Thursday, May 28, 2015

A Poem about Now

I just noticed a swelling of love

I just noticed
this very moment
a swelling of love
coming from me!
for no reason and
I'm all alone and
I'm swooning!
my old-self-mind-self is not in control
dulling me so I match the dull world
some new force is surfacing
stronger than past definitions
more magnetic than my attachments
to who I've been in the world
and how I make this life real
the volcanic upswell will not be stopped
molten stone will explode in vapors of steam
and I will feel ecstasy
not programmed sadness
about something being destroyed

I love horses and dogs
I love the hearts of flowers
I love unselfconscious people
I love trees I love dirt
I love not knowing
I want to know everything
because I am so excited
and I know I know a lot already
because I am so peaceful too
I want to know others deeply
find common ground or differences
because both are so fun to experience
I long for what is faraway to be normal and local
I want to combine odd elements to see what will happen
I love to be thrilled
and never know what will thrill me and I love
the surprise and what people are capable of
and what life has yet to reveal.
I can't contain it all
don't want to contain anything
holding blocks me
I want You to affect me
I want to feel how the energy around me
and in me
is You

I want to love You
I want to dancecreateplayflowdissolve with You
maybe if I take all the spaces from between the words
mash it all together
I might experience more of what Spirit knows
love knows no gaps
lives in the gaps
love is everywhere
and it's taking me
absorbing me into it
and I can't maintain identity
am forgetting that I need or want to
be somebody
I am so so FULL
and now: FULLER
and, NO!

it does not stop!

—Penney Peirce

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Anonymous said...

What a fabulous articulation of connection feels like, and what a fun photo of you! Thank you for finding and sharing these words with all of us, Penney x