularly political person, as I’ve never understood why, when discussing politics, friends and loved ones can become so hotly divided against each other by identifying with ideologies. And then, I’ve never seen much real improvement in society by either party, since resisting and one-upping each other seems to be their main business. I’m not too patriotic either, in the old way where we boast egotistically of our greatness at the expense of other nations. And yet, I have always felt proud of the experiment in consciousness that is the United States. The work of our Founding Fathers, and of the matriarchal Iroquois Nation before them, moves my soul.

I believe America has an underlying spiritual purpose: to serve as a kind of laboratory for new consciousness and enlightenment. With that comes a global role to play as a catalytic, encouraging evolutionary force, not as the know-it-all boss of everyone. I am fascinated watching the process of our national spiritual growth unfold, wondering if we will be strong enough morally, with lessening ego, good enough hearts, and a broad enough vision, to play our part in the world community. I know that what we’re living through now — this exaggerated domination-victimization reality — is a phase in a global transformation process, something necessary to break through to reach a more enlightened way of living. And I know we cannot do it alone, cut off from other peoples by arrogance and ignorance. It’s going to require balanced cross-cultural, international giving and receiving.

The Inner Blueprint and Outer Reality
Like anyone on a spiritual path, I seek to live increasingly without fear and separatist thinking, and more from an awareness of unity and respect for life (of course, it’s a grand work in progress!). To do this, I practice measuring what I experience in my outer reality against what I know of how the internal universal laws function, to see what has natural harmony and actually works, and what doesn’t. With politics, this is a challenging task. The physical mechanics and goings-on of government and leaders are so obscured by emotional opposition, smokescreens of media spin, corruption, and outright lies, that I’ve had a tendency to tune it out rather than make the effort to use my intuition to sort through the heaps of grain and chaff. I know I’m not alone in these feelings of overwhelm, confusion, and helplessness. But if we are to contribute to healing ourselves collectively, and healing the damage we’ve already done to our planet, we must look deeper, underneath the external physical dynamics. 

In my work as an intuitive counselor and trainer, I have found that trying to solve problems and create change by working only in the world of form takes an unreasonable amount of energy, time, will power, effort, and cleverness. This way of doing things is too slow and ineffective these days — especially in arenas that are extremely polarized, as in politics. Today it’s more efficient to use intuition to feel into the underlying “inner blueprint” patterns in the thought and energy worlds, and shift things there first via imagination and focused attention. When we do that, the external world of form changes rapidly to match the internal template — and we get great timing without snags. If we try to change the external without changing the internal first, the changes will fade, revert, and the old pattern will repeat. 

Today, we’re experiencing a profound change in the inner energy-and-consciousness realm — a totally new inner blueprint for reality is being patterned — while the external world still tries to maintain and align with the old inner blueprint. This causes tremendous stress, since universal law says: the world of form coalesces out of the higher frequency inner energy-and-consciousness pattern and effortlessly takes the appropriate, just-right physical shape — if nothing is in the way. If there are blocks — contractions and fixations in thought and emotion, resulting from fear — the physical form will include those blocks and snags. With the amount of resistance to change today, the just-right shape of the new reality is struggling to break through rather than to simply drop in.

I am interested in looking below the surface of the way politics functions to find trends and see what might be shifting as the energy in the world shifts. What’s really true? Where are the false notes? How can we dissolve impasses and blind spots? And what shape might politics eventually take?

The World Is Accelerating and Perception is Changing Drastically
We, our collective reality, and the planet, are evolving — whether we like it or not. We’re moving from an old paradigm to a new paradigm. In a nutshell, the frequency of the physical world is increasing, which is causing us to undergo a transformation process, or a leap in perception that shoots us into a different organizing model for the way reality, perception, and energy function; we’re gradually entering a new world as a new kind of human being. 

A big part of this process requires a dramatic clearing of fear and old thinking — the “impurities” that block the flow of heightened energy and cause distorted physical results. The acceleration itself is prying these things loose because the energy today is stronger than our resistance. It’s as though Pandora’s Box is being opened societally, as well as personally. This means old deeply ingrained habits and fears that were previously stored in the subconscious mind, and invisible, are now rising to the surface and acting out in our lives and in the news. 

