Thursday, October 29, 2015

Intuition, Transformation, and Politics: Seeing Through the Smokescreen of Spin

(The following is excerpted from the forthcoming Bits & Pieces 3: Thoughts on Coming Trends in Education, Politics, Business, and World Events eBook. You can download the full pdf at

I am not a particularly political person, as I’ve never understood why, when discussing politics, friends and loved ones can become so hotly divided against each other by identifying with ideologies. And then, I’ve never seen much real improvement in society by either party, since resisting and one-upping each other seems to be their main business. I’m not too patriotic either, in the old way where we boast egotistically of our greatness at the expense of other nations. And yet, I have always felt proud of the experiment in consciousness that is the United States. The work of our Founding Fathers, and of the matriarchal Iroquois Nation before them, moves my soul.

I believe America has an underlying spiritual purpose: to serve as a kind of laboratory for new consciousness and enlightenment. With that comes a global role to play as a catalytic, encouraging evolutionary force, not as the know-it-all boss of everyone. I am fascinated watching the process of our national spiritual growth unfold, wondering if we will be strong enough morally, with lessening ego, good enough hearts, and a broad enough vision, to play our part in the world community. I know that what we’re living through now — this exaggerated domination-victimization reality — is a phase in a global transformation process, something necessary to break through to reach a more enlightened way of living. And I know we cannot do it alone, cut off from other peoples by arrogance and ignorance. It’s going to require balanced cross-cultural, international giving and receiving.

The Inner Blueprint and Outer Reality
Like anyone on a spiritual path, I seek to live increasingly without fear and separatist thinking, and more from an awareness of unity and respect for life (of course, it’s a grand work in progress!). To do this, I practice measuring what I experience in my outer reality against what I know of how the internal universal laws function, to see what has natural harmony and actually works, and what doesn’t. With politics, this is a challenging task. The physical mechanics and goings-on of government and leaders are so obscured by emotional opposition, smokescreens of media spin, corruption, and outright lies, that I’ve had a tendency to tune it out rather than make the effort to use my intuition to sort through the heaps of grain and chaff. I know I’m not alone in these feelings of overwhelm, confusion, and helplessness. But if we are to contribute to healing ourselves collectively, and healing the damage we’ve already done to our planet, we must look deeper, underneath the external physical dynamics. 

In my work as an intuitive counselor and trainer, I have found that trying to solve problems and create change by working only in the world of form takes an unreasonable amount of energy, time, will power, effort, and cleverness. This way of doing things is too slow and ineffective these days — especially in arenas that are extremely polarized, as in politics. Today it’s more efficient to use intuition to feel into the underlying “inner blueprint” patterns in the thought and energy worlds, and shift things there first via imagination and focused attention. When we do that, the external world of form changes rapidly to match the internal template — and we get great timing without snags. If we try to change the external without changing the internal first, the changes will fade, revert, and the old pattern will repeat. 

Today, we’re experiencing a profound change in the inner energy-and-consciousness realm — a totally new inner blueprint for reality is being patterned — while the external world still tries to maintain and align with the old inner blueprint. This causes tremendous stress, since universal law says: the world of form coalesces out of the higher frequency inner energy-and-consciousness pattern and effortlessly takes the appropriate, just-right physical shape — if nothing is in the way. If there are blocks — contractions and fixations in thought and emotion, resulting from fear — the physical form will include those blocks and snags. With the amount of resistance to change today, the just-right shape of the new reality is struggling to break through rather than to simply drop in.

I am interested in looking below the surface of the way politics functions to find trends and see what might be shifting as the energy in the world shifts. What’s really true? Where are the false notes? How can we dissolve impasses and blind spots? And what shape might politics eventually take?

The World Is Accelerating and Perception is Changing Drastically
We, our collective reality, and the planet, are evolving — whether we like it or not. We’re moving from an old paradigm to a new paradigm. In a nutshell, the frequency of the physical world is increasing, which is causing us to undergo a transformation process, or a leap in perception that shoots us into a different organizing model for the way reality, perception, and energy function; we’re gradually entering a new world as a new kind of human being. 

A big part of this process requires a dramatic clearing of fear and old thinking — the “impurities” that block the flow of heightened energy and cause distorted physical results. The acceleration itself is prying these things loose because the energy today is stronger than our resistance. It’s as though Pandora’s Box is being opened societally, as well as personally. This means old deeply ingrained habits and fears that were previously stored in the subconscious mind, and invisible, are now rising to the surface and acting out in our lives and in the news. 

