Monday, June 15, 2015

The Power of Your State of Being

I was talking to a client recently whose focus was on how to advance in his corporation to make more money. How could he find a "sponsor" to recommend him for the next level even though he hadn't been there very long? There was the implied idea that he would only receive value personally if he received more money and if he felt more valuable to the company via that particular measure of success.

I heard myself say that the real issue was that he needed to shift from that external measure to an internal direct experience of what he wanted. In other words, he needed to feel that he was enjoying the work he was doing, enlivening it for himself—even though he harbored thoughts of leaving and starting his own business—and he needed to totally commit to the reality at hand, for now. That the real measure of success for the deep self might actually be satisfaction and engagement in one's experience. Relaxing into his experience, which his soul had engineered and materialized for a good reason, would soften his demeanor and allow others around him to feel good about him; if he were enjoying his work, they would enjoy him, and thus support him, and perhaps that would encourage a sponsor to naturally occur.

And finally, the irony was that when he was getting value from what he did—because he was choosing to get value from it—the result in his "form reality" would be money. The money would be a symbolic materialization of the value he was living in and surrounded by, as a STATE OF BEING.

Another client had decided to move to a new city and was receiving visions of herself beginning her work as a counselor, and restarting her private practice, in a totally different way than she'd always done it. She didn't want to use will power and market herself heavily. Instead, she saw herself having a drop-in group where she would get to know new people in a casual way, and they her. And that would expand naturally to more groups and services.

After she described this reality to me with great clarity, her doubting mind asserted itself momentarily and she said, "Do you think the new place will welcome me, though?" And I said, "You are in a welcoming state of mind; remember what you just described about welcoming new people into your drop-in group, how open and relaxed you were feeling. That attitude is a state of being, and as you live in it, you'll probably find that your environment welcomes you in exactly the same way. It's all connected! It's all one thing, doing one thing. Perhaps you wouldn't even have thought of how the drop-in group would feel unless the new town also felt the same to you intuitively. That means you—the soul— are showing you—the personality—that you're ready for a new way of life. The power of "welcoming" is making itself known internally and externally.

And finally, I spoke with a client last year and evidently saw small colorful birds showing up in her energy field—a symbol of new life and new insights. I just received an email from her saying that a bright yellow Goldfinch had appeared at her home office windows, moving from one window to the next, peering in at her, flapping its wings, for over ten minutes straight! She took a video of it, and sent it to me, saying that the materialization of the vision was an incredibly powerful omen for her—a real validation of new life and new direction showing up. The image in this blog entry is from her video. It's all connected. Pay attention to your STATE OF BEING. It's in you, you're in it, it's around you, it's everything in your present moment.