Thursday, July 9, 2015

Riding the Wave to Our Destiny

It’s now that we must pay close attention to who we want to be, and do whatever it takes to maintain our highest consciousness and physical energy. Otherwise we run the risk of succumbing to the victim identity, which is pouring up out of the collective subconscious as never before.

If your life is building in intensity, if you are facing the things that scare you most, please don’t freeze in the worry-mind, or in the duality reality! This is the time to actively look for the oneness and the underlying sanity in all things. This is the time to believe in your own destiny, which is the manifestation of Who You Really Are. Choose what’s choosing you! Enter the experience that’s seeking you and trust its compassion. Live it out in an engaged way, and keep walking, keep inviting in your destiny, even if you can’t imagine how amazing it’s going to be. Don’t worry about not being up to it. You ARE it. When it finds you and you flow into it, you’ll be saying, "You mean I get to do THIS?"

How DO we achieve our destiny? On the one hand, I might have a bumper sticker that says DESTINY HAPPENS (not unlike "S - - - Happens") because I believe that we eventually get where we’re going simply by pursuing our natural interests, letting life flow as it wants, and being in harmony with that flow. On the other hand, I also believe that focusing on goals and enthusiastically working toward them is an equally important way to do things in the world. But there are times when my mind becomes inflated and I get ahead of myself, thinking I know the way a path of action is going to work out, and thinking it HAS to follow my prescribed itinerary. When things seem to go astray, it’s easy to assume I’ve made a terrible mistake, and that life is rejecting me.

Our destiny is programmed into our bodies, however, and our bodies are inseparable from the unified field of energy and consciousness we live in here on earth. When you feel outwardly from the center of yourself, you’ll experience the oneness of you and the "outside" world. You’ll know it’s not on the other side of some imaginary boundary, but is actually your extended body, your extended self. The world, and all its people, objects, and events, is your greater mind, your greater identity. One loving intention flows through the whole — to help each part evolve and become the truest self. 

I assume that when that truest self can integrate entirely into the body and mind, we immediately achieve our destiny. We share from our giftedness then, create much more than we previously thought possible, and feel utterly rewarded in all things. It is impossible to lose your destiny, because it’s encoded in every molecule of the physical plane. And yet, life often takes us on what seem like sudden detours, events that derail us from our will-driven tracks. Even these are invaluable teachings about trusting destiny, and its sometimes convoluted unfolding through unusual twists and tests.

Copyright by Penney Peirce

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