We see it everywhere — the many scandals, taboos, hatreds, denials, excuses, abuses, secrets, and lies that have already been exposed. Societal structures that rely on ego (identity associated with left brain perception and separation), hoarding, will power, and control are beginning to crumble. Our systems are in a rapid evolutionary mode, trying to shift to a way of functioning that is more efficient for the new levels of energy and consciousness we’re embodying. What’s worked in the past, what’s traditional, is certainly not “bad,” it’s just that much of it won’t function for long in the accelerated energy climate that is becoming the new normal — unless we re-view and re-invent it from the new paradigm point of view. The new outer form must match the new inner energy blueprint.

Two things happen when the acceleration of energy and consciousness opens subterranean vaults of fear and exposes outdated thinking. First, what was already fear-based — for example, behaviors developed to fight and avoid fear, and behaviors that heighten fear — become more intense, exaggerated, and prevalent. We move around in an atmosphere constantly tainted by anxiety and it is always foremost on our mind, even when we sleep. The result is that life is fragmented, ultra-fast, unpredictable, and chaotic. We are always on edge.

The second thing is that life temporarily becomes more polarized. Consciousness is moving toward an experience of oneness, awakening to a unified field of energy, and our attachment to our old way of seeing the world — as mainly dualistic and linear, with great amounts of separation — strengthens in its resistance. The compartmentalized, analytical left brain doesn’t understand how things can function in unity, so it causes us to lock down into what we already know. This has the effect of increasing warlike behaviors, and opposition thinking becomes so intense that the two sides of any polarity seem even farther apart and less able to understand each other and how they are versions of a larger, more comprehensive reality.

Copyright by Penney Peirce 2015

Saturday, October 17, 2015

2nd Circuit Court Leaves Authors High and Dry

More news from the Authors Guild for those of you interested in what's happening with author's rights. . .

Today, the Second Circuit Court of Appeals released its decision in Authors Guild v. Google. “The Authors Guild is disappointed that the Court has failed to reverse the District Court’s flawed interpretation of the fair use doctrine,” said Mary Rasenberger, Executive Director of the Authors Guild in New York. “America owes its thriving literary culture to copyright protection. It is because of that success that today we take copyright incentives for granted, and that courts as respected as the Second Circuit are unable to see the damaging effect that uses such as Google’s will have on authors’ potential income. 

"Most full-time authors live on the edge of being able to keep writing as a profession, as our recent income survey showed; a loss of licensing revenue can tip the balance, particularly in this era when advances and royalties for most authors are down. We are very disheartened that the court was unable to understand the grave impact that this decision, if left standing, could have on copyright incentives and, ultimately, our literary heritage. We trust that the Supreme Court will see fit to correct the Second Circuit’s reduction of fair use to a one-factor test—whether the use is, in the court’s eye, ‘transformative.’”

Wednesday, October 14, 2015

Finally! The Intuitive Way Is an Audiobook!

For those of you who enjoy listening to books:

Penney Peirce's "Transformation Trilogy," which includes The Intuitive Way, Frequency, and Leap of Perception, finally includes the audiobook version for every book.

The Intuitive Way is considered by many to be the best book on the intuition development process. It is for people in all walks of life who want to trust their inner knowing to guide their actions, stay on purpose, and inspire them to new heights. With active intuition, life takes on a magical, effortless quality; your world is full of instantaneous answers, synchronicities, creative insights, and abundant knowledge — just for the asking. The Intuitive Way shows you how to enter this state of perceptual aliveness, access reliable intuition, and integrate it into daily life for greater success.

In this easy-to-understand course, Penney Peirce's well-respected work is distilled into a 10-week process. Here, in simple and direct language, Peirce fully describes the intuitive process as a new way of life, demonstrating dozens of practical applications, from speeding decision-making to expanding spiritual growth.

Tuesday, October 13, 2015

Wherever I Am

Wherever I am, I can dissolve the apparition of the physical world, my body, and my personality-self. I can become a ball of light floating in the center of space and time, totally supported from all directions. As I float here I can raise my vibratory rate and my light changes. It moves from golden to intense diamond, and I "see" myself as a glossy area in the field.

The longer I hold this in my awareness, or hold my awareness at this focus, the larger the space of "me" becomes. The larger the space of me becomes, the harder it is to hold it, and soon a natural motion of expansion takes over for my mind, and the motion moves on its own, and the scope of the space of me adjusts itself according to universal rhythms. The ride is sublime! As I experience the ride I become so much more and less and more of what exists and I don't ever use mind to stop or hold because that would be rude; that would be an uncomfortable disturbance to the natural pleasure state of the universe.

As I continue being with the ride, I become aware of being other beings and groups of beings and in these foci exist streams and webs and intricate lacelike patterns of knowledge and progressions of insights to conclusions that only last a fraction of a millisecond before melting into new flows, and the flow through a knowledge web goes forward, backward, all directions at once. Going into these knowledge webs is another kind of ride where I see that saturating myself into omnidirectional knowledge pathways instantaneously is the most natural form of knowing.

Reprinted from Bits & Pieces 2, copyright by Penney Peirce