Friday, October 6, 2017

Transparency: The End of Secrets, Lies, and Hiding?

Transparency is a word we’re hearing in the news and on talk shows almost daily now, as our current administration continues to create confusion and obfuscation of the truth. In this time period, which I’ve been calling the end days of the Information Age, the idea of transparency naturally relates to freedom of information and unrestricted access to truth. We are still mainly perceiving life as a three-dimensional, physical thing and our understanding of transparency is limited by that worldview. In my new book, Transparency: Seeing Through to Our Expanded Human Capacity, I call this “horizontal transparency.”

The urge to know what’s really real is rising into ascendancy, though; we want relief from the tension and pressure of secrets. No longer are we capable of hiding, avoiding, and suppressing things we don’t want to know—things that make us feel the uncomfortable emotions connected with fear. The subconscious mind which, until now has been the storehouse of denied experience and feeling, has increased in frequency along with everything else on the planet: our bodies, emotions, thoughts, time, the creative process, even the core vibration of the earth itself. The zone where fear used to hide no longer exists. The old fears and memories are being released; everything that could previously be hidden and ignored is now popping to the surface, into our consciousness, to be seen, known, understood, healed, and the energy freed to move into new combinations and creations. Secrets are difficult to maintain.

This flooding of old fear ideas into the conscious mind is what is causing some people to either avoid the fear even more intensely—look at the opioid addiction that has arisen—or try to protect their old way of life vehemently—especially conservative, fundamentalist people who feel threatened by the changes at hand. Others want to clear the fears, limitations, and stuckness and are crying for more truth, more revelation, more innovation and growth, more light, more soul.

I think we must explore horizontal transparency thoroughly as a precursor to discovering “vertical transparency.” As we can see through the fear flooding the world, and understand the process of acceleration and transformation behind it, we can then experience the kind of transparency that results from realizing: “Hey! I AM the soul! I’m IN this body and IN this personality, and I’ve always been here. It’s just that my mind didn’t recognize it. And, Spirit—or our core consciousness and energy—is inside all matter, and always has been!”

When the nonphysical world is seen to be integrated with the physical reality, our sense of self shifts dramatically. Partly, that’s because souls, and the spiritual realm, don’t know fear—there is literally no comprehension of it. As a result, all the fear ideas we’ve been harboring suddenly have no reality. That way of thinking doesn’t compute. It dissolves and we are left with an odd feeling of just having awakened in a bright world where we can create anything we want. We have permission and support. There is no need to protect ourselves, hide, tell lies, wear masks, keep secrets, or act out negative emotion. We have moved from an opaque reality to the transparent reality. And that is what’s coming as we transform and make the important shift of consciousness, or “leap of perception” into the Intuition Age.

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