Wednesday, June 7, 2017

Penney Peirce's Intuition Intensive-Immersion in Copenhagen - August 18-20, 2017

Join Penney Peirce and therapist Nanna Agerlin In beautiful Copenhagen at a beautiful time of year for an in-depth, focused and fun workgroup to improve your intuition! Learn to read your body, other people, and the energy field around you. Access accurate answers from your right brain and from preverbal “energy information.” Shift into your intuition at will and “feel into” things more and more deeply. You can cultivate fluidity and the ability to recognize and clear even the most subtle blocks to your own flow of talent, wisdom, and love. You can learn to trust yourself.

We’ll focus on these abilities:
— working skillfully with the left and right brain; moving easily through the creation cycle and the “round trip” between the physical, and the nonphysical, unified field 
reality of the imaginal realm
— experiencing the consciousness of the body, the brain in the heart
— developing empathic sensitivity that informs but doesn’t overwhelm you
— interpreting and deciphering energy information and symbols
— reading patterns in people and situations
— discriminating truth and safety from lies and inappropriateness
— heightening your clarity
— finding the optimal way through stuckness
— materializing what you want and need; dematerializing what’s old
— finding the sacred within the ordinary

How you can apply what you learn:
— drill down to find your latent talents and life purpose
— help others connect with their true self
— solve problems holistically and with a win-win for all involved
— develop greater faith in yourself and others
— stay in touch with inner guidance and self-entertainment
— expand your creativity and ability to ground your ideas
— reduce negativity, anxiety, and soul-blocking behaviors

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