We see it everywhere — the many scandals, taboos, hatreds, denials, excuses, abuses, secrets, and lies that have already been exposed. Societal structures that rely on ego (identity associated with left brain perception and separation), hoarding, will power, and control are beginning to crumble. Our systems are in a rapid evolutionary mode, trying to shift to a way of functioning that is more efficient for the new levels of energy and consciousness we’re embodying. What’s worked in the past, what’s traditional, is certainly not “bad,” it’s just that much of it won’t function for long in the accelerated energy climate that is becoming the new normal — unless we re-view and re-invent it from the new paradigm point of view. The new outer form must match the new inner energy blueprint.

Two things happen when the acceleration of energy and consciousness opens subterranean vaults of fear and exposes outdated thinking. First, what was already fear-based — for example, behaviors developed to fight and avoid fear, and behaviors that heighten fear — become more intense, exaggerated, and prevalent. We move around in an atmosphere constantly tainted by anxiety and it is always foremost on our mind, even when we sleep. The result is that life is fragmented, ultra-fast, unpredictable, and chaotic. We are always on edge.

The second thing is that life temporarily becomes more polarized. Consciousness is moving toward an experience of oneness, awakening to a unified field of energy, and our attachment to our old way of seeing the world — as mainly dualistic and linear, with great amounts of separation — strengthens in its resistance. The compartmentalized, analytical left brain doesn’t understand how things can function in unity, so it causes us to lock down into what we already know. This has the effect of increasing warlike behaviors, and opposition thinking becomes so intense that the two sides of any polarity seem even farther apart and less able to understand each other and how they are versions of a larger, more comprehensive reality.

Copyright by Penney Peirce 2015

Saturday, October 17, 2015

2nd Circuit Court Leaves Authors High and Dry

More news from the Authors Guild for those of you interested in what's happening with author's rights. . .

Today, the Second Circuit Court of Appeals released its decision in Authors Guild v. Google. “The Authors Guild is disappointed that the Court has failed to reverse the District Court’s flawed interpretation of the fair use doctrine,” said Mary Rasenberger, Executive Director of the Authors Guild in New York. “America owes its thriving literary culture to copyright protection. It is because of that success that today we take copyright incentives for granted, and that courts as respected as the Second Circuit are unable to see the damaging effect that uses such as Google’s will have on authors’ potential income. 

"Most full-time authors live on the edge of being able to keep writing as a profession, as our recent income survey showed; a loss of licensing revenue can tip the balance, particularly in this era when advances and royalties for most authors are down. We are very disheartened that the court was unable to understand the grave impact that this decision, if left standing, could have on copyright incentives and, ultimately, our literary heritage. We trust that the Supreme Court will see fit to correct the Second Circuit’s reduction of fair use to a one-factor test—whether the use is, in the court’s eye, ‘transformative.’”

Wednesday, October 14, 2015

Finally! The Intuitive Way Is an Audiobook!

For those of you who enjoy listening to books:

Penney Peirce's "Transformation Trilogy," which includes The Intuitive Way, Frequency, and Leap of Perception, finally includes the audiobook version for every book.

The Intuitive Way is considered by many to be the best book on the intuition development process. It is for people in all walks of life who want to trust their inner knowing to guide their actions, stay on purpose, and inspire them to new heights. With active intuition, life takes on a magical, effortless quality; your world is full of instantaneous answers, synchronicities, creative insights, and abundant knowledge — just for the asking. The Intuitive Way shows you how to enter this state of perceptual aliveness, access reliable intuition, and integrate it into daily life for greater success.

In this easy-to-understand course, Penney Peirce's well-respected work is distilled into a 10-week process. Here, in simple and direct language, Peirce fully describes the intuitive process as a new way of life, demonstrating dozens of practical applications, from speeding decision-making to expanding spiritual growth.

Tuesday, October 13, 2015

Wherever I Am

Wherever I am, I can dissolve the apparition of the physical world, my body, and my personality-self. I can become a ball of light floating in the center of space and time, totally supported from all directions. As I float here I can raise my vibratory rate and my light changes. It moves from golden to intense diamond, and I "see" myself as a glossy area in the field.

