Thursday, January 14, 2016

1000 Nuanced Flavors: A Love Poem

it doesn’t matter
where I am on this earth
You are always in the air
all around me
and in the food and water I take inside me
and in the trees and leaves, and birds and feathers
and rocks and rainstorms
that I love so much

I stop, stand still, drop in
and here You are
loving me
right here in my kitchen
in this town

if I want knowledge You bring it
in bits or floods
if I want love You reveal it
as flame or afterglow
if I want energy You awaken me
to radiate or absorb
if I want beauty You begin my swoon
and take me down the deep crevasse to ecstasy
if I want to serve, You arrange circumstances
for the perfect exchange
if I need help someone comes
if I need love someone comes
when I need, it is just me remembering
to think of You and feel You

it is impossible, really, to speak of You,
since You are inside me and in all the forms
and as soon as I feel You, there is no outside
and everything and everyone is merged
and words have nowhere to go so they can't form

You're like a slow-cooked, perfectly strained broth,
clear and sweet, essential
preserving each flavor nuance.
But who is this broth, this nectar,
this diamond light in the air,
this sweetness,
this one who is always here,
so loyal with
such absolute undivided attention?

as a person it’s hard to receive this much
my gratitude reduces me to a final
openness where I melt down
and know it’s Us now, not Me, not You

copyright by Penney Peirce 2016

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