Tuesday, January 20, 2015

Make space for something better that isn't based on unfairness and self-sacrifice.

We are in a period where the intensification of the last wave of high-frequency energy has ebbed slightly, letting us make sense of things, get caught up, and integrate new insights so we can use them creatively when the next surge occurs. Now it's time to feel your core self, practice smiling, and experience your perfect, harmonious energy body vibrating inside and around your physical one.

Gather yourself. Enjoy yourself and the pure simple pleasures of being. Yes, some places are flooding, some are too hot and dry, and the earth is rumbling. A rebalancing of emotion and feeling habits is underway. Perhaps you're finally ready to change something about yourself? See what it is. Can you sense what's brewing as your next step? Because you're close! Opportunities are getting ready to materialize that may not fit your old "pictures."

Are you hanging onto any old sadness, grief, resentments, remorse, feuds, or vengefulness? Let it all go now and sweeten up. Make space for something better that isn't based on unfairness and self-sacrifice.

Center and quiet yourself, then call to mind the problem you want solved and the way your mind thinks it should be solved. Then use your intuition to feel through this outer level into what's underneath. What does the soul really want to experience? What really wants to materialize here, independently of your will power? Are there conditions in the energy world or thought world that might be softened, shifted, released, or smoothed to allow a better flow? 

As you track through a naturally flowing process in your imagination, are there places it bogs down that you might pay closer attention to? Listen and allow more nonlinear, magical synchronicities to occur in your imagination, then let the correct strategy emerge from the soul's true intent.


Anonymous said...

What a gift of a message, thank you!

Anonymous said...

Beautifully said....Thank you Penney!