Friday, June 9, 2017

The Art of Perception, from Leap of Perception, by PenneyPeirce

Perception. To me this word includes the whole thing, from the experience of being merged with a unified field of energy and consciousness, to the vibrating, oscillating journey through involution into the physical world, then back from the physical world to the nonphysical through evolution. Where there is consciousness, there too is perception, revealing the territory. Along the spectrum of consciousness there are many kinds of knowing — like attention — that we must become reacquainted with and more adept at experiencing so we won’t be unnecessarily paralyzed and at the effect of ignorance. 

The world continues to accelerate. The vibration of our bodies follows along. And as our physical reality increases its frequency, our emotional and mental realities do, too. Our minds are adapting to this new high-speed reality and it means our lens is being cleaned and polished. New ways of perceiving are being born, ways that didn’t make sense when the earth and its inhabitants were slower, which was probably just last week! 

If we can learn to use perception wisely, which includes left-brain and right-brain attention, there are two big benefits. First, skillful perception will enable us to more easily and quickly navigate the difficult phases of the transformation process, where we must shift from the old reality constructs of the Industrial and Information Ages into the new reality rules of the Intuition Age. We’re breaking extremely longstanding, deeply ingrained habits of perception and instigating new ones. This is incredibly challenging.

Second, once we get there, skillful perception can help us adapt to life in the transformed reality and function successfully according to the new rules. The more people who become “early adopters” of this knowledge and way of life, who can embody and model it, the stronger the inner blueprint for transformation will be. Then the influence of the new increases and the next wave of people can slip into the enlightened reality faster and more effortlessly. And so on and so forth, with geometrically increasing ease, until we’re all living in the new energy-based world. This is the dream I feed with my attention. 

In times of change, learners inherit the Earth, while the learned find
themselves beautifully equipped to deal with a world that no longer exists.
—Eric Hoffer

copyright by Penney Peirce, 2009

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