The longer I hold this in my awareness, or hold my awareness at this focus, the larger the space of "me" becomes. The larger the space of me becomes, the harder it is to hold it, and soon a natural motion of expansion takes over for my mind, and the motion moves on its own, and the scope of the space of me adjusts itself according to universal rhythms. The ride is sublime! As I experience the ride I become so much more and less and more of what exists and I don't ever use mind to stop or hold because that would be rude; that would be an uncomfortable disturbance to the natural pleasure state of the universe.

As I continue being with the ride, I become aware of being other beings and groups of beings and in these foci exist streams and webs and intricate lacelike patterns of knowledge and progressions of insights to conclusions that only last a fraction of a millisecond before melting into new flows, and the flow through a knowledge web goes forward, backward, all directions at once. Going into these knowledge webs is another kind of ride where I see that saturating myself into omnidirectional knowledge pathways instantaneously is the most natural form of knowing.

Reprinted from Bits & Pieces 2, copyright by Penney Peirce

Wednesday, September 30, 2015

Melting Through the Buzz to Rest in the Divine, Not the Mind

Here is one of the pieces from the soon to be published, Bits & Pieces 3: Thoughts on Coming Trends in Education, Politics, Business, and World Events

Having experienced the accelerating energy for many years, I know at times it can be fairly excruciating. I don’t know how you’ve been experiencing it, but people are cracking: school shootings, sex scandals, brutal cases of road rage, fear about money, relationships exploding as hidden agendas come roaring to the surface with dramatic repercussions. Personally I have had periods where I felt as though I were encased in a deep-sea diving suit with water filling it to the top, then subsiding so I could breathe a little, then filling up and subsiding, again and again, as waves of emotion overwhelmed me; and it wasn’t all MY emotion! It’s getting harder to discriminate who owns the emotions in the soup we’re swimming in. 

I’ve heard varying explanations about why the energy inside our bodies and in the physical world is oscillating so fast: astrological transits and eclipses, sunspots, esoteric alignments. I don’t know what it is, but it’s real. One day my energy is screwed up to a high pitch and if I’m not super-centered, my mind races ahead, I get frustrated, irritated, and panic can take over. Then, it calms and I come back to an experience of being and all that “being” brings: peace, simple pleasures, creative desires, willingness to love anything. Then, vroom, vroom, vroom! Off we go again! It’s as though there is a contest going on between the ego-mind and the being or divine-mind part of myself. If I tune in to the nuances of either of those states, I know which one I like. It’s just remembering to choose the one I prefer and staying in it as the new reality. During one of the intense waves, I wrote this: 
Every few days I feel semi-flattened by something. . .it’s not the world, but an internal energy, a strange state of consciousness. It’s like I’m walking through an energy wall of electrified particles and my own particles are trying to quickly adapt to a radioactive state but the pressure is too great. My particles no longer oscillate; they scream. I take my mind in there, and with its accustomed neat order, it is electrocuted. It wants to leap away. It spreads out without focus and turns grayish mauve. There are no defenses. Then the chaos in the world affects me deeply, the noises are louder, the people abrasive, the harmony so distant. And, oddly, in this flatness of feeling there is no rest. Welling up around every particle is a sad, too-tender syrup of exhaustion. 
Am I resting in the Mind, or in the Divine? Is the Mind my environment, my room, my air? But stop! I can’t use Mind to escape Mind. Is surrender a technique I must learn? I can’t take another “how” right now. Will puts me to sleep. Linear thinking makes me want to go unconscious. 
Instead, I imagine I’m receiving an injection of a sparkly radioactive serum of higher Love spreading out and medicating me back into the Divine. I need to let it work its way through, not interfering with human doubt and aggravation. Just tune to the vibration of the serum; stay in that, see it, feel it, everywhere inside.  
It takes over my Mind and there is profound relief, and after that is the vision of perfection everywhere, and after that there is meeting my real self, then meeting myself in each one, then there is radiating ease about problems, laughing at separation and difficulty. I know the new me is here, waiting, so patient.  
I choose the vibration in the energy wall and fall in wholeheartedly, entering the sparkly light. It supports me! It communicates to my particles effortlessly; particles know other particles, adapt their resonances so easily. As my particles adjust, I feel the one unified field of high vibration filled with gazillions of resonating particles. My particle orbits become smaller. As I stay in that frequency, the orbits of the subatomic particles become smaller and smaller and finally disappear altogether. I am left simply BEING in a totally continuous, transparent energy of Love. No more particles, no more vibration, no more duality. All is complete and incredibly peaceful. I wonder if I have just made a quantum leap, gone with the particles out of form into another dimension where they aren’t energy anymore, but pure awareness.
If you’re being challenged by the same sort of energy-emotion-mind intensifications, know that you are probably facing some of the core fears and oldest limiting behavior habits you have. These are simply low-frequency interferences that you, the soul, are trying to clear. Yet perhaps even more frightening than that is the prospect of becoming your true self, the soul in the body, the embodied personality. Your ego-mind does not want to relinquish control so it can make it seem that “becoming radioactive” is highly dangerous. We have to remember that everything is evolutionary and the heightening energy is conscious, and it does know what it’s doing.

