Monday, July 13, 2015

Business in the Intuition Age

Penney Peirce says, “We’re leaving the Information Age and entering the Intuition Age. A new time is upon us, bringing profound change that pressures us to learn the rules of a greatly expanded new world—one where consciousness skills will become the most valued resource.” Today, the secret to business growth lies in accessing higher dimensions of awareness and developing techniques that originate from that new level of perception. 

The Intuition Age is bringing new ways to do traditional business tasks—like managing, innovation, sales, strategic planning and goal-setting, and production—that reduce struggle and optimize results. For example, by understanding how subtle factors—like alignment, attitude, energy level, internal pictures and “postures,” the inner blueprint, hidden agendas, and mindfulness—affect outer results, we can narrow the time between concept and fulfillment of goals, and reduce error caused by too much ego, unspoken assumptions, or the autopilot-mind. 

Tangible successes in business will increasingly depend on the mastery of intangible systems and the maintenance of a positive internal “state” in ourselves, the workers. Personal stress is at an all-time high and we’re nearly maxxed out on methods that rely on will power. To get the edge now, we need to be aware of more—with less strain, and continually restore freshness to our work life. To do that, we must be authentic, in the moment, and much more attentive and fluid than ever before. Renewal today will occur when we stretch into a new perspective. The first step to greater organizational health is recentering on the personal. The next is learning to perceive intuitively. 

In the 21st century, knowledge workers will develop an “inspiration capacity” and subtle consciousness skills that include: the ability to access visions, understand and work with energy, focus and direct thoughts intentionally, master emotional expression and empathic abilities, communicate without words, and work with the power of the present moment and the unified field that physics describes.

In the near future, we’ll know how to use intuition to scan the future of any process, be committed to encouraging the chemistry of an aligned group mind, understand how to manipulate the energy blueprint of an idea to work out problems before they occur physically, and be able to expand into the visionary state to refine and adapt plans. 

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