Friday, January 9, 2015

Mindful Living Book Club & Study Group Is Doing FREQUENCY Next!

My good friend Diane Fleck has begun a wonderful, active book club. You might like to participate, as she's chosen FREQUENCY as the next book. Here's the announcement:

The Mindful Living Book Club and Study Group kicks off the New Year with a truly amazing book that will change your life. The book I’m referring to is Frequency: The Power of Personal Vibration, by Penney Peirce.

The message to the reader, written by Penney says, “ We’re becoming increasingly aware of internal and external energy, its qualities and the principles by which it functions—frequency, vibration, resonance, waves, oscillations, cycles, octaves, and spectrums. We’re discovering that these concepts are at the heart of the newest techniques for knowing, doing and having everything. In other words, your personal vibration—the frequency of energy you hold moment by moment in your body, emotions and mind—is the most important tool you have for creating and living your ideal life. If your energy frequency is high, fast, and clear, life unfolds effortlessly and in alignment with your destiny, while a lower, slower, more distorted frequency begets a life of snags and disappointments.”

Through the book club study group, you will be able to experience and actualize Penney’s information and processes while integrating them into your life. Diane Fleck, soul reader, coach and astrologer will be your facilitator throughout this adventure.  As a group, sharing your real world experiences and wisdom helps everyone move into a higher vibration faster and more easily. 

This is a 6-week program, meeting via teleconference call. Group size is limited, and offered in 2 or 3 group settings to accommodate attendees' schedules. If you’re unable to attend one of the sessions, the conference calls are recorded for everyone. If you can’t find a schedule to suit your needs, please email and we can see how to accommodate a day and time that works for you.

The first study group will begin Wed January 21st at 10-11:00am PT/1-2pm ET.  
To register for the Wed group, click over to

The second study group will begin Mon January 26, 6-7pm PT/9-10pm ET.
To register for the Mon group, click over to

The Study Group fee for the 6 weeks is $72. Space is limited. If you have further questions, call 925-586-6060 or email or

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