Here are some things to keep in mind:

Be on alert for fatalistic, limiting declarations in your conversations or inner self-talk that feed limitation or victim consciousness; stop them midstream when you hear yourself uttering them. Be spacious instead for a moment until a healthier thought arises from your core. Break the old habit of indulging in feeling that you’re flawed, may be rejected, or that you can feel hurt because others don’t feel loved. Watch the underlying anxiety: that you must take away their pain or reject them first to avoid feeling pain yourself. 

Practice observing others indulging in pain. Let them do it; without the pressure to change them, you may discover a simple way to help them through the stuckness instead of taking it from them — if you want to. You can offer assistance to others on a case-by-case basis, because you truly love doing it. First, though, look to clear the same issue (perhaps in a different area of life) from yourself. 

Recognize moments when you flip into accusing, judging, or blaming yourself or others. Suspend immediately and go soft and blank for a moment until the pause lets you think more responsibly about what’s best to do. What really needs to be communicated? Form some words that speak truth without projection. 

When you visit past memories: Breath into them, then exhale back into the present moment immediately, letting your mind go soft, as though you don’t really know what any of it means. Let all the experiences just BE. Do these experiences belong only to you? Or do they belong to a polarized field of consciousness and energy that many people dip into and personalize in their own way?

Recognize the repeating stories. What do you get out of repeating them?

Let meaning come when (or if) it wants to. Don’t overlay a meaning just because your mind is nervous and wants closure or definition. 

Be honest, no justifications, excuses, or side-stepping

Contemplate what it really means to forgive, to repent, to receive grace, to give grace, to let things be the way they are, knowing everything is evolving in its own way. 

When you remember, soften your heart, chest, and back; bring oxygen into your cells; stretch out where your body physically contracts; work the tight spots. 

Know that other people can see your excellence and true nature. You don’t have to apologize or over-represent your good traits to compensate for things you think are bad. When you’re quiet and peaceful, your true self radiates widely.

Your "boundaries" will form naturally when you are truthful about what works for you to be your fullest self. By telling people what works for you, you are not being egotistical or hurting them, but helping them feel comfortable, because they then know how to act around you and that relieves tension for them. Do what it takes to not confuse people about your desires.

Cultivate a cheerful, progressively enthusiastic attitude toward what’s possible — how problems can be solved magically in a win-win way even though you can’t think of the solution in the moment. Everything you’ve ever wanted or been interested in (that you gave up or put on the back burner) can be included in your present reality, if you allow it. All sorts of combinations are possible, and it’s possible to change it all and start again.

Commit to the discovery of the present moment, the fresh awareness that is empowered to emerge through this opening that is your consciousness in your body in the here, in the now. Simply notice what your soul is observing. What are you bringing into your consciousness? Then engage fully with it. Learn from it, create with it.

Let yourself enjoy feeling loved, the way a child does. You don’t owe the person loving you anything, you’re like a dog that enjoys being petted. Your pleasure and feeling of safety, the light in your eyes, your smile, is reward enough for the person doing the loving.

