Tuesday, October 24, 2017

Changing a Global Mindset

Years ago, I worked closely in a partnership with trance medium Kevin Ryerson, (who became well known through his connection with Shirley MacLaine and Gary Zukav), for four years. At the end of 1981, we did a large public event together.

During Kevin’s full trance state, when the enitities he worked with were speaking through him, one of the beings (John the Beloved) said that it was possible for our minds, when aligned with peace and compassion in a state of unified collective consciousness, to change the flow of events on the planet—in effect, to change destiny as it had been written.

John Lennon had just been assassinated (12/8/80) and I remember feeling so incredibly moved by his death, as though it were a sacred event somehow, even though I wasn’t an avid Beatles fan. John the Beloved, speaking through Kevin, said that it was indeed a powerful event and that the worldwide meditation for peace, organized by Yoko Ono afterward, was an even more powerful event.

He said that it was this worldwide aligning of minds in a common vibration of peace and harmony, that had changed the history of the planet. He said that President Reagan had been slated to die in an assassination attempt (3/30/81) and that the Queen of England was also supposed to die in an assassination attempt (6/13/81). It was this “global prayer for peace,” focused through the essence of John Lennon’s spirit, that had eliminated the need for these shocking deaths to bring consciousness to the masses.

Shift to 2017. We have been experiencing intense waves of heightened energy streaming through us and our organizations and systems. The energy that was stuck last year seems to be moving with great force now. Some days we want to scream, some days we want to sleep, some days we want to stuff our rising feelings (and the discomfort with receiving more of our own light) under a blanket of numbing food or addictive behaviors. But stuck energy is breaking loose anyway, materializing as devastating hurricanes and floods, mass shootings, and vast wildfires totally destroying huge areas of homes and farms.

I have a friend who was vacationing in Italy, and returned to Santa Rosa, California, not knowing about the fires, to find her home and all her possessions, all her files, flat-out destroyed. I can’t imagine the shock. When I spoke with her, she said her friends had been incredible, taking her in, providing for her, and she was actually fine. She said, “I guess this is my opportunity to experience a blank slate and create a new life.”

It occurred to me later, since I had lived just a few miles from the Sonoma County devastation for 30+ years, that this area of the country was filled with an inordinate number of highly spiritual people—people who have been clearing themselves of fear for many years. I wondered how many of those people had had deep positive responses to the losses like my friend had—where they did not add more pain into the world over the brutal “clearing,” where they did not take the victim stance, where they walked into the spaciousness that had been given them with open arms.

I imagined the power of a large group of people, faced with what most of humanity would think of as overwhelming tragedy, who united in a mindset that instead embraced compassion, harmony, possibility, and growth. If history could have been changed by a global meditation for peace in the early 1980s, how might we transform our attitude toward these sequences of mass tragedies that have come rolling at us like bowling balls? How might a group like that affect the need for the planet to undergo many more shocking events before the bulk of us wake up to what’s really happening?

We are learning to not validate tragedy, negativity, and the “poor me” reality—but to clear ourselves of all the limitation we cling to so we can rediscover who we REALLY are. To do that, it’s sometimes necessary to eliminate the comfort zone and old forms of identity we’ve been locked into, so we can find new talents and an expanded sense of self. Sometimes, deprivations occur so we can consciously choose to live fully instead of being apathetic, depressed, and half alive.

I ask us a question: How can we contribute to the stabilization of a positive mindset, shared by many people, that can change the need for the planet to go through the wringer in order to evolve?

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