Friday, January 1, 2016

Seeing through Shocking Situations

Spiritually, shocking experiences are full of divine compassion because their function is to return your awareness to what's most important and indestructible in life—the simple core experience of Love. Shock and trauma often occur when you've become too hypnotized or forgetful, too willful, too isolated and separate, or too far off-center from your life purpose and destiny. So, ironically, shocking experiences—far from being detrimental—actually carry the potential to make your life fuller and better, and to speed your spiritual growth.

Part of the problem in dealing with shock is that it's, well, so shocking! It stops us in our tracks, our mind freezes up, and we may revert to behaviors we relied on when we were four or five years old. This book helps you take a refreshing breath, diffuse the reactionary paralysis, gather your adult wits about you, and gently move forward, not only to a solution, but toward a new, more creative way of living.

We live in a time when shock and trauma seem to be everywhere. Stories of personal shock, as well as reports of shock at a national and international level, fill the airwaves. Life is shifting from an old reality construct—call it the Industrial/Information Age—where solidity, control, competition, and logic have been the rule, to a whole new kind of reality. This new "Intuition Age" will be rooted in a fundamental experience of energy, awareness, unity, cooperation, and flow, and as we grow accustomed to the new way, life will become much more magical and effortless.

For now, though, the "rules" of how life works are in a process of transformation, and I'm sure this is why we're seeing an increase in dramatic, sudden change across the board. Many of our old systems just don't work anymore, and old ways of thinking need to be revised. This is a profound shift, and if we don't understand what's happening, how the overall process works, and what's coming, we're likely to fear and resist the change. Sudden shock can be the result of that subtle resistance, as the accelerating life waves break through logjams to free the Flow.

The important thing about addressing sudden times of difficulty is that we be realistic without wallowing in the drama of negativity, that we don't gloss over things with a superficial Pollyanna positivism, but understand the true nature of the soul's compassionate, sane, positive, forward evolution of our awareness. Our souls use everything to evolve us, even if it's painful. If you have recently experienced a sudden shock, rest assured that your own highest, wisest self is repositioning you, showing you how to find a new view, a new soul-filled experience of yourself and life. 

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