Remember that we are all helping each other, that at a deep level — as souls— we do know what we’re doing, we do have the guidance to return to our naturally enlightened state and wake up from the dreams we’re all so busily embroiled in. We can’t jump out of the frying pan, or out of the fire, since there is nothing now BUT the purifying fire, which is the diamond light of the soul. We’re burning away what’s blinding us to our true state. Our particles know how to adapt their frequency almost instantly when we get our dominating left brain out of the way. And what seems so threatening and unfamiliar is really the most familiar, comfortable, natural state to the soul. This is the state we rest in, and out of which all our creations arise and fall back into, like the tide, like the waves on the beach.

Copyright by Penney Peirce, 2015

Monday, August 10, 2015

Oslo, Norway and Amsterdam, Netherlands


Aug 30- Sept 3: You can download the pdf flyer for Penney's schedule of private consultations in Oslo, Norway at www.penneypeirce.com/pdfs/PenneyPeirceinOslo2015.pdf

Sept 5-13: Amsterdam Retreat Training on FREQUENCY: THE POWER OF PERSONAL VIBRATION www.penneypeirce.eu

Monday, July 13, 2015

A Call to Investigate Amazon from the Authors' Guild

I post this for anyone interested in the field of publishing. . .

The recent decision in United States v. Apple raises the spectre once again of Amazon’s excessive power in the publishing landscape. The federal appellate court in the case agreed with the lower court that Apple had indeed violated antitrust law by cooperating with publishers to establish agency pricing for e-books (which allows publishers to set their own prices and pay the retailer a commission). The irony of this decision is that Apple’s actions actually helped to open the e-book market and to reduce Amazon’s monopoly from a 90% market share in 2009 to around 67% today.

Without commenting on the outcome of the Apple case, or the facts that led the majority to its conclusion, we’d like to point out the long-term dangers of interpreting antitrust law solely to favor low book prices over a thriving, competitive and robust literary marketplace. The majority’s opinion takes a narrow view of antitrust law, assuming that low book prices to consumers trump all, even if the low prices are artificial loss leaders intended to lure buyers into a single company’s shopping platform. The much larger issue in our view is the dominance that Amazon—through its artificially depressed book prices—wields over the book ecosystem, and the potential repercussions on the free flow of information and free expression.

Despite the decision against Apple, Amazon’s tactics seemed troubling to the court. All three opinions, the majority, concurrence and a dissent, referred to the fact Amazon controlled 90% of the e-book market in 2009, and two of the three judges expressed clear concerns regarding Amazon’s anticompetitive behavior.

Judge Dennis Jacobs, in dissent, characterized Amazon’s behavior as so extreme that Apple had little alternative other than to enter the market on the terms that it did in order to create needed competition. Judge Raymond Lohier, concurring in the majority, found some “appeal to Apple’s argument that the e-book market, in light of Amazon’s virtually uncontested dominance, needed more competition.” Judge Lohier, however, felt that “more corporate bullying is not an appropriate antidote to corporate bullying.”

What, then, is the appropriate antidote?

We once again request the Department of Justice to investigate Amazon for its anti-competitive behavior, a far more dangerous variant that Apple’s.

Here is a letter to the Department of Justice, written by Douglas Preston and Barry Lynn in cooperation with the Authors Guild. Preston is a Council Member of the Authors Guild, which from the beginning has been a partner in this initiative. Last summer he spearheaded a grassroots protest against Amazon’s punishment of authors during its dispute with the publisher Hachette. Under the rubric “Authors United,” he gathered over 900 authors’ signatures and took out a two-page advertisement in The New York Times, in a public challenge to Amazon’s actions.

This letter addresses the larger issue of Amazon’s control of the book market and requests an investigation of the company by the Department Of Justice. The Authors Guild supports Preston’s actions and endorses his request, as do the American Booksellers Association and the Association of Authors’ Representatives.

Roxana Robinson


The Authors Guild

Business in the Intuition Age

Penney Peirce says, “We’re leaving the Information Age and entering the Intuition Age. A new time is upon us, bringing profound change that pressures us to learn the rules of a greatly expanded new world—one where consciousness skills will become the most valued resource.” Today, the secret to business growth lies in accessing higher dimensions of awareness and developing techniques that originate from that new level of perception. 

