Wednesday, January 28, 2015

Penney Peirce's eNewsletter for Jan 28, 2015 Is Available

If you're not on my mailing list, you can view the latest newsletter at:

You can also read Penney's 2015 Oracle Letter—just download the pdf from the righthand margin of her homepage:

Painting by Peter Esdaile


Unknown said...

Penney, thank you. Your message is very validating and clarifying. As I think you are saying, there are opportunities to ask myself if I'm moving at all but then my own 'conscious awareness' kicks in and immediately points out that I'm swimming in an entirely different ocean these days. You mention 'saturation' 'ambition vs motive' 'exposure' living authentically and transparently and I recognize these 'awarenesses'in myself. I do seem to need reminders that I do value the quiet space, the opportunities for creativity and even creating, this part of me that 'sees' and 'allows' and 'notices.' I currently keep reminding myself that I an way less a 'problem solver' and need now to be a 'creator'-- at this stage of my awareness needing to clarify what I want vs what 'I'm concerned about.' You are a "no nonsense light" for me and I am grateful. Ken

Ken Henry said...

I see one comment, mine :). For me, access to your wonderful 2015 letter was NOT easy. I really had to read carefully to find the path to open it. You are such a light, Penney.