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Excerpt #3 from Leap of Perception by Penney Peirce

The Turning Point: Surrendering to the Pause that Refreshes

The effort of avoiding and re-suppressing subconscious blocks eventually wears you out, and the exhaustion can make you feel disillusioned, unmotivated, and hopeless. But actually, this is good! You’re at the turning point. The last gasp of the negative path to transformation is when you’re finally so tired of resisting and controlling, and so overwhelmed by complexity, that you stop; there is nothing more you can do. It’s the end of progress, and willpower alone won’t work. Wallowing in negative judgments and interpretations just drains you.

You’re forced by the process to simply be with what’s happening— to be with yourself and with the fears and pain. You must experience the state you’re in directly, without voting on it or having to act. By simply “being with” life and “letting things be” as they are, you return to an experience of your own “being”—your soul—which was always present under the distractions. This is when you engage with silence and enter the nonphysical reality. And this is when your intuition opens. Now your soul can shine through, shedding light on everything. Revelations emerge. Understanding and compassion dissolve the fears. There is release, relief, and a return to joy. You feel so much better!

This is the turning point in the transformation process—when the fixed mind surrenders and precipitates a huge expansion into the consciousness of the heart, body, unified field, and the wise, evolutionary Flow. Your new shining identity emerges, along with a new world. After this, you’re more deliberate about practicing the consciousness-and-energy skills that help you stabilize your new Intuition Age perception and reality.

Transformation Can Feel Exhilarating and Enlivening!

You have a choice at every point along the way to evolve smoothly and rapidly, in harmony with the planet and the Flow, or to evolve jaggedly, with self-created pain and suffering. When you embrace the heightened energy and the clearing process, the Flow moves through you, lifting you to a higher vibration and increasing your love, understanding, and
health. It’s easier then to engage with what emerges, without judgment or recoil—it’s all useful data. A surfacing fear simply points to an area that needs sweetness, compassion, and patience. And as you “be with” the fear, it unclenches, tells you its story, and you gain a calm perspective. The energy becomes contented, like a small child comforted by its mother. Smiles return.

One of my colleagues went on a pilgrimage to Tibet, and while she was there something mysteriously shifted in her. “It’s hard to describe,” she said, “but it’s like I just became myself. It felt like I stepped over the forty-nine yard line into my own territory.” I’ve found her comment echoed by many others. Something they all say is, “There’s no description of what this is like, of what happens to you. I thought I was going crazy at first! I was different but more real, more relaxed, and more excited—all at the same time.”

I know only too well that even when you’ve begun to see the light, you can still be affected by other people’s fears and still wrestle intermittently with societal beliefs in sacrifice and suffering. You gain insight then backslide a bit, like Sisyphus pushing the rock up the hill every day only to have it roll back down at night. This is natural. Making the new transformed reality normal requires a repeated choice to maintain your personal vibration at the level of soul, or what I’ve called your home frequency. We’re breaking an old habit—unlearning and relearning the principles of how we live, create, and grow—and it requires practice.

Entering the World Again as a “New Human”

After the turning point, you feel who you are as a soul. You know how you want your life to feel, you have a new set of criteria for making choices, and you trust your intuition to guide you. Problems you thought were so terrible before change effortlessly, turning into opportunities. The Flow becomes your best friend, and you don’t want to lock down any ideas—you want to leave space for everything to evolve and improve naturally.

As you review your successful navigation of the difficult stages in your transformation, you see that your success was due to the way you used your attention. You made choices, consistently, to not activate old habits that were holding you back and causing you to suffer. You notice that this practice changed your life for the better. Good opportunities, people on your wavelength, and interesting new creations emerged from your home frequency. It becomes second nature to be vigilant concerning what you notice and how you use attention. Now you want to refine your attention skills even more to be able to know and do what’s possible in the Intuition Age.

Art by Phoenix Manos

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