The Intuition Age is bringing new ways to do traditional business tasks—like managing, innovation, sales, strategic planning and goal-setting, and production—that reduce struggle and optimize results. For example, by understanding how subtle factors—like alignment, attitude, energy level, internal pictures and “postures,” the inner blueprint, hidden agendas, and mindfulness—affect outer results, we can narrow the time between concept and fulfillment of goals, and reduce error caused by too much ego, unspoken assumptions, or the autopilot-mind. 

Tangible successes in business will increasingly depend on the mastery of intangible systems and the maintenance of a positive internal “state” in ourselves, the workers. Personal stress is at an all-time high and we’re nearly maxxed out on methods that rely on will power. To get the edge now, we need to be aware of more—with less strain, and continually restore freshness to our work life. To do that, we must be authentic, in the moment, and much more attentive and fluid than ever before. Renewal today will occur when we stretch into a new perspective. The first step to greater organizational health is recentering on the personal. The next is learning to perceive intuitively. 

In the 21st century, knowledge workers will develop an “inspiration capacity” and subtle consciousness skills that include: the ability to access visions, understand and work with energy, focus and direct thoughts intentionally, master emotional expression and empathic abilities, communicate without words, and work with the power of the present moment and the unified field that physics describes.

In the near future, we’ll know how to use intuition to scan the future of any process, be committed to encouraging the chemistry of an aligned group mind, understand how to manipulate the energy blueprint of an idea to work out problems before they occur physically, and be able to expand into the visionary state to refine and adapt plans. 

Copyright by Penney Peirce

Thursday, July 9, 2015

Riding the Wave to Our Destiny

It’s now that we must pay close attention to who we want to be, and do whatever it takes to maintain our highest consciousness and physical energy. Otherwise we run the risk of succumbing to the victim identity, which is pouring up out of the collective subconscious as never before.

If your life is building in intensity, if you are facing the things that scare you most, please don’t freeze in the worry-mind, or in the duality reality! This is the time to actively look for the oneness and the underlying sanity in all things. This is the time to believe in your own destiny, which is the manifestation of Who You Really Are. Choose what’s choosing you! Enter the experience that’s seeking you and trust its compassion. Live it out in an engaged way, and keep walking, keep inviting in your destiny, even if you can’t imagine how amazing it’s going to be. Don’t worry about not being up to it. You ARE it. When it finds you and you flow into it, you’ll be saying, "You mean I get to do THIS?"

How DO we achieve our destiny? On the one hand, I might have a bumper sticker that says DESTINY HAPPENS (not unlike "S - - - Happens") because I believe that we eventually get where we’re going simply by pursuing our natural interests, letting life flow as it wants, and being in harmony with that flow. On the other hand, I also believe that focusing on goals and enthusiastically working toward them is an equally important way to do things in the world. But there are times when my mind becomes inflated and I get ahead of myself, thinking I know the way a path of action is going to work out, and thinking it HAS to follow my prescribed itinerary. When things seem to go astray, it’s easy to assume I’ve made a terrible mistake, and that life is rejecting me.

Our destiny is programmed into our bodies, however, and our bodies are inseparable from the unified field of energy and consciousness we live in here on earth. When you feel outwardly from the center of yourself, you’ll experience the oneness of you and the "outside" world. You’ll know it’s not on the other side of some imaginary boundary, but is actually your extended body, your extended self. The world, and all its people, objects, and events, is your greater mind, your greater identity. One loving intention flows through the whole — to help each part evolve and become the truest self. 

I assume that when that truest self can integrate entirely into the body and mind, we immediately achieve our destiny. We share from our giftedness then, create much more than we previously thought possible, and feel utterly rewarded in all things. It is impossible to lose your destiny, because it’s encoded in every molecule of the physical plane. And yet, life often takes us on what seem like sudden detours, events that derail us from our will-driven tracks. Even these are invaluable teachings about trusting destiny, and its sometimes convoluted unfolding through unusual twists and tests.

Copyright by Penney Peirce

Monday, June 15, 2015

The Power of Your State of Being

I was talking to a client recently whose focus was on how to advance in his corporation to make more money. How could he find a "sponsor" to recommend him for the next level even though he hadn't been there very long? There was the implied idea that he would only receive value personally if he received more money and if he felt more valuable to the company via that particular measure of success.

I heard myself say that the real issue was that he needed to shift from that external measure to an internal direct experience of what he wanted. In other words, he needed to feel that he was enjoying the work he was doing, enlivening it for himself—even though he harbored thoughts of leaving and starting his own business—and he needed to totally commit to the reality at hand, for now. That the real measure of success for the deep self might actually be satisfaction and engagement in one's experience. Relaxing into his experience, which his soul had engineered and materialized for a good reason, would soften his demeanor and allow others around him to feel good about him; if he were enjoying his work, they would enjoy him, and thus support him, and perhaps that would encourage a sponsor to naturally occur.

And finally, the irony was that when he was getting value from what he did—because he was choosing to get value from it—the result in his "form reality" would be money. The money would be a symbolic materialization of the value he was living in and surrounded by, as a STATE OF BEING.

Another client had decided to move to a new city and was receiving visions of herself beginning her work as a counselor, and restarting her private practice, in a totally different way than she'd always done it. She didn't want to use will power and market herself heavily. Instead, she saw herself having a drop-in group where she would get to know new people in a casual way, and they her. And that would expand naturally to more groups and services.

After she described this reality to me with great clarity, her doubting mind asserted itself momentarily and she said, "Do you think the new place will welcome me, though?" And I said, "You are in a welcoming state of mind; remember what you just described about welcoming new people into your drop-in group, how open and relaxed you were feeling. That attitude is a state of being, and as you live in it, you'll probably find that your environment welcomes you in exactly the same way. It's all connected! It's all one thing, doing one thing. Perhaps you wouldn't even have thought of how the drop-in group would feel unless the new town also felt the same to you intuitively. That means you—the soul— are showing you—the personality—that you're ready for a new way of life. The power of "welcoming" is making itself known internally and externally.

And finally, I spoke with a client last year and evidently saw small colorful birds showing up in her energy field—a symbol of new life and new insights. I just received an email from her saying that a bright yellow Goldfinch had appeared at her home office windows, moving from one window to the next, peering in at her, flapping its wings, for over ten minutes straight! She took a video of it, and sent it to me, saying that the materialization of the vision was an incredibly powerful omen for her—a real validation of new life and new direction showing up. The image in this blog entry is from her video. It's all connected. Pay attention to your STATE OF BEING. It's in you, you're in it, it's around you, it's everything in your present moment.

Thursday, May 28, 2015

A Poem about Now

I just noticed a swelling of love

I just noticed
this very moment
a swelling of love
coming from me!
for no reason and
I'm all alone and
I'm swooning!
my old-self-mind-self is not in control
dulling me so I match the dull world
some new force is surfacing
stronger than past definitions
more magnetic than my attachments
to who I've been in the world
and how I make this life real
the volcanic upswell will not be stopped
molten stone will explode in vapors of steam
and I will feel ecstasy
not programmed sadness
about something being destroyed

I love horses and dogs
I love the hearts of flowers
I love unselfconscious people
I love trees I love dirt
I love not knowing
I want to know everything
because I am so excited
and I know I know a lot already
because I am so peaceful too
I want to know others deeply
find common ground or differences
because both are so fun to experience
I long for what is faraway to be normal and local
I want to combine odd elements to see what will happen
I love to be thrilled
and never know what will thrill me and I love
the surprise and what people are capable of
and what life has yet to reveal.
I can't contain it all
don't want to contain anything
holding blocks me
I want You to affect me
I want to feel how the energy around me
and in me
is You

I want to love You
I want to dancecreateplayflowdissolve with You
maybe if I take all the spaces from between the words
mash it all together
I might experience more of what Spirit knows
love knows no gaps
lives in the gaps
love is everywhere
and it's taking me
absorbing me into it
and I can't maintain identity
am forgetting that I need or want to
be somebody
I am so so FULL
and now: FULLER
and, NO!

it does not stop!

—Penney Peirce